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UFO News ~ 8/13/2015 ~ Strange Polymorphic Anomaly and MORE

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Strange Polymorphic Anomaly in the sky over Miami, Fl

Everybody knows that we are constantly immersed in a soup of microorganisms, inside us and all around us, but we can't see them, because they are very tiny, microscopic.

The fact that we cannot see them do not implies that they do not exist.

We have an intrinsic limitation in our senses that blocked us from be aware of them until somebody invented the microscope, after that we were able to know that they are thousands of different types of microorganisms, with multiple and very varied shapes, configurations, some of these shapes change like tiny amoebas.

To be able to see some of them, virus for example, electronic microscopes are needed with very powerful magnification.

Only after the invention of the microscope we were fully aware of their existence and the overwhelming influence that these very tiny living beings have for our continual survival and in all earth biosphere.

The same can be said word by word of anomalies.

The sky produce a very strong scattering of visible light, almost a third of the sun light is scattered by the atmosphere. This "simple" phenomenon has tremendous repercussions on the topic at hand.

Because of this scattering any small semi-opaque object, let’s say one meter in dimension will be invisible to our eyesight in daylight just at a few thousands of feet in altitude, if the object is smaller or more opaque it will be "invisible" even at lower altitude.

So then this "simple" phenomenon causes a very misleading impression to anybody looking up in a clear sky, the many small and not so small objects that populate our sky: bugs, birds, drones, high altitude airplanes and other things, almost all of them are "invisible" to our senses creating in us the false impression that in a blue sky when we do not see anything then nothing is up there.

That impression has been with us all the time, since the very first humans were looking at the sky.

So we have an intrinsic limitation in our senses that had blocked us from being aware of the many different objects that populate our skies.

Now you will start seeing the parallel with the microorganisms case.

But now we have a "new" instrument that allow us to bypass that limitation in our senses, like a microscope for microorganisms, and that "new" instrument allows us to "see" almost all the little objects that populate our skies.

That new instrument is a "dual optical system". A dual optical system is a combination of two independent optical parts.

At his point in time, my experience and knowledge tells me that without the use of a dual optical type system, anybody trying to observe the small objects in our sky will be very limited, it will be like using a loupe to observe microorganisms.

Now in the same way that by using microscopes a "new world" of life forms was open to our knowledge and study, by the systematic use of a dual optical system a "new world" is being opened to our observations and you will detect “new” objects that are not the standard ones that almost anybody will expect.

These new objects are what some of us call: anomalies or sky anomalies.

For example Unidentified Flying Objects forming digits 3 and 5.

These objects are "messages" in themselves and you can get a reply back from them, not using multi-million dollars Radio-Telescopes dishes, just simple mirror signals, a "low-tech" way to send signals in daylight that have been used for thousands of years, how ironic life can be!!

I always sent prime numbers mirror reflections to the "anomalies", number 3 first and then number 5, the first primer numbers after 2, well this anomaly formed these two numbers: 3 and 5. Coincidence?

If these objects have an earthly origin since they appear to be in the high level of the atmosphere then they will be all over the planet because the conditions on those high levels are almost the same in any location, now if these objects are not from earth then since the universe extend in all directions, these objects will be coming from any direction at any time.

In the same way that stars are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight any small object in the atmosphere is also masked. This masking effect is lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and even lower in the short radio wave portion, so scanning the sky in the infrared or in the short radio wave (radar) portion of the spectrum is a lot more effective than scanning the sky in visible light.

Some anomalies respond with bright flashes to direct light signals in daylight or at night.

Some anomalies had responded by morphing into digit shapes correlated to the signals sent to them.

After observing anomalies systematically the idea that they are living beings is a natural one.

The videos below show some of these amazing and surprising anomalies.

By Jeremy Thomas.
Cameras used:

1- A modified LG camera, 1/3"CCD, standard definition, with 16-160mm motorized lens and 950nm pass IR filter, USB video capture card used in a PC with iSpy. Magnification up to 26x.

2- An unmodified IP camera, 1/2.5" CCD, 5MP 2k high definition, on a 900mm Telephoto no filters. Connected to the local network and used in a PC with iSpy. Magnification: 130x

3- A SDI-HD Panasonic board camera in "prime on a Meade 1000mm short tube scope, no filters connected via coaxial cable an AJA SDI-HD video capture card on the "observing station" PC. Magnification 166x.

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Explosion Heard As UFO Seen Over Morelia, Mexico On Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: Morelia, Mexico

This glowing UFO orb is very similar to hundreds of other UFO sightings around the world. Its a fluctuating shape, like an orb made from energy with waves that move around it. You can see its a cloudy day, and this orb is in front of the clouds, not behind it. This is a UFO and can transport a person inside. If you look at it closely, enlarged, you will see that it is a octagon, not a sphere. The explosion may have been caused by the UFO buzzing near powerless and a transformer blowing up. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Our friend and colleague Claudio Mora of La Esfera Azul informs us of the following: "In the early morning hours of August 4, 2015, around 7:00 a.m., an unidentified flying object was seen and photographed - in two separate images - over the Altozano region of Morelia (Mexico). A strange, loud and long explosion was also reported, and was heard in various parts of the city."

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Red UFO Captured At Space Station 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 12:35 PM PDT
This red glowing UFO has been captured hovering near the Space Station August 2015.


