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Drake’s Weekend Update on Mass Arrests with Breaking News 2012 June 24

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Drake’s Weekend Update on Mass Arrests with Breaking News

2012 June 24
Posted by Steve Beckow

Nancy Detweiler reports on Drake’s update and reports of troop movements in the U.S. If true, in my view, the development is nothing to fear in the sense that the galactics have the ability to make weapons non-functional and are in charge of events now. We here at this site do not agree with Drake’s estimation of the President or his appeal to people to be ready to take up arms. There is no need to take up arms.
Following the 33:00 mark Drake begins to discuss ETs and one of his sources for his comments and a person he advises us to go listen to is … Geoffrey West of Cosmic Vision News.
June 24, 2012

Drake was late coming on because he was busy gathering last minute news, which adds a sense of urgency to the show. As Drake says, “I have not been so upset since I was handed a gun in Vietnam.”

Drake enters at 10:36 minutes, following a call by a woman in St. Louis stating there are troops and heavy tanks in their streets. The soldiers explain to her that they are on a drill for a week, but that reason is up for questioning. The Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis is one of the 12 that had a lien placed on it in April 2012. Is this, instead, preparation for the mass arrests?

Since Drake just hours ago learned of the dark cabal’s efforts through the United Nations to place the countries of the world under one world government, there has been no time for research and documentation. Agenda 21 is to be voted on next week in Hague, Netherlands. It was supposedly discussed at the recent G-20 meeting.
You can get a good idea what is happening by listening for about an hour from the time Drake comes on. He is noticeably shaken by the news and eager to get word from the good guys in the Pentagon that they are ready to take action.

Although no one wants this situation to turn violent, the possibility is present. We all need to be informed; prepared with emergency food, extra money, medicine, gas, diapers, etc.; and ready to help calm the many who know nothing about what is happening.
Many Light Workers also know that our galactic family is present with us and have been granted divine permission to intervene to make sure the dark cabal is removed. Although this scenario has every outer appearance of one action, it may indeed be an action permitted to wake up the many who know nothing. We have been assured that in the end Divine Order will unfold. We have also been warned by our galactic family that some upheaval may occur.

Light Workers may help by remaining centered in Light & Love and knowing that all things are unfolding for the good of this planet. Once we reach the other side of this present scenario, we will know a freedom of which we are presently unable to imagine! We will be reunited with our Star brothers and sisters—our true family!
Affirm often during the coming days: DIVINE ORDER IS UNFOLDING FOR THIS PLANET. THANK YOU, GOD!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:38 AM

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