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August 6, 2015 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Drake’s Take: August 5, 2015

Drake and Thomas cover a lot of topics of course but I am only giving an overview of some key elements. Here is the link if you wish to listen to last night’s show.
I believe it is important to continue to seek the truth in the forest of disinformation and lies, and to speak freely about our findings.
As I have said before, I am doing what I do MY WAY, and the way I am guided. For anyone who missed the memo, I’ll say it again:
If you don’t like what I’m doing—for free—just unsubscribe. I’m not going to change.  ~ BP


Drake encourages people to organize themselves and in groups of significant size to send a message, and to plant themselves in areas that can’t be ignored to effect change, such as the steps of your State Capitol building.
He also has been in touch with the three men in West Virginia who are removing the fictional characters from their government; the exercise I refer to as ‘American Revolution 2.o’.
I forgot to mention for anyone who didn’t listen to the audio with Thomas, Gene and Phil—these fellows understand the big picture. There was a question as to whether we could expect off-world assistance in our battle and the answer was yes, but only if it got to the point that there was no other way to save the situation, or something to that effect. The Galactics would only intervene if it is absolutely necessary. We have to do this ourselves.
We’re waiting to hear the results of their presentment in court on August 25th. Drake indicated that there was a contract out on Thomas, who said he is aware he may not be here long, so he is working non-stop to take care of this legal effort in the time he has. That’s a grim way to live, and I applaud these brave men.
Immediately following the break after the first hour, Thomas Williams gave us an update on a lot of things that have been controversial and divisive in the Internet community.
He said they were well aware their updates on the Blue Avians, Sphere Alliance, etc. were counter to what some were claiming, but they have always done a lot of research, have multiple confirmations, personal experience and other methods of validating their claims. It’s not 2nd and 3rd hand information. There are members of Cosmic Voice with their own abilities.
Thomas says their research and contacts indicate that the Blue Avians are a mind control program, and when a controlled individual breaks away from the Illuminati fold, they are triggered with this Blue Avian “saviour program”.
They have outed many things, often with the help of Neil Keenan, before anyone else and were usually right about them; the OPPT, Karen Hudes, SwissIndo, the Universal Voice infiltration, and were the first to out Tolec as having been ‘soul swapped’ at the end of 2012.
[This was of particular interest to me as recently Tolec is different, but I didn’t recognize anything prior to last week.~ BP]
They pointed out the three predictions, some of which were fear-based, never came to fruition and he’s now doing damage control.
They have also debunked the asteroid and fear-mongering around Comet ISON and other incidents and said they would never happen and were correct.
They were the first to announce the end of the soul traps and reincarnation loops, and to talk about The Wave and the April 2014 enhancement to the energies of the Wave.
They also were first to discuss the strangelet and toplet bombs and scalar tech removal which were confirmed by Cobra.
Alfred Webre and others have recently agreed with them that the Blue Avians are not real and are an AI program.
Simon Parkes said regarding the Blue Avians, the jury is out, so no confirmation there, either.
Corey Goode has waffled on many details since Cosmic Voice took their stand and while he admitted to being in the MILAB program since age 5, he also vehemently denies he is a super soldier or part of the mind control program, which is contradictory.
They believe Corey is acting out of a sincere desire to help, and doesn’t realize he is sharing bad information; information that he obtained by data-mining the work of many other people that has been on the Internet for some time. Thomas knows this, because he has read it.
In interviews with David Wilcock, when the Blue Avian questions come up Corey stumbles and stalls and David Wilcock has to step in and take the reins, which may be due to Corey’s programming.
After saying the Sphere Alliance comprises Sphere Beings, he then changed his tune and said they are just Spheres, which is what Cosmic Voice revealed a couple of months ago.
Originally Corey said the Blue Avians are bird-like in appearance, but has now changed that. Corey was called out by a few regarding the “meetings” he attended and now has withdrawn from attending any more.
Drake also does remote viewing and can connect to any consciousness. He says when it comes to the Blue Avians there’s nobody home, and as for the Spheres, they’re there, but he won’t discuss them because he’s been asked not to.
They couldn’t just sit back and let this disinformation go out to everyone and went directly to David Wilcock and told him the truth about the Blue Avians and Spheres but he refused to listen and takes Corey’s word for it.
The fact that David’s ‘Divine Cosmos’ site went down recently seems too much of a coincidence.
While he may be well-intentioned, Thomas says Dr. Simon Atkins and Skyaia and his discussions about “Wave X” are fear-based programming. It is NOT “Wave X” and he is taking information from other people.
The Wave will only be positive for everyone except the cabal and Illuminati minions.
“Wave X” (like Planet X) is the negative, cabal version of The Wave, using CERN to direct energies to Saturn.
Thomas then addressed Cindy Kay Currier’s activities of late. She was a member of ‘Universal Voice’ prior to the creation of  ‘Cosmic Voice’ and copied their information to her blog. Now she is taking the work of Judge Anna von Reitz and using that. Thomas asked that Cindy stop her predictions and filings.
Next they told us that we are NOT going directly to 5-D, and reiterated that channeling is dangerous, that those who do are not speaking to the beings they believe they are and that it’s AI infusion.
The RV/Dinar fiction was a Bush/Clinton deal and no one is going to make a lot of money. The operation was conducted by cabal stooges and fly-by-night scammers on the Internet.
The question period was cut short when Neil Keenan arrived and it was an interesting show, as always.

That is, I believe, an accurate summary of some of the topics discussed. Thank you Drake and Thomas for your intel and experience which will help us discern the truth.

For some it will stir up the hornets’ nest, while for others it will provide the confirmation their intuition desired. It’s all part of the information gathering and we are free to believe what we wish.  ~ BP
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