Date Of Sighting - Aug 10, 2015

Location Of Sighting - Space Station

This red glowing object was captured passing the space station this week and it was moving at an incredible speed. The space station has installed this year HD seven million dollar cameras so nothing will go unnoticed.

UFO Recorded Landing On The Moon In Apollo 15 Footage, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:45 AM PDT
This disc shaped UFO has been captured hovering on the Lunar surface, many people have come forward and suggested that the crew were being observed.

Date Of Discovery - May 2015

Date Of Video - July 26, 1971 to Aug 7, 1971

Mission - Apollo 15

Location Of Discovery - Earths moon

Source 1 video archive -

Source 2, original video -

Remarkable footage has emerged of a possible flying saucer observing the Apollo 15 crew on the moon. The footage which was filmed by astronaut Jim Irwin appears to show a saucer shaped craft hovering on the lunar surface. 
Cylinder UFO Above Popocatenetl Volcano 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:45 AM PDT
This cylinder UFO has been captured hovering above the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico 2015, these photos have been taken by a live webcam.

Date Of Sighting - May 3rd, 2015

Location Of Sighting - Popocatepetl, Mexico

This large cylinder UFO was captured hovering above a volcano in Mexico and has been seen on live cam. The live cam only takes photos so we do not know if the person found the UFO on one photo or many.
Green Cylinder UFO Captured At Space Station 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:45 AM PDT
This green cylinder shaped UFO has been captured flying past the Space Station 2015, 

The cylinder shaped object was captured by live webcam, the craft can be seen slowly flying towards the station then letting of a green flash.

Date Of Sighting - May 5, 2015

Location Of Sighting - Space Station

Source - NASA Live Internet Cam
Massive Angel Shaped UFO Captured By NASA, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:44 AM PDT
This massive angel shaped UFO has been captured by NASA flying near the Sun, the unidentified craft can be seen closely resembling the typical angel shape.

Location Of Sighting - Earths Sun

Eyewitness States - 

You need to know and remember that objects and anomalies near the Sun are not recording errors are not noisy equipment and are not coronal mass ejections from the sun, or the solar wind. This is a real giant unidentified objects, which have correct geometrical shape and different sizes. 

Huge UFO's Captured By NASA 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:44 AM PDT
These huge UFO's have been captured by NASA 2015, the massive crafts looks to have a huge wingspan. and were spotted near the sun.

Date Of Sighting - May 9 2015

Location Of Sighting - Earths sun

Two more massive UFOs have been captured in SOHO image today. Streetcap1 of Youtube found these two huge crafts. What do you think they are..?
Giant Winged UFO Captured By NASA 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:44 AM PDT
This huge winged UFO has been captured flying near the Sun 2015, the most noticeable thing about this object is the extremely large wing. It was captured by SOHO satellite, these crafts have been caught making sharp turns.

Date Of Sighting - May 7, 2015 06:24

Location Of Sighting - Earths Sun
Glowing Orange UFO Captured Above Argentina 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:42 AM PDT
This glowing orange UFO has been captured flying above Argentina 2015, the unidentified craft could be seen flying fast.

Argentina: Residents of Bahía Blanca and Córdoba Witnessed UFOs in Flight

The unidentified flying objects were recorded by two men last Sunday and Monday. The videos can be seen on Youtube.

With barely 24 hours difference between them, but separated by a distance of over 800 kilometers, residents of the cities of Córdoba and Bahía Blanca claimed haing seen and recorded unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs.

In both cases, the recordings, which were made between last Sunday and Monday, show luminous objects moving in an atypical manner.

The objects - which have a neighbor's banana tree as a point of reference and the restless barking of Teddy the dog in the background, were taken in the Puerredón district by Jorge David Lazarte, who uploaded the recording to YouTube. The video shows a shining object that appears to split into three spheres, subsequently vanishing in seconds of what could be an explosion. The other video, also uploaded to YouTube, was taken by Alejandro Suárez from Bahía Blanca during the afternoon-evening of last Monday. Ti is a brilliant object that appears in the skies of this major city in Buenos Aires, from south to west.

Date of sighting: May 7 2015

Location of sighting: Cordoba and Bahia Blanca, Argentina
UFO Sightings Captured Above Canada 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:42 AM PDT
This UFO sighting has been captured above Canada, the unidentified glowing craft could be seen hovering motionless in the sky, a local eyewitness was able to take these photo's.

Date of sighting: April 30th 2015

Location of sighting: Vancouver Island, Canada
UFO Sighting Captured Above Mexican Pyramid 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 12 Aug 2015 10:42 AM PDT
There have been many UFO sightings around these pyramids lately including the grey disc shaped craft that was recently spotted. This is another sighting except this mysterious object could be seen emitting a rainbow of colours.

Date - May 3rd 2015

Location - Mexico Yucantan 

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SOHO Camera Catches Giant UFO Shooting Past With Fury Of A Thousand Rockets, Aug 4, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 4, 2015 at 7:00
Location of sighting: Earths sun
Camera: SOHO LASCO C2 

This UFO is seen at the 5 second mark in the video. This video was posted by NASA and is one of their Youtube channels. The UFO is moving at incredible fast. The photo just before it taken at 6:48 shows nothing, but at 7:00 bam! It has already shot across the sun. Not even a comet could be capable of such speed. It would take hours and even day for a comet to do this. The UFO is the small white dot ahead of the fiery trail. 

This trail is very similar to the Russian and American Rocket trails made. Its much slower than light speed, but still mind boggling. 
Scott C. Waring

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