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Anunnaki: Correlation Between the Sumerian God and the God of the Old Testament

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Anunnaki: Correlation Between the Sumerian God and the God of the Old Testament

By Alexander Light,

The only certainty we have in our lives is that we know nothing. Kind of ironic, don’t you think? We have just recently started to learn about our world and our history, yet our understanding is extremely restricted and incomplete.

One of the most puzzling aspects of our existence is the source of all life, the beginning point that led to the creations of this world and the diverse life it hosts.

Throughout history, many different religions have sprung up trying to explain the meaning of life, creating a system of morality, leading to the dogmatic nature of our belief system.

There was a time when creationist theories were dominant. Although, there have been many different versions and interpretations explaining divinity and creationism, all pretty much conformed to similar foundations.

For example, the Abrahamic religions all conform to similar beliefs with slight variations, yet all claiming to be authentic, while disproving the same foundational beliefs they are built upon.

Now creationist theories have lost their luster, and evolutionist theories are gaining more credibility. But even the modern scientific theories fail to adequately explain the missing link between our leap from homo-erectus to homo-sapiens.

Today, we have various alternative theories that attempt to explain humanity’s evolution.

The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets discovered in the 17th century provide an alternative understanding. A lot of these alternative narratives were slow to enter mainstream knowledge and thought. The main reason why certain knowledge that contradicted biblical accounts was slow to surface was due to the absolute control exerted by the Church in earlier times.

Since the Roman Catholic Church had great influence over the civilized world, they would only allow archaeological expeditions that helped perpetuate their own narrative, the narrative dictated by the canonical Bible.

The Hidden Truth

The God that the Old Testament talks about, Yahweh, is the same God or deity worshiped by the people of the Ancient Sumerian city of Ur, who was known as Enlil.

Proof of Enlil and his divine relatives can be found in the various temples from Assur to Nineveh to Ur. Enlil’s brother Enki, along with his children Innana and Nannar also had temples dedicated to them in various prominent trade and cultural centers. These higher beings are known as the Anunnaki.

The Genesis mentions them both, Enlil and Enki, along with some prehistoric tablets. These accounts dictate that these beings were involved in genetic engineering to produce workers, the Homo sapiens.

We also have historical records of a document, dating around 5,000 years ago, that provides a rather vivid account of the creation of human beings through genetic engineering.

This also helps explain the story of Noah, who according to historical accounts, was around 600 years old at the time of the flood that nearly destroyed the world.

The Bible tells us that Noah was the son of a divine being. What if this divine being was an extra-terrestrial entity – an assumption that would explain the abnormally long lifespan Noah enjoyed?

According to Mantheo, an Egyptian historian and priest, the first dynastic rulers and Egyptian gods ruled the region for about 12,300 years.

Interestingly, Sumerian texts dictate that Enki was assigned as the ruler of Egypt and Africa by Anu, his father, around 3760 BCE, the same time as the Jewish calendar starts, which also has its roots in Nippur, a Sumerian city.

According to the Sumerian culture, all aspects of their civilization were taught to them by their “Gods.” This makes sense considering their unusually detailed and accurate knowledge of Earth’s orbital plane, spherical shape, tilted axis, and the construction of the Zodiac.

However, in Middle-Age Europe, a period considered by historians to have been far more modern and scientifically advanced in comparison to the Sumerian civilization, scientists believed the Earth to be flat, whereas, Sumerians possessed advanced knowledge of mathematics, law codes, metallurgy, astronomy, had one of the most advanced alphabets and produced many inventions. Our history is clearly wrong.

All this evidence forces us to think about all of what we have been taught so far, shattering all of our beliefs and causing severe dissonance.

However, once a person is over the initial phase and simply examines the conflicting information regarding the prevailing beliefs, they acquire more clarity, as old misconceptions and fallacies are left redundant.

Without our beliefs clouding our view of the world and all of the evidence pointing towards an alternative truth, we are forced to look at history all over again and discover the influence of the Anunnaki.

History is wrong

All of the evidence that we have, correlates the Sumerian god with the God of the Old Testament. For example, Enlil, the Sumerian God of Storm highly resembles the Wrathful and vengeful God in the Old Testament.

