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Quartz Crystal – The Master Stone

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1 Quartz Crystal – The Master Stone on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:18 am


Quartz Crystal – The Master Stone

Quartz crystal is available virtually everywhere on the planet. Yet, as crystals, either natural �or tumbled, it is an extremely powerful tool in clearing ones chakras, healing, meditation, spiritual growth,and generally balancing and toning the whole body’s electromagnetic field.
By nature, quartz crystal stabilizes and stores electromagnetic energy so well it is used in television and radio communication as well as computers which Couldn’t function at all without these crystals.
Crystals actually grow in the Earth although, in our terms, this growth process is very slow indeed! Their growth began around 200 million years ago when water and quartz became mixed under perfect conditions of pressure and heat.
Nature has placed vast deposits of these crystals in the deep levels under the Earth in strategic locations and these deposits help to regulate the polar energy of our planet. It is thought by some new-agers that, without quartz,, there might not have been any life on Earth at all!
Quartz crystals vibrate at a very controlled vibratory rate and, (as many people don’t realize), the vibrations can be amplified, controlled, and transmitted by the human mind. According to many metaphysical beliefs, with concentrated intention we can transmit the power of crystal to bring healing energy to ourselves and others.
NONE of these healing methods are meant to take the place of a licensed medical practitioner! But it certainly cannot hurt to add crystal healing to what the doctor is already
Ultimately, the body heals itself; it’s made that way. The point of all healing processes, non-medical or medical is to make the conditions better so the body can heal itself easier. Crystal can help to balance the energy of the body to ease the tension, while you see a licensed medical doctor…
Choosing, Clearing and Charging Your Crystal/s
When you get ready to acquire a crystal, it is always best to go to a place, for example a new age store, a flea market, a fair, etc., where you can find many quartz crystals to choose from. Take your time, handle many crystals until you find the one that just feels right to you. That is your crystal! When you choose a crystal, it also chooses you by your biomagnetic field. Choose several crystals for several different purposes. As you choose each crystal, Keep your purpose in mind and the right crystal for the job at hand will “talk” to you, so to speak. Many people say that the best
crystal for you will either be found or given to you, often unexpectedly. So, if someone is inspired to give you a crystal, take it! It is said that there’s always a good reason a crystal comes into your life!
If you can’t, for whatever reason, get to a New Age store or some other place where you can personally pick out your own crystal, many websites on the Internet sell them, some at very reasonable prices. Just Google quartz crystal. I highly recommend They are fast and they pre-cleanse each stone before they ship it.
Once you have your crystal, you will want to clear it of all the vibrations and influences it has
picked up along the way. The easiest, and most effective way to do this is to hold it under running water for at least one minute. While the water is running over it, visualize the water running through the crystal and washing away all the vibrations it has picked up. Tell it to purify itself, and it will. When your intuition tells you it is clear – it is!
Now, you will want to energize your crystal and charge it to do whatever you may want it to do. This is the simplest way to charge your crystal: Hold it in your right hand(this is your sending hand) and imagine a spiritual white light comung down from above and entering your “Crown Chakra” (the top of your head) and filling you with spiritual energy. “Will” this energy to flow down your right arm, into your hand and, filling the crystal with spiritual energy. When your crystal “feels” full of this power, wrap up the exercise. Your crystal is ready for use.
There are also a couple ways to aid your crystal in absorbing earth and universal energy. A lot of people, when they have their crystal, and have already cleaned it and personally charged it, bury it in the ground for 24 hours. Thus, the crystal absorb the Earth’s energy and it strengthens its power. Also, you can place your crystal in the sunlight foe 2 to 8 hours, or, perhaps, in the light of a full moon over night so it can absorb the light energy of the Universe. Either or all of these methods are effective.Here are some suggestions for ways to use your crystal/s:
1> Use it to help you sleep or to achieve meditation while lying down. A crystal at your “Third Eye” chakra (above and between your eyebrows) helps you relax and achieve the meditative state while energizing your intuitive mind.
2> You can let your meditation become a chakra balancing session. (More on that another time)
3> Use it as a talisman for protection. Visualize the crystal filling with a bright white light; then mentally expand that light into a bright white light surrounding your body with protective energy. You can fill a room with the light as an over-all protective force , using this same tecnique, visualizing, etc.. You can also surround your car with the light as a protective force against accidents. As you are using the power of imagination, Repeat the following affirmation a few times:
“I am surrounded and protected by the protective white light of the Universe”, (or God, or the the Goddess, Christ Consciousness, or however you refer to the Deity) “only good can come to me, Nothing but good shall go out from me. And so it is!”
These methods work better than one may think.Visualization is a powerful metaphysical tool, as is the use of affirmations.
About the Author
TarotMeister is a Certified TarotMaster who has been studying Tarot and all types of metaphysics for over thirty years. Visit his websites at:�Http://, �, and


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