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UFO News ~ 7/27/2015 ~ IFO SIGHTING 7/25/2015 and MORE

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Two Human-Alien Hybrids in One Week

  •  July 27, 2015
  •  Paul Seaburn

While stories of alien sightings and abductions by aliens are becoming more common, it’s still rare to hear about encounters with human-alien hybrids. It’s even more rare when two such stories occur in one week. Yet that’s the case for this past week as we read news stories about a possible human-alien hybrid working for the CIA in California and an alien-humanoid discovered during a well dig in India. Is it an invasion?
Police in Pacific Palisades, California, were called to investigate a decomposing body in an SUV. The remains belonged to Jeffery Alan Lash and apparently had been in the vehicle for two weeks. Lance’s fiancee, Catherine Nebron, told police she believed he was some sort of undercover officer, possibly with the CIA. So far, just your usual dead body investigation.
Lash died on July 4th and, per his instructions, Nebron left his body parked in the SUV where government officials would pick it up. Two days later, one of Lash’s employees – Dawn VadBunker – was reported missing by her mother, who said her daughter was convinced by Lash that he was an alien or human/alien hybrid “sent to Earth to protect us.”

Some of the weapons stash found in the homer of purported human-alien Jeffrey Lash
If Lash was an alien or a hybrid, his non-human relatives left him no alien weapons but plenty of money because police found over 1,200 guns in his home worth an estimated $5 million, over 6 tons of ammunition, a number of SUVs modified for harsh terrain driving and $230,000 in cash.
Was Jeffery Lash an alien-human hybrid? There’s been no autopsy report and Dawn VadBunker – the woman who made the claim – is still missing. The only known photo of him appears to be from a high school yearbook where he looks as human as a teenager can look.

Only known photo so far of alleged alien-human hybrid Jeffery Lash
On the other hand, the creature found in India looks definitely like an alien-human hybrid or something close. It was allegedly found by people digging a water well in the Bawadi village of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It’s kind of small to be a hybrid but it definitely looks a little human and a little reptilian. Is there a little truth to it?

Meanwhile, the Lash mystery is ongoing.
Any thoughts on either?


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Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters

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  •  July 27, 2015
  •  Nick Redfern

When it comes to reading books, the ones I enjoy the most are (a) those written in road-trip style and (b) autobiographies. In many respects, Jo Ann Koch’s new book is a combination of both. Its title: Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters. Jo Ann’s book is a fascinating, deeply personal account of one woman’s quest to understand, and come to grips with, a lifetime of encounters with something non-human from…somewhere else.
A child of the Second World War, Jo Ann has had decades of anomalous experiences, all of which are detailed in her book and which anyone with an interest in the abduction phenomenon will find notable. You won’t be disappointed. It’s refreshing to see that Jo Ann is not caught up in any particular belief system when it comes to the creatures she has encountered. The same goes for their agenda: Jo Ann is open-minded regarding what’s afoot and why. Yes, she terms them “aliens,” but in the specific sense that they are foreign to us. But, does that mean they are extraterrestrial? Maybe not.

Jo Ann Koch’s Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters
Jo Ann says: “I don’t know where these beings come from. Why they are here I can only wonder and speculate.” That speculation has led Jo Ann to wonder if the entities are ET-based, time-travelers, inter-dimensional entities, or even predatory demons. It’s a breath of fresh air to read an abduction-based book that does not try and force the reader to come to one particular conclusion on the alien agenda. As Jo Ann notes: “I have met and interacted with some very spiritual beings that may be angels and with others who are downright evil.”
Like so many abductees, Jo Ann’s experiences began when she was a child. She skilfully describes these early events and her emotional responses to them: awe, wonder, amazement, and at times, downright fear. She fell victim to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nightmares were not uncommon. And there is something else too: like so many people who have had intensely personal UFO encounters, other family members soon become sucked into the mystery too.

George Adamski
There’s a fascinating section in the book on how Jo Ann’s father, in the early 1950s, met none other than George Adamski and ultimately became good friends with him. Those of you out there who are interested in the Contactee phenomenon will find this portion of the book very intriguing, as we get to see some genuinely interesting behind-the-scenes aspects of early Contactee history, some of it relating to the legendary tale of “Orthon.”
As the story, and Jo Ann’s life, progresses we see how deeply she was pulled into the heart of the abduction phenomenon, with sightings of strange, diminutive creatures on the family’s property. Out of body experiences became commonplace for Jo Ann. She found herself compelled to go to her bedroom window in the dead of night. She became clairvoyant. Synchronicities were everywhere.
Jo Ann also found herself affected by Stockholm Syndrome, as a result of her interaction with the others. She had apocalyptic, nightmarish visions of a devastating war. The worlds of sleep-paralysis, hypnagogia, and matters presumed to be of the mind but that may actually have external, alien origins, are also part of the story.

