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UFO News ~ 8/19/2015 ~ UFO Floats In And Out Of Erupting Volcano On Ecuador and MORE

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UFO Floats In And Out Of Erupting Volcano On Ecuador, Aug 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 15, 2015
Location of sighting: Volcano Cotopaxi, Ecuador

This guy is so busy trying to spread his message that he doesn't even notice the UFO buzzing around. The UFO pops out of the clouds and takes a look around, before hiding back inside the plume of smoke.

UFOs are often entering and exiting volcanos. Long ago, when aliens came, they tried to pick a location for their base that would be inaccessible to humans. This way they could come and go as they please. No with digital video, live cams are on most volcanos in the world, catching these UFOs. 

Sure they mind their own business and try to stay out of the way, but I would really like to meet them. I have a load of questions that need some answers. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
Are you serious?




The Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber Had UFOs Shooting All Around It, video, Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: Southwick, 
News source:

I found a video of the last flight of the Vulcan XH558 Bomber, and at the 2:09 mark, I saw a black UFO shoot past. There are a few others in this video. They shoot past really close, and very high speed, so you will have to pause every few seconds to catch them. Why wouldn't they want to see the last Vulcan fly? This is a historical moment, the last time in Earths history that this plane will every fly. Can you blame aliens for wanting to see aviation history. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Elaine Costello captured the image on Saturday afternoon, just moments after the decommissioned military jet passed overhead.It shows a small, black object, speeding through the sky, close to the Shoreham Power Station, in Southwick. Elaine said: “The object appears right after the Vulcan bomber has gone out of sight. It flits from the left of the screen to the centre where the video ends. “I have slowed the video down and the object goes behind cloud briefly. I took stills from the video and zoomed in. The results are interesting. At least one other person saw the object.” The images have since been shown to one of Sussex’s top UFO and paranormal investigators, who was ‘excited’ by the footage. Malcolm Robinson, is the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, and has spoken about UFO phenomena at conventions across the globe. Mr Robinson, who lives in Hastings, East Sussex, said that 95 per cent of all UFO reports turn out to have ‘natural explanations’. He claimed that about four per cent of the reports could be accredited to a combination of ‘black budget’ stealth aircraft and rare, atmospheric phenomenon. “The one per cent that remain, is for me, personally something which is not of this world,” he said, “The weight of evidence that I and others have gathered over the years clearly show that we are dealing with a very real and bona fide phenomenon.” Speaking of the image captured by Elaine, he said: “It certainly has the classic flying saucer shape although that in itself does not mean that it lends any credibility. “Photographs of this nature normally show birds frozen in flight by the camera or a small insect close to the lens of the camera. But as the photographer filmed this as a pan then this certainly makes it far more interesting to me.” He questioned whether the image could have captured a unmanned aerial vehicle or drone. He added that the claim there were other witnesses to the incident was ‘equally interesting’. “This for me, is one of the few times that a photograph have excited me and I would love to enquire more from the photographer,” he said. Mr Robinson has appeared in numerous newspaper and radio interviews.

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UFO buzzed a vintage B-25 Mitchell bomber as it approached for landing in Santa Margarita, CA
18 August, 2015 / in Daytime Sightings, UFOs, w/ Photo

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 05/24/2015

Case File Details

UFO buzzed a vintage B-25 Mitchell bomber as it approached for landing
The following was submitted to MUFON, and is archived here for reference and research:
An event held on May 25 at the Santa Margarita featured a B-25 Mitchell bomber, which offered rides to the public from the private strip on the ranch.
While working in my front yard I saw the B-25 flying just above the oak trees heading north before making a turn towards the south and proceeding on to the runway for landing.
As the plane passed me I took my Samsung Galaxy phone and began taking a few pictures.
As I did I saw something streak past the plane heading west as the plane headed north. I quickly lost sight of the object as my attention was focused on the plane.
When I looked at my pictures I saw that the object was captured in one of the photos.
I can not identify the object and I am forwarding this report to you for your files.

More at:






lear Disc UFO Caught Above Argentina 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:38 AM PDT
This clear disc shaped UFO has been caught flying above Argentina 2015, the unidentified object was captured by a group of workers.

Date Of Sighting - Jan 25, 2015

Location - San Juan, Argentina

"A group of workers on their way to the Ullum Hydrolectric Plant in San Juan, Argentina were startled by a strange presence in the sky. One of them reached for his camera and managed to photograph the alleged apparition. The witnesses claim the object was moving, yet suspended in mid-air."
Cylinder UFO Spotted Above Phoenix Arizona 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:38 AM PDT
This glowing cylinder UFO has been spotted hovering above Phoenix Arizona 2015, the eyewitness stated they spotted the glowing lights in the sky and could not identify what it was.

Date Of Sighting - Feb 2, 2015

Location - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
UFO Captured Flying Past The Moon 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:38 AM PDT
This mysterious shaped UFO has been captured flying past the surface of the moon, it was captured by a eyewitness who stated that they have no idea what the object was.

Date Of Sighting - Feb 15, 2015

Location - Earths moon

Eyewitness Testimony

"In this photo I was able to capture this mysterious UFO. Bear in mind I have frozen the object in space - blurry and jumpy frames give the illusion of morphing. This is not the case as is seen in the original footage."
Fossilized Dinosaur Skull Spotted On Mars 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:38 AM PDT
This fossilized dinosaur skull has been spotted on Mars 2015, many people have stated that the skull has lots of teeth.

Date Of Discovery - February 2015

Location - Mars

This is a strange one, but the thing is you really have to look carefully at the photo to see what really is there. Look closely and you will see there is a nostril area, lower jaw area and jaw hinge area as well. There are also teeth.
Cylinder UFO Captured Above Popocatepetl 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:37 AM PDT
This cylinder shaped UFO has been captured hovering above the Popocatepetl volcano 2015, so many mysterious lights and unidentified crafts have been spotted above the volcano lately.

Date Of Sighting - Feb 15, 2015 

Location - Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico

Actual photo
Mysterious UFO Captured Above Italy 2015, UFO Sighting News
Posted: 18 Aug 2015 10:36 AM PDT
This mysterious shaped UFO has been captured hovering above Italy 2015, the unidentified craft could be seen hovering above houses.

Date - February 23, 2015

Location - Mercogliano, Italy

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UFO Sightings Daily







UFO Near Clouds Confuses Man Who Tries To Keep An Eye On It, Plymouth, England, Aug 18, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 18, 2015
Location of sighting: Plymouth, England

I took this screenshot above at the 6-8 second mark. The UFO is there. It has a raised center with a pole coming out of it. This is cake pan shaped, and the rise pole at its top center is the waveguide pole, as Dr. Bob Lazar would call it. Its the part responsible for steering the craft.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Remember I do not live a major flight path, except for chem planes and I now know why ufo videos are very shaky cause you need a tripod for tight zoom to be any good.

Thanks to:














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