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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Fake alternative media personality and possible government operative purposefully conducted Jade Helm PSYOP

Fake alternative media personality and possible government operative purposefully conducted Jade Helm PSYOP

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Fake alternative media personality and possible government operative purposefully conducted Jade Helm PSYOP

Posted on July 26, 2015 by Intellihub



(INTELLIHUB) — In one of the more shocking examples of how psychological operations play out across the internet a faux alternative media personality purposefully put out a shocking fake Jade Helm video to trick the alternative media and scare Americans worried about the massive realistic training exercise.
The video, which Intellihub News confirmed was a total hoax when the video had less than 200 views and did not publish, purported to show a firefight between the military and militia members in Texas when in reality it was an older video of a military drill that took place in North Carolina.
Interestingly the video wasn’t put out by a leftist to mock the alternative media, rather it was put out by a veteran named Ryan Brooks who claims to be a member of the alternative media (with connections to Chris Duane and the “Greatest Truth Never Told“). Moreover Brooks has apparently been a radio host off and on and has promoted silver as an alternative to the fiat currency.
A video report by Pete Santilli who was one of the main targets of the PSYOP exposed what Brooks did and how it directly put Americans in danger. He noted that the hoax was, “a psychological warfare attack on the American people.”

Santilli also detailed that many of his contacts in numerous militias were furious over the hoax due to the fact that some where ready to gear up for what could have been the start of a mini civil war. In the video report, Santilli and his co-host also note that Brooks is most likely just a guy looking for fifteen minutes of fame but the answer to why he would do something so damaging may be more sinister.
The fact of the matter is, Brooks has a history of openly attacking the entire alternative media while telling his viewers that they shouldn’t follow any alt-media personalities because they do not “take action”, a narrative used in the past by personalities in the alternative media that have been exposed as FBI/Military informants.
In a video posted by Brooks just days before he carried out the Jade Helm hoax, he labeled the entire alternative media a “joke” that only pushes fear. (a fact easily debunked by reading this website or any other of the awesome alternative news outlets that publish quality information on a daily basis) Brooks also attacked Americans who read media published outside the control of the mainstream press.

From Hal Turner to former Freedomizer Radio host Doc, each and every person who has been exposed as an informant within the alternative media used the very same rhetoric Brooks is using. Telling people to “take action” but not explaining what that actually means while at the same time attacking anyone putting out truth is a hallmark of an operative trying to push people into violence.
While there is no way to know if Brooks is just an egotistical moron who is mad because others have more viewers than him or if his actions were of a more sinister agenda, the fact remains that he purposefully carried out a hoax meant to scare the American people and discredit legitimate news outlets.
Note: From more background information on where the video actually took place and how the PSYOP tried to directly target Infowars, watch this video from Infowars Nightly News.
Intellihub News is a leading independent news agency covering a wide range of issues including globalism, the increasing police state, and the control of media by a small number of corrupt corporations.

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