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King of King`s address to the world global finance change

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Now that is a very interesting video...much in line with much of what I am being told and have learned through the years...A must see for all.....


So you think M1Mr.Sino is legit then?



I think that some of information is without a doubt true...he is a very knowledgeable and informative guy.......I just know that on the surface the elite are a well oiled machine...and all is business as usual....



My issue with him is this...

If you are here to "save" humankind why don't you do it. Set up a site and start taking names and start paying out.

Or open shelters.

Or start feeding the hungry.

Or or or or.....

Stop talking and start doing.

Am I being to simplistic?



Purps we both know that without heavenly intervention this planet is doomed. You and I both know who is in charge. I have seen grown men and entities from other worlds cower down at the very suggestion that his name was even going to be mentioned. There is no way that there is not an power of good even more powerful somewhere about. Its my belief that this is hell so to say. We are in the infancy stage of development...This planet is a battle for souls.....although he didn't say it exactly in his video, the message was there.. The choice is ours.......and to let fear, ignorance, sloth, greed, envy, ego or any other character defect rule our lives will leave those with another life in hell. That's right you will have to return to this hell hole....Young girls and boys are being raped every day, thousands of them, murders and every other despicable crime you can imagine People are starving have no water, the suffering is endless. Heck the Vatican, the ruler of the planet, has perpetuated fraud and endorsed all of this....Think about it......almost everything we read is a lie, the financial system, gov, books, stories...all lies....where is the goodness......I will tell you......its inside of us...our belief system...our souls....we all know the truth and how to behave, how to love, how to give back and help others...Love and be loved and do not fear them....because without fear, they have no power.......I say grab a loved one, make of cup of special purps tea, and enjoy life.......LA DE DA....


Also purps, by all appearances we are responsible for ourselves. The rules are in place...Society has replaced most all of GODS laws with superficial self serving rules....a guy stands on a corner with a bucket asking for donations for food..Sure we know he is a druggie, so most people wont give him a dime...but who goes and brings a hamburger back to him....very few...and why....because society has trained us to think they way they want us to a selfish greedy me me....GODS laws say love and help, mans laws say judge........I like GODS law and I know you do to.....Heck I would not doubt if you make a couple of burgers before you leave the house just in the best purps....


I totally agree with what you said. Every bit of it. Especially the cup of tea part. :)

But Sino who named himself the King of Kings and all of these others that are announcing that they hold the worlds fortune in their hands need to shit or get off the pot if you ask me. It really is that simple. If you have enough to give every human a million bucks then why are there still stick figure children in the streets? OPEN A FOOD BANK MR. SINO!!!

These tribunals like ITNJ Sasha Stones vehicle, Cindy Kay and her Respublica and arrest warrants, Kevin Annet and ITTwhatever it is,  I really could go on and on... all talk a big game but I never see anything come from any of it. Nothing changes.

The entire world knows about the child rape and murders. Nothing is done. We know they keep them underground. No one storms the Dulcie base to rescue them.

As for the one that strikes so much fear into men's hearts that they can not mutter its name.... well that one can kiss my behind too.

I am tired of waiting......




I did buy water for a homeless man sitting next to the food mart last week. I did use my last buck to do so... I did not have enough for a burger. :) But I would have if I had... so you know where I am coming from for sure.

You are so right about the judgement. Maybe I am judging these so called self appointed ones to harshly. idk....

maybe I am on edge from today's 888 thingamajig happening... ugh



"These tribunals like ITNJ Sasha Stones vehicle, Cindy Kay and her Respublica and arrest warrants, Kevin Annet and ITTwhatever it is,  I really could go on and on... all talk a big game but I never see anything come from any of it. Nothing changes."

Purps, you know who these people are......We all want to believe in someone riding in on a white horse...... and cindy kay.....take a deep breath and LOOK.....she glows purp...she is one of them......This planet is not all that and this existence is a prelude to a much better world if we do things right.......Think GOD purps.......focus your energy on positive things........and let the other stuff roll of your back...They own this planet.......PERIOD....


so here is an example of what I mean....

I got Sashas latest post today for the ITNJ

This is our comment exchange:

Me:  I hope these many new tribunals have a game plan for implementation. Otherwise it is for naught. Good luck ITNJ.

Do you imagine we've spent years articulating this complex initiative purely for light! (Oh and it shall be most be sure!)

Me: Good to hear that Sasha. I have watched with interest these tribunals come and then go. I wish you great success with yours. I love being entertained.

Sasha: Debra not to push the point /\ but in very real terms the question we must all ask ourselves is - what part are we playing in dynamically assisting these great efforts. Be clear - the ITNJ will only succeed and can only succeed with direct action /participation of folks across the globe. It's always been the bane of activists like myself- to set up the game ....only to discover that there are no players willing to come on to the field! I suspect it will be different with the ITNJ as we are making it remarkably easy for people to participate...sign a treaty / go online and watch a trial / engage your local fraudulent 'government' or treasonous 'public-official' when the rulings are made. Sacha x

Now I truly do HOPE he can pull this off.

As I do HOPE Cindy Kay can find someone to arrest the entire criminal court justices, politicians, Pope and clergy and all of those she has warrants for that include Sino.

I really do.... but this is going to take everyone to get off their butts and out of their comfortable hidey holes and actually do something. Do you see this happening?

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Ok point taken....

I will stop now LOL

guess I just needed to vent


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