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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » ANNA VON REITZ » So the obvious question that must be asked…? What is holding us up?

So the obvious question that must be asked…? What is holding us up?

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So the obvious question that must be asked…? What is holding us up?

Posted on July 17, 2015 by arnierosner
On Jul 17, 2015, at 4:37 PM, ARNIE ROSNER wrote:
So the obvious question that must be asked…?

What is holding us up?

So we assemble 1000 people in each county and approach the county sheriff. He is either a public servant or an impostor posing as a public servant. We confront him with the truth. He either swears a new oath and begins to behave in a manner consistent with the people’s direction or we fire him.

If we are required to fire him we immediate put out notices to hold new public elections. Remember we are the people…the ultimate authority and we need no permission. See the following as a reasonable place from where to start.

A proposed Process by which the People Assert their Lawful Authority

  • Getting the information out and into the right hands is always Job One.
  • Making sure that those acting inappropriately have no plausible deniability to claim ignorance is Job Two.
  • Collecting the basic information underlying prosecution is Job Three.

[*]Creating the Charging Documents:

  1. You as one of the injured parties are required to summons those you believe are responsible for your injuries. Clearly document the injuries and present them along with the charges.
  2. Have a Process Server deliver a copy of the book and a Statement of Service along with a letter telling them that you have reasonable cause to believe that they are acting as officers of one of the federal franchise corporations affected by the claims raised by the enclosed affidavit (book).
  3. Ask them to identify themselves as either (This is all information they are required to provide upon receipt of the affidavit):
  4. [list=list-style-type:upper-alpha;]
  5. An elected public official of the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States possessing proof of:

    1. a lawful oath of office and
    2. a lawful public bond or

  6. As an elected corporate officer serving the Federal United States in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea and

    1. Acting without a lawful public oath and
    2. Acting without a lawful bond?
    3. Ask also for their:
    4. [list=list-style-type:lower-alpha;]
    5. Proper name and address,
    6. Bar Association number if applicable, and
    7. Name and address of their bonding company.



[*]Actionable Steps:

  1. send a copy of the same document submitted above to the local Citizen’s Grand Jury— address on the Writ of Mandamus they just issued. They can start their own investigations and deliberations and decide whether or not they will separately present charges or indict.

[*]Enforcement – Organize a People’s Court.

  1. Establish Citizen’s Grand Jury competent to act on the land jurisdiction. All you need to deal with things locally is a Citizen’s Court—-
  2. [list=list-style-type:upper-alpha;]
  3. Organizing process:

    1. Give a 30 Day Notice of a Public organizational meeting and offices to be filled —
    2. Have the initial meeting open to the public,
    3. [list=list-style-type:lower-alpha;]
    4. Keep minutes,
    5. Present the Cause (book) and charges (affidavit) and
    6. Agenda— to meet again in two weeks to accept nominations for the offices of:
    7. [list=list-style-type:decimal-leading-zero;]
    8. Judge (on the Land) for:
    9. [list=list-style-type:upper-alpha;]
    10. ___________County Court and/or
    11. _____________State Court,

  4. Sheriff (on the Land)
  5. [list=list-style-type:upper-alpha;]
  6. for _________________County and

[*]Coroner (on the Land)
[*]for __________County


[*]Draft Trial Jury Pools from among those present who are willing to:
[*]Serve the cause of the Continental United States and
[*]Administer the Public Law.

[*]Give notice at the second meeting of all candidates and:
[*]Ask for any more nominations from the floor.
[*]Close nominations.

[*]Announce third meeting two weeks later and:
[*]hold the election of County/State officers by secret ballot, observing all normal precautions.

[*]Electors must provide proof of being born on the land of one of the actual States or lawfully naturalized,
[*]Being at least 21, and
[*]Living in the county or state where the election is held—- (an electric bill in their NAME served at a location in the county or other reasonable documented proof).

[*]Installation of Officers:
[*]After the election hold a “swearing in” and accept the oaths of the Judge(s), Sheriffs, and Coroners.






Ideally, the Grand Juries will return charges to the newly organized Citizen’s Court System and the entire matter can be addressed locally.

Otherwise collected information, serve Notice of the Charges, and the local accused officers will be addressed by the larger scale action against their parent corporations.

