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1JADED HELMS Empty JADED HELMS on Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:37 pm




Energy that becomes polarized will by default seek equilibrium, a bolt of lightning bears testament that the greater the division the stronger the magnetism becomes. Yet during the process something occurs, a rejuvenation, a crisp blanket of ozone, a cellular excitation that tickles the fancy of every living thing.

Polarization at a conscious level is synonymous with the energetic equivalent; all are seeking some level of anecdotal compensation from that which we feel is out of harmony, like that irksome piano key that just won’t stay tuned. Perhaps it’s our car, our electronic device, our job, our body, or all the above simultaneously, or better still our accepted philosophy.

Jaded Helms go beyond the ideology that some authoritarian regime seeks control through a programmed storm trooper invasion to sweep away any remnant of freewill. The thought construct itself is the disempowering medium; psychological foreplay for the self prescribed radical’s whose strings are being pulled by the puppet masters. Let’s uncock our guns, for the Alamo mentality although chivalrous cannot be purchased solely on their terms, and lead is a poor substitute for intelligence. This is not to say that guns won’t come in handy in the event that mind controlled zombies attack, but rather to awaken to the fact that the frontal attack is often just a front for focus while our flanks are being blurred.

While Pleasantville sleeps the hunting party sends out its bird dogs to flush out hidden game, as the game flutters toward freedom they fall under the crosshairs. The blanket monitoring by the consortium measures the pulse daily, all fringe become infringed, all awakened plotted against. But robots have no imagination, they are just programmed representatives who only know orders. If the leadership becomes pathological their orders are unfortunately never questioned by their sphincter sucking robots, and such conditioning takes years before the free will of an individual becomes traded for something they call a sense of duty, which really isn’t a sense at all but rather sense impairment.

Here’s the question; if the majority of Pleasantville, say 90% of the public are indoctrinated into the baseball, apple pie, see no evil, hear no evil hypnotic trance, through hertzian frequency modulation or psychotronic suggestion, then why all the monitoring? Do you really believe there are terrorist cells in your community? If terrorists are good for population reduction then one would only assume they would be importing them by the boatload. But if the true definition of a terrorist is one who spreads terror, then we need look no further than our Jaded Helms, for psychological terror is like indirect verbal abuse where the constant onslaught slowly becomes the accepted norm. Most never see the connection between mind controlled drones who indiscriminately shoot the innocent and the political push for gun control, but they are two sides of the same coin, and how about the push for vaccinations during the age of  the Nano-tech, which goes beyond mercury. However Mercury is still a great medium for lodging things in our brains because like most metals it won’t pass the blood brain barrier, and works great as a conductor of erroneous frequencies from the steering committee. But fortunately metals can be chelated and vaccines avoided thus prolonging the zombie apocalypse.

The mass surveillance perpetuated by our Jaded Helms covers a wide spectrum that goes far beyond the electronic and internet data collection. They want to know your health status and psychological weaknesses, your blood type, and they want to have your DNA on file so they can see what music you dance to. They want to put you in color by number categories and when your color begins to blur they want to know the medium responsible. But why?  What do “they” fear enough to devote such a colossal investment?
Is it possible the reason they fear us is because they know a secret about what the true human potential is capable of, something we ourselves are yet to become aware of? Is it possible that some sort of stellar dust is cycling through our solar system that somehow activates dormant codes in our DNA, or is it as simple as our planet raising its frequency that allows all life forms to quantum leap?

One would think such scenarios would be a boon for humanity and the planet at large, but when a king fears the loss of his kingdom because his subjects no longer see him as anything more than a pathological pain in the ass, the king consults with his magicians (mad scientists) to weave a new golden cloak. But awakened eyes can see through the emperor’s new cloak and sound the alarm, so the magicians invent a magic dust and get busy spreading their magic dust throughout the kingdom which creates amnesia within the majority of the kingdom, making them suggestible to the magic golden harp, the magic harp is like a big dog whistle for deaf humans that is calibrated to synthesize the magic dust. Now the majority of the kingdom is led back to believe in the wonder of the king. But for some strange reason the magic dust didn’t work on everyone, so they gave them labels and chased and harassed them because they could still see through the kings cloak which made him very nervous and fearful. The king consulted the oracle who gave a prophecy, but the king didn’t understand it because he was a moron.

The oracle stated; “We the disillusioned ride a two legged horse named Trojan whose belly is as hollow as his head. Feed the horse gold laced nuptials until all it knows is gold, then sell its shit as gold and fertilize the plains. Come the harvest spread the corn, then, convince all that the corn is gold and that the gold is shit. This then shall make the king of shit a king of gold, for gold is god misspelled and that which is misspelled can only be shit and a king of shit can never be godly, but shall illuminate goldly, as a false idol full of golden shit.”
“Holy Shit” the king retorted prophetically, then assembled his subjects to announce his new proclamation. The proclamation was thus; “Gold is the shit of the gods and only fit for kings, all others shall treat my excrement as sacrament!” The kings subjects were appalled and burned him at the stake but were surprised to find a pound of gold within the ashes and realized they had made a terrible mistake, that the king was indeed gold god shit. So they melted his remnant into a tool of worship for eternity and spread the word that gold was god shit worthy of worship and the son of the king, who became the new king had his excrement treated as sacrament.
 But while the kingdom was rolling in it as ritual during their annual celebration of the holy shit, the ones immune to the dust looked on in disgust knowing full well that the pound of gold found in the kings ashes came from his golden cloak, but their words fell upon deaf ears due to the silent noise of the golden harp, so they created a new harp to counter the silent noise and called it the Rainbow Ray.
 But there were many that had already consumed too much of the magic dust and became lost in the fog, but the large new generation of rainbow children were also immune and began to turn away from the old shity rituals, for they were the generation of the quickening. So the king consulted the magicians who found the anecdote and called it quick-silver and administered it to the rainbow children under the guise of goodness. As a certain percentage of rainbow children began to show signs of impairment the monarchy applauded and labeled them ism’s being short for schisms for the refraction of the rainbow ray.
The awakened wept for the children and prayed for a solution and after much deliberation they found the answer, which was so simple it made them laugh. They had been going about it all wrong, they didn’t need to convince the masses of any-thing, all they needed to do was to….
To be continued,

2JADED HELMS Empty Re: JADED HELMS on Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:25 pm


"Here’s the question; if the majority of Pleasantville, say 90% of the public are indoctrinated into the baseball, apple pie, see no evil, hear no evil hypnotic trance, through hertzian frequency modulation or psychotronic suggestion, then why all the monitoring? Do you really believe there are terrorist cells in your community?"

Maybe it is the other 10% that they need to capture and control? They can not have any loose cannons running amok and that is why we are so heavily monitored on social media etc. They need to know where we are so when the time comes we will be an easy catch. We are the terrorists to their plans.


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