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Cue the Orchestra ~ Ashtar Command 6/27/12

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1 Cue the Orchestra ~ Ashtar Command 6/27/12 Empty Cue the Orchestra ~ Ashtar Command 6/27/12 on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:23 am


 Cue the Orchestra ~ Ashtar Command 6/27/12 Cue-the-Orchestra

Cue the Orchestra ~ Ashtar Command 6/27/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

What we wish to do is remove this pyramidal power structure of abuse
and control that has been designed here in your world and has been used
as an organized means to attempt to control your every thought, your
every movement, your every dream, your every wish, your every day and
your every way of your existence. We see the removal of each and every
one of these blocks that comprise this massive pyramid as the most
important steps for you as a race to take. Nothing can be done until
these dark lords of power are removed from your society. They have
plotted and schemed and bribed and stolen and abused and threatened and
murdered their way deep into the trenches of every system and form of
government all throughout your entire world.

They have left barely a stone unturned in their pursuit of total
control and domination of your countries and every citizen within them.
They were not planning on stopping their assault until every human alive
was made their prisoner. This is how they think. These are the thought
processes of those who currently control your world on a daily basis.
They do not know decency, for they do not understand decency. They do
not understand love, charity, mercy, kindness, forgiveness or empathy.
They do not know the meaning of these words. These words are foreign to
them, and so are the emotional expressions that accompany them, for they
do not possess the same inner strings as you do and therefore these
notes cannot be plucked no matter how hard one tries to teach them the
music, for they cannot hear the music and they will never willingly
dance to it.

It is only you, the members of your human race, who have ears to
hear this music and the hearts to feel it. You are different than they.
We do not wish to ever draw lines between people or races, worlds or
galaxies, but here in your world is a very rare case, for here in your
world there are, let us say for the sake of simplistic understanding,
two distinct types of beings that walk your Earth. Let us compare one
of these types of beings to a being who can love another being and
understand what love is and why they love this other being, and let us
describe this other type of being who walks your world as a being who
does not love another, who cannot love another, as they do not
understand what love is, for love is a foreign emotion that exists not
within their people or within themselves. It is as if a foreign word has
been spoken to them and this word bounces off ears made of tin and
falls directly to their feet.

This is what is happening in your world today. These are the two
types of beings that, to put it in its simplest terms, walk the face of
your Earth. Beings that can love and do love and beings that cannot love
and may never be able to love if they continued to live on your planet
for another billion years. One of these species has to leave, there can
be no other way for the survival of both these types of beings, for you
cannot mix these two different beings into one society, it just will not
work on many different levels. What we have come here to do is help the
race that can and does love remove this other type of being from their
midst. We are also beings who can love and do love and you, the beings
that do possess love within your hearts, are our brothers and our
sisters, and although there are many ways we are connected, our
strongest connection is through the love that we can feel and feel for
each other. We will help you rid your world of those who cannot love,
for if they are permitted to continue to live amongst you there will
come a day and it will come soon when they will reach the final stage of
their agenda to enslave those who are different from them, those who
can love.

We feel we of the higher realms have stepped in and intervened at
the right moment, and the last moment we feel that was possible before
the dark’s agenda brought the curtain down on the human race. We feel
matters are now very much in control in our favor, and we will not allow
the safety and well-being of your people to recede back into a
dangerous or precarious area. You have our word, the word of your
brothers and your sisters, that the agenda of the dark ones to enslave
your people will never be permitted to continue, and at this time the
many blocks that they have constructed of their pyramidal structure of
power and control, abuse and profit, of surveillance and extortion, are
being removed and broken into pieces one by one and day by day. We,
together with you, will see to this and see that those of the dark are
removed from your Earth and are never permitted to return here ever

This is one of the priorities of our mission, and our plan is now
unfolding. In the days ahead, every facet of this operation will be
fully explained to you as you will be fully taking part in it and
working right alongside of us as we rid your world of these parasites
who have wreaked so much havoc and spread so much disease, poverty,
mayhem and destruction throughout your world like rivers that burst
their dams and spilled over their banks swallowing up cities, towns and
small villages throughout every corner of your globe. We, together with
you, will dry up these floodwaters and reseal these embankments and
allow your cities, your countries and your people to thrive once again
on the fertile soils of your new world.

Help us help you rid your planet of these beings who do not belong
here, who have never belonged here, who have never earned the right to
be here, who are only here through a freak of nature, through an
accident of enormous proportions, an accident that has left damage and
an aftermath we intend, with your assistance, to rectify and remove any
evidence of its existence from throughout every corner of your world and
throughout your history. This is a great endeavor, and what has gone
into the planning stages of this mission is beyond the level of
understanding of many of you at this time. There are here now
representatives from thousands of worlds, hundreds of galaxies, numerous
different races and beings from many different dimensions. There are
beings here who have come in service to this mission, to our Creator and
to you from different timelines, and you would more clearly understand
this as time travel. This is how important this mission is deemed by
beings all throughout every corner of this immensely vast universe.

You, the beings known as Human, are the centerpieces of this entire
mission. It is you that this mission cannot succeed without, and it is
you that must make the initial moves throughout every step of this
operation, as you are the maestros and it is you that conducts our
entire universal orchestra. We must wait for you to cue our instruments
before we may start to play. We find ourselves in a constant state of
waiting for you to make your move before we can make our move in support
of you in many different ways. There are many moves that we have waited
on you to make, and there are many moves that you have indeed made, we
wish you to understand this, and wish you to know that progress has been
made steadily since the undertaking of this great endeavor. It is at
this time we again wait for you, the people of Earth, to make your move.

What we are waiting on is for those termed our Earth allies to kick
into high gear their mission to take into custody all the men and women
listed as members and associates of your criminal cabal, their
underlings, and all who conspire and have conspired with them. These
beings must be removed from your society before we can begin the
implementation of many projects we hold as very necessary for the
continued safe passage of many of your people. There are challenges
coming over the horizon for your world and we wish to be able to be
there right by your side when these challenges come into view. Help us
help you and we will do just that. Make your move, we wait for you, the
conductors, to cue us and our orchestra will begin to play. This is our
promise to you.

We are your ascended family of the Ashtar Command.

Article Link: http://www.ascensionearth2012.org/2012/06/message-from-ashtar-command-62712-cue.html

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