With the sheriff issue resolved as mentioned above, where required, those in the justice system who can not properly address their employment contract we do the same…we fire them and elect our own judges.

Once that matter is resolved we the people move to the impostors posing as state representatives. As soon as this is resolved we begin to wait for the impostors from Washington to deplane. I think the rest is pretty apparent.

The purpose the the common law grand jury places a tool at the hands of the people to resolve their own problems. The common law grand jury belongs to the people. It is the people who are key. Our employees only have a job to satisfy the needs of the people.

With enough people involved in each county, each impostor can be confronted and the matter of status resolve in about 30 days.

Anyone got a problem? You know how to reach me.

In the service of the creator.

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
It takes so few words to express the truth!
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Begin forwarded message:
From: “Marje Kimberly” <>
Subject: RE: Stephen Pidgeon Articles of Impeachment 13 July 2015…’Congress Bribed, Threatened, Blackmailed?’
Date: July 17, 2015 at 4:13:23 PM PDT

Sent: Friday, July 17, 2015 3:50 PM
To: Marje Kimberly
Subject: Re: Stephen Pidgeon Articles of Impeachment 13 July 2015…’Congress Bribed, Threatened, Blackmailed?’
Thank you for your usual lucid response. Do you honestly believe if members of Congress were threatened or blackmail it would justify their treason? Would it make any difference as Hillary would say?
Accepting nominations for the first member of Congress to hang for treason?
Since everything in the form of a government activity has been performed in fraud, and all of the perpetrators are all guilty of treason, impersonating public officers, impostors all of them, that would make them all criminals carrying out criminal acts against the public trust and the people? This is certainly NOT politics.
In fact it means that any and all including obama is subject to immediate arrest and prosecution for the crimes against the American people. Additionally, many others participating in these organized crimes against the people may also be guilty of international crimes and crimes against humanity.
With no lawful government in place, the people must assume the basic responsibility and obligation they owe each other as members of “the people…” the ultimate authority and the ultimate power from which governments are created.
If the people we elected and appointed to perform the work of the people fail to perform the functions of their employment contract, and after being given duly noted notice, then as the people, it is up to us to protect and support the Constitution for ourselves and the future generations of the republic.
We have the power and the authority to act on this now. Right now as a matter of fact. We need no permission…
Let me make this clear—We are the people…it is we who create the government. Those within the government work for us and are our employees. They have no authority to do anything unless we openly and transparently delegate a portion of our authority to do their work assignments as defined by the people.
At no time do we permit our employees to lawfully make any decisions for us as to the role we play in supervising the way they perform their jobs. Their paychecks come from the public trust. They are all trustees bound by oath and employment contracts in accordance to the international laws of commerce.
The impostors presenting themselves as lawful public servants are pretending to be the lawful public servants. We need to begin to challenge each and everyone of them as a matter of fairness and justice as to their legitimate role in the grand fraud which has been in process for several hundred years. Once their status is determined the rest of our teak will be greatly simplified.
Any American who has any self-respect, can think for themselves and honors the principles established by the founders, must conclude the American people have not had a lawful government since at least around 1862. On that basis, everything of a legislative nature created since them has been based on fraud and is null and void.
Do you find the statements above to be reasonable and clear? Clear enough that any American with the ability to think and reason for themselves, that every president since FDR (1933) and administration had and is still operating as a lie. Operating in fraud on the people. These all appear to be deliberate with the intent to defraud. So again these are not issues of politics…they are plain and simple – criminal acts.
With the help of a complicit media, a political narrative was created and disseminated that was especially designed to mislead, even some of the smartest and brightest Americans; real patriots. And boy have they fallen victim to the lie.
Well Marje, even I have to admit that many Americans appears to have swallowed the bait and seem to be acting so stupid, it seems Charlotte Iserbyt has called it right. And with the exception of exceptional Americans like you, the rest have elected to stay the path of “stupid,” even through the truth is available.
To those who may be offended by being referred to as stupid, I must apologize for my lack of tact; my mistake. I had you confused with real Americans. Please let me know your email address and I will be happy to remove you from the distribution list.
In the service of the creator.

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
It takes so few words to express the truth!
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