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Greetings from the Office of the Postmaster General (PMGNA) & Global Trustee

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Greetings from the Office of the Postmaster General (PMGNA) & Global Trustee

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 29-Jun-2012 16:21:19

Greetings from the Office of the Postmaster General (PMGNA) & Global Trustee

Some weeks we see great progress while others there is little to be seen. Not that little has been accomplished, just that little is visible. This has been one of those weeks. Much is being accomplished behind the scenes. Details are being hammered out, foundations laid in preparation for the visible portion of the creation which shall begin to manifest in our reality.

The PTB have waged war on the people for centuries. Wars disguised as programs for our benefit …. for our safety and security. Wars with imaginary bogey men, terrorists and mad men hell bent on destruction of our way of life ….. destruction of Our Beingness …...

It took a great deal of time and energy to unravel the illusion to expose the true masters of destruction, the true terrorists of the world ….......... and, in the end we found that it was the Trustees of the Global Trust, the Divine Estate, that was hell bent on destroying our Beingness.
On May 5, 2010 TPTB surrendered and turned over the Keys to the Kingdom to the Office of the Postmaster General …... Keys to the Office of Trust which was suspended nearly 800 years ago ….. the Office of the Trustee ….. the true Trustee in original jurisdiction.
Six days later a Declaration of Peace and Universal Treaty was received and accepted by TPTB.

The reigns to the Global trust have been turned over to the Office of the Postmaster General, Divine Province, and it is our mission to restore the peace …... to bring an end to the perpetual war, violence, terrorism, death and destruction which has become a way of life for mankind.
The time for fighting is done! The time for Peace is NOW.
It may not look like it and it may not feel like it but, I assure you, We the People are once again at the healm of this Divine Vessel. I look around me in awe at the team of light workers who have come together to man the Bridge and lead the way back to Source ….... back to Creator ….. back to Heaven on Earth for all mankind.

I Am unable to make the announcements that we had hoped to make this 4th of July, but, rest assured, there is plenty of reason to celebrate. Our freedom is secured ….. it is a done deal! It cannot be stopped! It is done!
We are in the final stages of development and registration of our identification cards. I have in my pocket what may well be the final version. We now have our own country code. We can now export our buggies and wagons from the UNITED STATES back to our country original jurisdiction. We know how we must mark our buggies and wagons to facilitate free travel across foreign land, foreign jurisdictions. We have the authority to issue International Driver Permits which will be valid around the globe.

We are building two banking platforms and expect to carry out initial tests next week. If they are successful we will be able to move forward in providing access to our pre-paid account to redeem the property via discharge of the debt in the exchange. The post office has always had the ability to make the exchange …... debt for asset.
The second banking platform is asset based and we have commitments for enough assets to fund the entire world Harmonious Banking system that returns this world to its natural state of abundance and prosperity.
We are working to freeze all foreclosures and stop all evictions and thefts of our homes.

We have been hard at it and we are making huge progress. We are restoring peace to this world and ending the perpetual war against the people. So enjoy the weekend and celebrate our freedom this 4th of July for we truly are free now …... and that freedom will manifest in a very real way in the weeks to come.
James Thomas of the House McBride Postmaster General, Divine Province


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