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The False Paradigm of I AM

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1 The False Paradigm of I AM on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:25 pm


The False Paradigm of I AM

July 23, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

The origin of “I AM” which is accepted belief of much of the civilized world and often used to meditate, live it’s philosophy by New Age followers, Spiritual Gurus and so called Higher beings comes from the old Testament in Exodus (3:14). “Abraham was a man featured in the book of Genesis. Many monotheistic religions regard him as the founding patriarch of Judaism and monotheism. Later in Exodus, Moses was taking his people out of Israel to the promised land and there in the bushes, Moses had to close his eyes in order not to burn I suppose, or the light was too bright or he might have seen a spaceship, nobody really knows why. King James Bible – “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”
The origins of the Phrase are repeated in the Bible hundreds of times in different context. According to Sloyan Gerard, an author of the Book titled “Interpretations”: “In these cases it is the way he identifies himself, but clearly it is an expression of his authority, even his capacity to inspire awe”. He was talking about Jesus using the same phrase of  “I AM”.
So, you see it’s origin coming from scripture and interpreted, meaning we can’t be sure what it really means, because I AM is used all the time in our languages all over the world. I am right, right?
We also know that much of the bible is not to be trusted in terms of real events and witnesses 800 years later, it’s been altered, made up, added, substracted and there is very little truth in it. Also, a lot of the Gnostic scripture is used, some events that actually happened 30,000 years ago as we discover lately, so we can’t even for one moment accept that the “I AM THAT I AM” statement can possibly bring us any enlightenment or bring us closer to god.  There are literally thousands of contradictions in this bible, in fact, I read somewhere long ago there are over 35,000 contradictions in the bible. Why? Most likely it’s because there were at least 50 writer or scribes that wrote the bible with different religious beliefs, backgrounds, morals and ethics and of course motives. Do the research and you will find out for yourself these are facts and not my opinion. I’m not going to do the homework for you.
I don’t guess or mess around with Biblical scriptures because there exist Religious and zealous fanatics who are also politically correct obsessed with accuracy so best to quote or write about something that can be researched and proven to be fact. Just because it is written somewhere doesn’t validate it’s authenticity, but to religious fanatics it is, so long as the text exists someplace, they are happy, after all; God is everywhere isn’t HE?
Are we perhaps not magnifying or maybe giving too much credit to the meaning of I AM? I for one am guilty for accepting its meaning as a claim or belief to being a god or godlike. The New Cage movement use it as part of their philosophy to enlightenment though for the life of me, I can’t see how you can become enlightened constantly repeating ” I AM THAT I AM”.
If the story in the bible is even half-true, that god is more likely the Yaldabaoath god, who proclaims himself that way as he was the vengeful, egotistical god who issued the 10 commands and the first being that you should not worship anyone except him, that should tell you everything about this god. So, he presented himself as Creator of mankind and from there, it flourished in the religious industry of GOD powerful and man a slave scenario.
Could that be the reason why we accomplish nothing when proclaiming “I AM THAT I AM”?
The early Christian Gnostics believed that much of humanity stumbled through life in a deep sleep of spiritual ignorance. Gnosis (greek word for knowledge) involved awakening from this bleak awareness and yearning towards enlightenment and illumination.
Are we still not following certain truths that don’t belong to us? Did we willingly and without much thought accept the phrase or statement of I AM believing we were acknowledging ourselves as gods just because someone interpreted it that way?
The Gnostics believed that the path to spiritual “wisdom” was through the liberation of the mind and the gaining of knowledge. Are we not still seeking outwards or towards a person we feel must have the correct knowledge for us to learn from? I am not saying we should not  be seeking people to gain knowledge, I am saying that we should seek knowledge on how to access our own. In other words, we should seek to find out who we are and how we can gain that wisdom and enlightenment by going within.
Do we not possess that knowledge and should we not be trying to remember it rather than seek towards those we consider to be authorities on something? I’m referring to gurus, to cult leaders, to self proclaimed experts on something.
Could something so simple sounding or interpreted as godlike  I AM actually be our demise if we are repeating the words of an Alien God? If you have done your research, then you already know that the eden god was not the real god. The eden god was an alien god who posed as a god. This god or these gods created Adam out of man, which means, that man already existed when these gods created Adam and Eve to serve them. If this god, whom we now accept as an Alien God is stating or identifying himself as I AM THAT I AM, could that be the keyword or phrase to actually separate us from Source? Just asking. When we say I AM, we say it with intent or feel godlike or that we are co-creator.
Knowledge is gained through a process of knowing oneself, and although I have followed these principles; reading and researching to help me better understand how to access that knowledge within myself, I never researched the origins of I AM so here I am, sharing what I know with  you today.
People ask me how I gained all this knowledge and why? My reasons behind it is that I was curious about who I was. I no longer accepted the theory that a vengeful god without mercy would punish me for no reason, I needed to know who the true god was and who I was. I started out in the 80’s studying various religions therefore, I have some experience in bible interpretation though I don’t enjoy it and am no longer interested in that area but if you need a quick run through about the Bible as a scientific document, then Peter Kling is a great guy to learn from.
I AM Ines, I AM eternal, I AM a soul having a human experience, but I AM NOT the godlike character in the bible and I don’t reference the I AM as being a god in any way shape or form. I AM is not part of the enlightenment process for me. Funny, I only researched this today yet I never truly connected to that meaning of I AM. I AM For me, is recognizing myself as a unique, special, eternal, immortal, powerful, beautiful Soul having a human experience. No more, no less.
The Gnostics believed in the highest of all vibrations–a vibration so elevated that it was impossible to define with words. This illuminated vibration was One, the Universal Mind, Source Energy or God. This energy created other energies and those energies, including humanity, the planetary mother and all living beings are plugged into the collective battery, the power source.
I AM not the battery, I AM the energy that charges this collective battery and in order to charge it or contribute to its charging, my thoughts must be pure, loving and positive for ALL of us. WE ARE here to help those that have not yet come to this awareness. This is awareness is that they are plugged into this battery and whether it is unknowingly or unwittingly; they are discharging the battery with their victim/slave mentality.
Remember, we all agreed to be here at this time, it is up to us, the Old Souls to finally remove that false paradigm of I AM and start thinking WE  ARE to help those that are not yet conscious of their power. We cannot all wake up at the same time, so it is up to those of us to purge forward with the WE ARE to help them because time is running out and we must start the engine battery before it dies. If the battery power goes below a certain level, like any battery, it will start running out much faster.
I know that WE can do this. It is what WE came here to do. You just forgot this and I am reminding you.