In the latter part of the book, Jo Ann delves into an area that many people find disturbing. I know that for sure, as I have spoken and debated with such people. It’s the idea – or, perhaps, “an unsettling suspicion” would be a better description – that these entities are far less interested in our physical bodies and far more interested in the human life-force: the soul. Equally chilling are Jo Ann’s encounters with the Men in Black.
There is much more to Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters than I could ever detail in a review. But, I will add this: Jo Ann’s book does not just provide information on the abduction phenomenon. It skilfully demonstrates the graphic – sometimes traumatic and sometimes positive – effects that this aspect of the UFO phenomenon can have on people, and for years. By presenting her story for one and all to see, and in a bias-free fashion, Jo Ann has made an important contribution to our ongoing attempts to understand the alien abduction issue. It’s a book that should not be ignored.

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The mystery of Area 51

July 27th, 2015

Not long ago, the CIA officially admitted the existence of Area 51. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct names for the facility are Homey Airport (ICAO: KXTA) and Groom Lake, though the name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War.
Area 51 is said to be the place to go for secret experiments, high-tech weapons, aliens and UFOs.

There, at Area 51, the government developed the first airplanes capable of flying great distances and at extremely high altitudes during the Cold War. But today, this place is anything but abandoned, and according to the newest satellite images, the government is building more buildings and expanding the area of influence of this "secret" military base. Satellite images show a giant hanger being built. Among other weird buildings, there is also a pyramid shaped object at Area 51.
The images of the giant hangar were discovered not long ago and published by "Terraserver." So far no official explanation has been given as to what this "giant hangar" is really for. Some believe it is meant to house the next generation "stealth bomber" while others claim that the government has managed to reverse engineer and Alien craft.
Some suggest that Area 51 is being sued by aerospace companies such as Lockheed and Boeing, who are developing next generation military airplanes, but there are many others who believe that deep down, Area 51 one is the place where the most alien technology is being held at.

Due to the highly secretive nature of the facility, it has been connected for decades with unusual phenomena and many believe that Area 51 is used for the storage and examination of Alien technology. Many claim that it is there, where scientists from all over the world work together reverse-engineering many alien technologies.
Area 51 is also said to be the place where numerous meetings with extraterrestrial beings occurred in the past. Among other things, it is said that technologies for weather control, time travel and teleportation are all developed at underground laboratories located at Area 51.

Bob Lazar is believed to be one of the many scientists who worked at Area51 and who has spoken to the media about this mysterious facility.
In an interview with 8NN-TV, Bob reiterates once again his role within the base where he described with great detail the mysterious flying objects aka " saucers" present inside the research facilities. According to Lazar, these UFO's were supported by three types of silencers or hoses which control the aircraft, these objects were extremely powerful, fast and highly unstable.
The so-called "UFO's" were not built by humans, the cabins inside of the craft were extremely small and only a child could fit into them. Lazar claims that these "Flying saucers" were built and piloted by extraterrestrial beings. Mysteriously, it seems as if the UFO's were made out of one single piece, they did not have a welding point, and were made from a material unknown on Earth.
Do you believe in the Alien theory of Area 51? Is it really a place where Aliens work together with "humans", a place where weapons and other technologies are developed? Is it possible that there are underground bases present at Area 51 as many suggest? Let us know what you think about this incredibly mysterious place!
Article posted by Ivan

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Metallic spheres found in Siberia are of extraterrestrial origin?

July 27th, 2015

Are the mysterious metallic spheres of Siberia really of Extraterrestrial origin as some believe?
It is very well known that since ancient times, Siberia has been a very mysterious place. Numerous incredible findings are connected to that part of Russia. One of those mysterious places in Siberia is the area of Yakutia, virtually unexplored and very inhospitable, full of swamps, it is a place that locals avoid at all costs since, according to them, anyone that enters the Valley of Death never returns.
There, in the enigmatic and mysterious area of Russia, people have found strange metallic objects whose purpose and origin are as controversial as inexplicable to science.

The area of land is known by locals as Uliuiu Cherkechek, the Valley of Death, in Siberia. There, you can find a "disturbing" number of metallic spheres believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Mysteriously, according to those few who have ventured out and studied these strange "alien spheres", these objects are strategically positioned to protect against asteroids and "hostile energies." Local legends support this theory.
Beyond any speculation, the truth is that this mysterious area of land, has been protagonist of several catastrophic events such as the great Tunguska explosion in 1908, Chulum in 1984, and Vitim, in 2002.
People who live in the vicinity of this hazardous place believe there is no mystery to it: the Death Valley owes its name to countless deaths and illness that marked the fate of anyone who dared to roam the vicinity of any of these metal spheres which are, according to rumours of extraterrestrial origin.
Legends state that here, in this inhospitable landscape live to old demons of the "Taiga."
The last scientific expedition, consisting of three geologists, an astrophysicist, a mechanical engineer and several assistants, investigated the site, they found huge metal formations, such as domes, half-buried in the swamps.
An area of land showing the remains of where these mysterious metal spheres once stood? - Image needs source.

