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UFO News ~ 8/11/2015 ~ Black Disc UFO Captured Above New York and MORE

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Black Disc UFO Captured Above New York 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 02:05 PM PDT
This black disc shaped UFO has been captured flying low above New York, the mysterious object, this was recorded by Mr Boarsca and he states he films anything suspicious above New York, he stated that it wasn't a plane or helicopter.

Date - June 13th 2015

Location - New York
Glowing UFO Captured Hovering Above England, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 01:37 PM PDT
This glowing UFO has been captured flying down towards Lincolnshire then suddenly stopping and hovering motionless, this photo was snapped by the local eyewitness.

Eyewitness Testimony - 

UFO Orange Orb Spotted at Spilsby, Lincolnshire , England 20th June 2015 9:50 pm to 10:10 pm "Spotted Last Night by Myself, Sorry for the quality of the Video & bad language also, I wanted it to come closer as I knew my mobile was crap at picking up the light as well as the quality, it is all I had to film it quickly though.. The UFO was seen Twice in the space of 30 mins, the first time rose into the air & Vanished, before coming back minutes later but much closer. The UFO then hovered into the air and became stationary, it then went into a cloud and slowly dimmed.. It Created a massive Lightning storm without thunder for 3 hours. Only The tops of the Clouds where the UFO had gone were lit up in powerful bursts of electrical lightning energy.. Very Weird Evening to say the least."
Is This The Black Knight Captured Near The Moon 2015? UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 01:31 PM PDT
This black disc shaped UFO has been captured flying close to the Moon, it was spotted by Streetcap1, many have said that this could be the Black Knight..what do you think..?

Location - Earth's Moon
Latest UFO Sighting Glowing UFO Captured Above Antarctica 2015
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:23 AM PDT
UFO News Latest UFO Sightings, latest UFO sightings this glowing UFO has been captured hovering above Antarctica the unidentified craft could be seen emitting a bright white light.

Streetcap1 of Youtube was on the look out when he found this glowing orb on a live cam in Antartica. The orb closely resembles the UFO seen over Dome Of Rock in Israel back in 2011.

Date - 28th June 2015

Location - Antarctica
Cylinder UFO Captured Shooting Out Of Storm Clouds, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:22 AM PDT
UFO News Latest UFO Sightings, latest UFO sightings this glowing cylinder shaped UFO has been captured flying above Illinois, the craft could be seen quickly flying out of storm clouds.

Location - Oak Park Illinois, USA

Date - July 13th 2015

Eyewitness Testimony - 

"I was shooting video of a storm cloud emitting heat lightning from our back porch. When I viewed the photo's I saw a streak of light that I cannot explain or rationalize. I slowed the speed and showed it to friends. It was recommended that I forward his to your organization."
Huge Disc UFO's Captured Flying Near The Sun, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:21 AM PDT
Unbelievable these huge disc shaped UFO's have been captured flying close to the Sun, captured by SOHO.

Latest UFO Sightings NASA Captures Huge Disc UFO
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:21 AM PDT
UFO News Latest UFO Sightings, latest UFO sightings this huge disc shaped UFO has been captured by NASA, the unidentified craft could be seen flying close to the moon.

Location - Space
Latest UFO Sightings Cigar UFO Captured Above Kentucky
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:18 AM PDT
UFO News Latest UFO Sightings, latest UFO sightings this cigar shaped UFO has been captured flying above Kentucky. The local eyewitness saw this large black craft in the sky, this photo is what they captured.

Location - Kentucky
Black UFO Captured Above Mars Rover 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:17 AM PDT
This black UFO has been captured flying above the Mars rover 2015, the mysterious craft can be seen flying close to the object.

Street Cap Of 1 Stated - This looked like a blob until I rotated it 90 degrees, then it looked more interesting. It appears on two photos. I made the video using only one photo, but I will link both.

Thanks to:













Black UFO Seen By Fishermen In Lake Iznik, Turkey On Aug 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: Lake Iznik, Bursa, Turkey
Turkish News Source:

This UFO was seen by fishermen hiding in the reeds on the lake. The object was hiding from them. It was clearly controlled by an intelligence. It was afraid, trying to to be seen. Later as it was followed by the fishermen, it cloaked itself so they could not see it. I wonder why the UFO drone didn't cloak earlier? It's cloak may need a few minutes to start up. 
Scott C. Waring

Turkish News states:
Villagers claim to have seen a UFO at Lake Iznik. Iznik is a lake in the district of Bursa. That is where the alleged UFO was seen in the morning, by fishermen. Fehmi and his friends at Iznik lake were on their boat fishing. This morning at 6:00 am in Iznik coast guard heard a strange sound in the reeds in the village and near the fishermen. This noise is common, especially if it was a big bird trapped between the reeds. However, they quickly got up and approached it. the front of a body they never know when they saw the end on the lake. Anxious glances fly fishermen sailing under foreign body, he recorded the UFO of his mobile phone. This object was suspended in the air. It moved toward Göllüce which is the coast. Fishermen said they followed the flying object for a short period of time. They watched as the UFO was hanging in the air, then it suddenly disappeared.

See video at:




Glowing Purple UFOs Light Up Sky Over Crimea On Aug 9, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 9, 2015
Location of sighting: Sevastopol, Crimea (free from Russia)
News source:

First off, these UFOs were seen over a ocean coastal area. They probably have a base below the black sea. The large orbs seem to have the ability to separate themselves from one another and reunite again later. Although we can only see a fragment of the video, it looks and sounds authentic. I will try to get the full footage. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: (translated from Russian)
"On this day, roughly around 23 hours and 30 minutes (11:30pm) I went to water the flowers on the balcony. I saw how from the house next door, and noticed what at first thought was a satellite flying, but turned out to be a huge beautiful cluster of UFOs. In size and color reminiscent of the stars. The cluster has been stretched and moved to the south-east to south west. 

In it were about 30 UFOs, not less, " wrote Victoria. According to the woman, the cluster presents the main ship called the "Mothership." "In reviewing the captured video, we saw that it was a very dense cluster of UFOs. It moved in a band and change their positions. Then they started to rise. Instantly realizing that the cluster was leaving our field of view, my his son ran into the street. In the courtyard on a bench sat a man and a woman. They were loudly discussing incredible fact of the UFOs overhead. Over time, the UFOs began to resemble a light cloud, cobweb, as their ship "Mothership" - an ordinary star, "- said the woman. Pay attention to the video, says Victoria, the main ship captured a UFO. "Its not the stars - that's for sure. Unfortunately, the camera cannot convey the beauty of the spectacle, and the beauty is not fully included in the frame. What she saw was breathtaking. On discovering that the cluster disappeared, a man sitting on a bench in the yard, said to his companion "Come, lets go home - to prepare. And then we will arrive for them to pick us up. "After these words, they were all gone," - finished letter. What it is? Are unidentified flying object "hovering" over Sevastopol? Or was it an optical illusion?

Thanks to:

















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