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2 Re: The False Paradigm of I AM on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:26 pm



July 23, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

I have good news and bad news. First the bad news: Life contains a lie. What you believe is full of lies, secrecy, tricks and deception at every level — religion, politics, science, our language, the media, entertainment sources such as movies and music, corporate logos, and advertising — and the earth is an electromagnetic gravitational prison planet in which we are held as prisoners imprisoned by our body cells. The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. We spell words to create a sentence — a jail term and it’s a life sentence. We use curse words and write with cursive writing. . Why do we say when someone is out of luck that they are S.O.L.?
Why do we have products like Sun Kist, Star Kist, and Gold Kist Farms? What is a Kist? Why do almost all major corporations use either the sun, moon or pyramids in their logos?
Why were all major religions given to us by princes from elite royal families or wealthy members of nobility?
Why are religious messiahs called the son of God and depicted with the sun as a halo?
Why does the world’s largest political celebration, the World Olympic Games, have a priestess light what they call a cauldron with the light of the sun and keep an eternal flame burning throughout the games?
Why do world leaders gather each year at Bohemian Grove and participate in a druidic ceremony called the Cremation of Care which reenacts sacrificial rituals from ancient Canaan at the base of a forty foot owl?
Why do so many musicians say they have sold their soul, use illuminati hand signs and use cryptic language in their songs? Why do musical artists such as Katy Perry seem to incorporate witchcraft into their videos? Why does Hollywood take its name from the holly wood that a magic wand is made from and why do they use terms such as casting and programming? Why does the organization that gives Emmys and Oscars, NATAS, use an acronym that is Satan spelled backwards and why does the statue they give out for awards, the Oscar, look like and is named after an egyptian god named Ausur or Osiris? Why do we have an egyptian pyramid on the back of our dollar bill?
Why does the moon rotate at just the right speed so that the same side always faces toward Earth and why does it appear in our vision as exactly the same size as the sun during a total eclipse?
What is the purpose of “evil” and Trickster Gods. And, finally, why are we told we go to the light at death? I answer these questions and many more on this website
Read more, great website!:

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