In their short time investigating the metallic spheres, they managed to find five of these metallic spheres, but scientists could not continue their expedition and investigate further since serious illness afflicted several of the members of the expedition.
It is believed that these metallic spheres give of some sort of radiation and because of it, anyone who ventures near them falls ill.

Lone hunters who have ventured into the area where the metallic spheres are found say that there are many metallic spheres found in the area, some of them are submerged under water while other spheres are half-buried in the ground. Locals refer to these structures as "olguis" and these are said to be forged out of an unknown metal, believed to be "copper-like" in nature. The metal of these spheres is said to be extremely resistant and hard, no one has been able to analyse them since many fear approaching these spheres. The few tests that were made were ignored by laboratories who have failed to identify their composition and origin.
Expedition into the Mysterious Death valley

Local hunters say that over time, these metallic spheres sink into the ground and disappear from sight. They leave behind strange stains where vegetation cannot thrive again. It is said that tribal elders have declared the area as cursed.

Strangely, we have failed to find any images of these mysterious metallic spheres which leaves us wondering where these actually exist, or are just legends as many skeptics suggest.
In a letter, Mikhail Koretsky from Vladivostok who visited the mysterious area wrote:
"I was there three times. The first time was in 1933, when I was ten - I travelled with my father when he went there to earn some money - then in 1937, without my father. And the last time was in 1947 as part of a group of youngsters.
"The ’Valley of Death’ extends along a right-hand tributary of the Viliuy River. In point of fact it is a whole chain of valleys along its flood lands. All three times I was there with a guide, a Yakut. We didn’t go there because life was good, but because there, in the back of beyond, you could pan for gold without the threat that at the end of the season you’d be robbed or get a bullet in the back of your head.
"As for mysterious objects, there are probably a lot of them there, as in three seasons I saw seven of those ’cauldrons’. They all struck me as totally perplexing: for one thing, there was their size - between six and nine meters in diameter.
"Secondly, they were made of some strange metal. Everyone has written that they were made of copper, but I’m sure it isn’t copper. The thing is that even a sharpened cold chisel will not mark the ’cauldrons’ (we tried more than once). The metal doesn’t break off and can’t be hammered. On copper, a hammer would definitely have left noticeable dents. But this ’copper’ is covered over with a layer of some unknown material resembling emery. Yet it’s not an oxidation layer and not scale - it can’t be chipped or scratched, either.
"We didn’t come across shafts going down into the ground with chambers. But I did note that the vegetation around the ’cauldrons’ is anomalous - totally different from what’s growing around. It’s more opulent: large-leaved burdock; very long withes; strange grass, one and a half or two times the height of a man. In one of the ’cauldrons’, the whole group of us (six people) spent the night. We didn’t sense anything bad, and we calmly left without any sort of unpleasant occurrences. Nobody fell seriously ill afterwards. Except that three months later, one of my friends lost all his hair. And on the left side of my head (the side I slept on), three small sore spots the size of match-heads appeared. I’ve tried to get rid of them all my life, but they’re still with me today.
"None of our efforts to break off even a small piece from the strange ’cauldrons’ was successful. The only thing I did manage to bring away was a stone. Not an ordinary one, though: half of a perfect sphere, six centimeters in diameter. It was black in colour and bore no visible signs of having been worked, yet was very smooth as if polished. I picked it up from the ground inside one of those cauldrons.
"I took my souvenir of Yakutia with me to the village of Samarka, Chuguyevka district, Primorsky region (the Soviet Far East), where my parents were living in 1933. I was laid up with nothing to do until my grandmother decided to build a house. We needed to put glass in the windows and there wasn’t a glass-cutter in the entire village. I tried scoring it with the edge of that half of a stone sphere, and it turned out to cut with amazing ease. After that, my find was often used like a diamond by all our relatives and friends. In 1937 I gave the stone to my grandfather, but that autumn he was arrested and taken to Magadan where he lived on without trial until 1968 and then died. Now no-one knows where my stone got to…"
In his letter, Koretsky stresses that in 1933 his Yakut guide told him that:
"…five or ten years before, he had discovered several spherical cauldrons (they were absolutely round) that protruded high (higher than a man) out of the ground. They looked brand new. Later the hunter had seen them again, now broken and scattered."
Russia's death valley remains a mystery for scientists, researchers and adventurers and while many suggest that these stories are exaggerated, some believe that there is truth in them. Extensive research has not been done at the area, and the little research that has been performed has remained classified, far away from the eyes of society.
Source and reference / Wikipedia / 
Article posted by Ivan

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