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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » CROP CIRCLES » Crop Circles 2015 - Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - UK - 14th july 2015 - UFO UK 2015

Crop Circles 2015 - Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - UK - 14th july 2015 - UFO UK 2015

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Crop Circle Implores Humanity To Stop Animal Testing

by Edna Spennato - Jul 16, 2015
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A very unusual and rather odd-looking crop circle was reported yesterday, 14 July 2015, in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.
Resembling a simple comic strip rabbit or hare in a circle, with a diametrical strip through its centre, it’s a bit creepy at first glance. Nothing like the beautiful sacred geometry we have come to associate with crop circles.
How very peculiar…
On the comments page were a range of interpretations, some of them quite complex. But Paul Egerton pointed out that the crop circle looks a bit like one of those signs telling people what they may not do:

“It is interesting that this Hare is seen within a circle that has an angular Stroke through it .. the International Symbol for ” NO ” .. No Parking .. No Smoking .. No Fishing .. etc .. Maybe the Circle Makers are warning us .. ( once again ) .. to beware of Delusion and Deception as they have done in Crop Circles in the past .. A possibility I guess …?”
And then it struck me that the crop circle is rather similar to the No Animal Testing logo that cosmetic companies utilise when they do not use animal testing in the production of their products.
If the makers of this crop circle are saying “No More Animal Testing”, it would explain the crop circle’s comic-like and simple form. I also tuned in with my pendulum to the energy field of the crop circle using the photograph, and got a “yes” regarding this interpretation.

I believe it is indeed a call from the circle makers imploring humanity to stop experimenting on animals, to stop looking the other way while our animal brethren are subjected to extreme cruelty, agony and misery. And perhaps it is also a warning or admonishment that the consequences of not putting an end to animal testing will be far-reaching, since animal experimentation is at the core of genetic engineering, the ‘science’ that is threatening even the human race with extinction.
Let’s put a stop to the vile practice of testing on animals with all the energy and resources that we have at our disposal. Future generations are going to look back on it with the same disgust and sadness we feel when we think about human experimentation and the torture of humans.
Animals feel just as much pain as we do, and have a full range of emotions, possibly even more so than us, and a pureness of heart beyond that of most people. As the Native American proverb so wisely states: “Every animal knows more than you do.” We are all Earthlings. What kind of species of life could carry out experimentation on another species in this way? Certainly not a civilized species, not the Humanity we are meant to be.
It’s time for homo sapiens to stop the arrogance, the barbarism and the cruelty towards other species whose true roles are to be our Teachers. Those of us that understand this have the responsibility to put an end to the activities of the torturers of people and animals in our midst.
Whatever it takes, we must remove them from the current positions of power they have been given by our corrupt governments.
The contempt that vivisectionists’ demonstrate for the Creator and all of Creation places them among the lowest sub-species of the human race, even if they call themselves ‘scientists’. They need to be stripped of their jobs without delay, put in places where they cannot harm anyone any longer, and their repugnant laboratories closed down and demolished.
An impossible dream? Not if a critical mass of us decide we have had enough of this perverted behavior in our reality.
Let’s make a promise to ourselves to do everything in our power to bring all experimentation on animals to an end within our own lifetimes, and make future generations proud to have had us as their ancestors.

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Crop Circle At The Whispering Knights, nr Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire. Reported 15th July 2015

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