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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION »  Big Things Happening With Lien (s): BREAKING, from Amon

Big Things Happening With Lien (s): BREAKING, from Amon

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Big Things Happening With Lien (s): BREAKING, from Amon

By C K Rich

Thanks to The Global Voice 2012 FB


<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td class="Heading TopPadMedium BottomPadSmall" valign="bottom"> PUBLIC NOTICE A $700,000,000,000.00, (Seven</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="Notice BottomPadLarge">

$700,000,000,000.00, (Seven Hundred Billion U S Dollars) Offset Bond
Has been delivered / issued to the UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT.
Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury has taken possession of it
for the benefit of I, Phillip Vernon Crowell</td> </tr> </table>

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Appeared in: Washington Post on Wednesday, 06/27/2012


Posted on June 29, 2012 by Jean BREAKING, from Amon:

Jean, I have watched you blog from time to time and I am very
comfortable with what you do. What I am writing now may . . . be

A couple of things you should know that will be helpful to your readers, this being a first.

I was told this morning by one of my counterparts that Keenan lawsuit
has been temporarily withdrawn without prejudice. I think this was smart
of Keenan as there is an entire raft of new information that has
recently been discovered in Indonesia and this will change the structure
of the case into something ten times worse for the Cabal. There will be
additional defendants and the impact of the case will become even far
more explosive. When the withdrawal was made, Judge Furman knew it was
going to be refiled and ordered that it be heard only by him. That is
very unusual and very telling. Furman has made it clear that he has
replaced Judge Holwell to hear this case and only he will hear it. The
case will be refiled and the information it contains will shock America.


Now, here is Amon’s original comment:
The Lien document you see on Divine
Cosmos is an administrative claim that substantiates the actual Lien.
The Affidavit of Obligation that you see is merely the substantiation of
the claim the Lien is based upon and it is directed to the Feds

Allow me to explain some background here. The Keenan case started over a
theft. Stealing from Keenan was a really foolish thing to do, for
anyone who knows Keenan (I met him several months ago in China, and I
was there when he told Jay Rockefeller to take a hike in Monaco) should
have known that Keenan was never going to allow anyone to get away with
that. In the process of going after those who stole from him, Keenan met
up with Scott who has worked around these accounts for years. With
Scott comes the knowledge of the accounts. From the knowledge of Scott
and with his help,, Keenan acquired.all the books, ledgers and codes
held by those who own the gold that the Federal Reserve leases.

When the owners of the gold and the owners of the accounts that the
gold is held in (Scott knows these people and the accounts intimately)
realized that through this case they could get the Feds to pay what they
had withheld for the past eighty years, they appointed Scott and Keenan
and empowered them with full power of attorney and right of control, to
have them to recover what the Feds and the Rothschild owned Global
Central Banking system had not paid to them as was promised.

The Liens are for real. The process they are using may not be well
known to most people, but it is the most devastating process in
existence. These men know exactly what they are doing and they are being
well guided in this by Winston Shrout, a person who has been teaching
the basis of commerce and law in seminars all over the world. Everything
they do is well planned and then executed with precision.

While the Federal Reserve might argue with this, be sure that Keenan
and Scott have such a hold on this gold now that they can pull it out
from under the feet of the Feds in a heartbeat. They know how to do it.
The question now is, can the Feds now pay the back interest that is
owing. The answer to that is…of course they cannot.. The Federal reserve
at the end of the day, is just another private company and it’s debts
are NOT the debts of America.or the American taxpayer.

What we are looking at folks, is the demise of the most vile and
corrupt institution ever put on Earth, and not just because of Keenan
and Scott, but more so because of their own corruption and abuse of the
power they were given.

Amon Christenson.

When I emailed Amon privately to ask if I might post his Comment, I
also asked him, since his name is completely unknown to me, if there
anything he could/would share about himself that might help folks to
understand how he has come to this knowledge.

Here is his response to us:
I am a Guardian of the global accounts
assigned by certain National interests who are unhappy at how these
accounts have been abused and misused. My main function is to observe
and report, but never to intervene.

Over many years I have watched one man struggle to force this to the
surface. He is measured in what he does, but over a long period he has
created problems for the cabal and has suffered from all kinds of
attacks on his character, but while he is a quiet and rather reserved
man, he is as tough as as they come. To him, being listed by the cabal
as an economic terrorist, which I suppose he is as far as the cabal is
concerned. Not one of the cabal thought or dreamed that he would team up
with Keenan, and it is the teaming of these two men that has the cabal
so jittery. Keenan is incredibly aggressive, the kind that takes no
prisoners. Scott is a gentle soul, a gentleman through and through, but
he understands very well what can be done here. The shudder that went
through the cabal when they learned Scott and Keenan were together was
violently audible. They realized Scott would use the Keenan case as the
platform through which he would expose them totally. From that point on,
the cabal have thrown one offer to settle after another at Keenan, the
last being a fantastic sum of money to just go away. What they have not
yet offered is a solution to the wrongs committed by banks everyday as
they rob ordinary people.

I know Scott and have been observing him and what he did at OITC for
over 15 years. I have never met him personally and I have never spoken
directly to him. This, I can say about him. Never once did he betray the
trust placed in him and there is not one instance of fraud can be
leveled against him. I have met Keenan twice, and he is tough. This is
the kind of guy who would willingly use a baseball bat when he could not
beat you with his fists. I was a mere three or four feet away from him
in Monaco when he confronted jay Rockefeller who demanded entrance to
the meeting of Finance Ministers at the Monaco colloquium. I later met
him for an hour in China. A very tough character and very well

Scott is a friend of Winston Shrout, they met in Cambodia a few years
ago and exchanged views on many things. Each has the utmost respect for
the other and they are really the best in the world at what they do.
There is no doubt in my mind these people will win.


The complete legal document concerning the liens against the Federal Reserve:

A Former Wall Street Trader May Have Swallowed A Deadly Pill In Court
Before Dying Minutes Later – and so this part of it begins. ~J

FB Link:

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