The primary reason for this information not being part of the mainstream is due to the influence exerted by the dominant ruling powers or superpower on our mainstream culture.

Consequently, those who have ever ventured away from the mainstream religious teachings, have been considered as deviants and labeled with derogatory terms such as occultists or pagans. This results in the rejection of new ideas by the mainstream society and the polarization prevents people from seeking or advocating for the truth.

The perfect example of the ruling party narrating their version of truth is present not only in our history but also in present time.

Let’s examine the cradle of civilization, the Middle East, where all three dominant religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were born.

Since the Middle Ages, these three religious factions have been involved in a perpetual war in the same region as the ancient land of Canaan. All of these religious factions originate from Sumer.

The devotees of Yahweh or, originally, Enlil, still find themselves in conflict with the followers of Enki. The current conflicts in Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other surrounding countries seem to be linked with the past wars that took place in the same region between the Gods, Enlil and Enki and their respective offsprings.

In other words, the violent conflicts that we are witnessing today, are the same, never ending, wars for supremacy of the Anunnaki.

According to leading Sumerologists, the term Anunnaki is interpreted as “those who descended from the heaven to earth.” An important point to note is the word heaven, which is used to refer to the planet of origin for the Anunnaki.

Their home planet was called Nibiru, which is explained in the book, “The 12th Planet” by the renowned author, Zecharia Sitchin.

Biblical Reference of Nibiru

The planet Nibiru has been frequently associated with the term Heaven, as used in the Bible. This little detail is of particular importance when re-examining religious prayers such as “Our father who art in heaven”, which provides us with a whole new perspective on who this father is and what heaven truly refers to.

Hence, we find the correlation between many Biblical prayers and its origination from Anu’s children who ruled the earth as Gods.

According to Sitchin, the reason for Anunnaki’s departure from their home planet to earth is because of its location, which lies beyond Pluto and is entrapped in a 3,600 year long retrograde elliptical orbit around the center of our galaxy, the sun.

Nibiru’s location is dictated by Sumerian maps, which was consolidated when Dr. Harrington discovered a large planet and conveyed his discovery in reports from the 1983 IRAS Naval Observatory.

The planet was found in the same region dictated by Sumerian accounts. Meaning, the planet that is home to the Anunnaki is real and inbound to perihelion, a point in orbit that is closest to the sun, around 1,400 years from now.

There are many dwarf planetary bodies that we do not consider as planets due to their size. They do not receive the necessary solar radiation to maintain habitable surface temperatures.

Because of this, life on this alien planet could only be sustained artificially, through technology that is unknown to us, or some other natural phenomena, such as steam that is released from geothermal heat.

According to Sitchin’s research and translations on the history time line, around 450,000 years ago, Nibiru’s environment was reaching extinction levels, especially when it was nearest to the sun.

The need to look for another habitable planet, led the leaders of the planet to travel inwards, where they found Earth, which was not only the perfect environment for life but also rich in many resources such as Gold.

Due to the superior technology possessed by the Anunnaki, they could use our planet's gold reserves in an attempt to save their own civilization, by dispersing ionized particles of gold dust into their planet’s atmosphere.

As a result, Anu and his two sons, Enlil and Enki, came to our planet to mine for gold. Anu put Enki in charge of Earth's excavation operations.

However, due to Niburian inheritance laws, the elder son is the rightful heir to the throne. Enlil was the eldest son of Anu and Anu’s sister (hence of royal blood), whereas, Enki, was the younger son of a non royal mother.

Anu's decision to put Enki in charge of Earth's mining operations, resulted in a fierce rivalry between the two brothers.

Once the Anunnaki arrived on Earth, Anu divided and assigned various locations for mining operations. Enki was assigned Africa, Enlil was in charge of Mesopotamia, and Inanna, his granddaughter, was responsible for the Indus Valley region.

All of this was finalized in 3760 BCE, hence, the significance of the date.

The labor was conducted by subservient workers, known as Igigi or the Watchers. These workers worked hard under slave-like conditions for some time but, overtime grew disillusioned by the perpetuity of their situation and revolted against the Anunnaki.

In order to acquire labor, the Anunnaki resorted to genetic engineering, which resulted in a new species and a primitive worker, the Homo-sapiens.

To be continued...

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