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Earthquake Watch August 2015 ‘The Saturn 13° Cycle’ and NBC gives a Hint?

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Earthquake Watch August 2015 ‘The Saturn 13° Cycle’ and NBC gives a Hint?

Three important planetary alignments the first week of August, which include the Venus-Jupiter conjunction could foreshadow a major earthquake threat during August 3-7.

Using the 13 Degree cycle of Saturn highlight August for a Magnitude 8 Earthquake.

But it is not only the planetary alignments, there is much more to expect and to see during the month of August.

Below a short overview: (See first video).

August Perseids meteor shower peaks just after midnight on a moonless mid-august night it should put on a great show this year.

Look towards the familiar constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus in the Northeast. The best watching hour is 1 a.m. Pacific Time on the morning of August 13. You might see 50 up to 100 meteors per hour. You can see Perseid meteors every night from late July through August 24th.

The supermoon is a full moon, coming on August 29, 2015! A supermoon happens when there's a Full Moon or New Moon at the same time as the Moon's closest approach to the Earth; perigee. Full moon of August 29 at 18:35 UTC.

This month there is also a chance to spot all the planets plus former planets, Pluto, Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas, but you have to observe from dusk to dawn.

Start right after sunset and find Jupiter low in the western horizon.

Venus and Mercury will be near Jupiter but you need binoculars and you can also see Venus before sunrise at the end of month.

The asteroid Juno is also near Mercury but will require a telescope to see Saturn will be easy to see a little higher in the southwestern sky until after midnight. Also you need a telescope to track down Pluto in Sagittarius in the south-southeast sky.

Another dwarf planet Ceres, is not too far away from Pluto and it's also in the constellation Sagittarius.

Look low in the south-eastern sky at midnight the asteroid Palllas can be spotted in the constellation Hercules in the western sky.

Uranus and Neptune require a wake up call early in the morning in the western sky. Use binoculars to spike Uranus, look for Neptune in the southeast sky. Neptune requires a telescope.

Vesta is in the constellation Cetus, (the Whale) in the eastern pre-dawn sky and looking east an hour before sunrise you will see Mars but you need binoculars to see it.

In the next video TheBarcaroller explains the 13 Degree cycle of Saturn highlight August for a Magnitude 8 Earthquake.

And watch the next 7 seconds clip!

This was caught on NBC’s Today Show ticker July 10th.
How can that be a mistaken?
Someone must of typed it in, goes on for a few seconds then pulled.
They are obligated to give hints.
Note: It’s not CNN but the Today Show on NBC.

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