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June 29, 2012

Dear ones,
We come to you this day, June 29, 2012 with a great message of hope!
We are the bringers of the dawn and the family of light.
We are your family and we love you!

We have watched over you throughout the ages not interfering with your evolution!

We have indeed intervened to avoid destruction of earth and its
people and to ensure the great foretold ascension goes smoothly! It’s
going to happen and you can help it go smoothly!

A few earth years ago was a great call sent out by GAIA to this
galaxy and beyond! She had become very sick due to harmful actions of
the corporate cabal. She is resilient and this great sentient being
still sustains all life on earth regardless! This is her love for you!

A date and time was set in the stars eons ago for SOPHIA-GAIA to
ascend from this realm and return to the great central sun where the
AEONS walk.
This date and time is recorded in the living library and is shown by all ancient indigenous calendars.

You have seen the numbers 0, 1 and 2 over and over! These are
trigger numbers that active the firing of the DNA which active the light
12 [13] strands of DNA are currently being activated and plugged
into the chakras in and surround the bodies in all sentient life on

These numbers were set in the great stone of the sun as a time-encoded trigger for the light body to be fully activated!

The earth and most of its beings will ascend to the 5th dimension as scheduled on the date 12-21-2012 at 11:11am.

The archons have hated this date for millennia because they know it
is there end date! They have done everything they could to cover it up
and hide it from you! We have helped you remember it!

All archontic clones will be completely cleared from the earth grid by
12-21-2012 at 11:11am. This date and time were encoded by the great
keepers of time. The actual archons (reptilians, greys, dracos, and
other hostile races) have already been cleared from this galactic
quadrant. All that is left are the clones of these entities. They have
no soul and are not sentient. They are your cabal and the ones hell-bent
on destroying earth and its beings and to stopping you!
We have decided recently to deviate from the prime directive for
your good cause and while not jumping in until absolutely necessary we
will stop these cyborg-clones from stopping you!

This is assured!
We have technology unimaginable to earth humans that makes all
things possible! We are the creators of worlds and soon you will see
that you are us! We are not aliens but we are human just like you! We
are you from a higher dimension! We have come to meet you!

You were with us in the beginning when we created earth and you
voluntarily chose to come back here in this earth time in the body to
help Gaia and its peoples makes their ascension! This is what you have
been up to! You know truth!

This is the great time of mankind’s freedom from tyranny!

We stand by with the Andromedeans cloaked in your skies in great
ships and power to support you and ensure that your transition to
freedom goes well!
Yes the prime directive has been over-ridden for your sake because
what you are overcoming this day on earth had not been done in this
galaxy! It is priority number one in the universe! It is your great time
and you know this inside! It is time for you to break free from these
lower realms that have bound you!
You have raised yourselves to a vibrational level now where you can join with us for your next level of evolution!

What you are doing today takes universal priority over all things!
That is why we are here watching and waiting above and below for your sake! Do not be afraid, dear ones! Fear nothing!

All good will prevail and your ascension to a new earth is the greatest thing we have seen.

We will do whatever it takes to make sure this transpires in the safest way for all involved possible.

Listen now dear ones:
You are divine creator beings and part of our family! We from Erra
and Taurus were here in the beginning when this planet was assembled!
Can you remember it?

Here is what is happening now:
All that you have heard from our earth allies is true and is
happening now! The first green light was given with a waiting period to
see how many would react! We have seen that more reacted with faith and
in a positive way than not! This was good enough to proceed to a second
green light which was given today!

Many good leaders and forces on earth and from above and below are
working today in stealth to clear out all archontic clones (the
now-cabal). These beings are intent on chaos and destruction!

Since a green light was given by one of our contacts and earth
allies many involved became ecstatic as did we! The news went viral

Now here is the important thing we want you to know.
A great battle is ensuing on earth and from above and below earth
today. It is mostly hidden from the public for a good purpose. All
infrastructures must stay intact during this transition and mass chaos,
rioting or violence will not be allowed to transpire during this

Considering the prime directive and other factors, our plans and
levels of intervention change according to what you do. Know that you
are not waiting on us, you are waiting on you and we are waiting on you!
We knew that you would rise to the occasion and do the work of
saving GAIA and it’s people and you have and will continue! We have seen
this in you great ones!

This day and night and weekend we the people of earth, the
patriots, sovereigns, the militia, occupy, good earth leaders and
positive military forces, anonymous, all light workers, ascended masters
and many other freedom groups will join forces to free GAIA and it’s
people from all archontic tyranny!

Today, finally you will begin to see the fruits of labors from 300,000 years of the control of the earth and its people.

These archons beat us out in those days for the control of earth,
enslaved its people until this day! We are back with other ascended
light beings and we are a million times more evolved and we stand with
you in clearing the darkness from this galaxy! We will win the day!

Know that these archons are mind-lie-parasites that have infected
most of your race on earth! They are the annu that say they tampered
with your DNA. This is not so! It is a lie! Your DNA is tamperproof!
They are the muted bloodlines that believe in these ancient liars!
These archons have been your authorities and the gods of your
religions. There is a prime creator source and it is all that is it is!
It is not the god of any religion! It is the entirety of all universes!
You will learn that you need no authorities or false gods but
yourself! This is the real truth! We have intervened to help you see
this! This is true sovereignty!

Here now is information you need to know and instructions given by
the high council on what you can do to help this great effort:

There is the game that is being played on you by these archontic clones.
It is not a new game! It’s the same old game!
It is a back and forth game like most games!
It is a game of vibrational war!
This is the back and forth fame of energy exchange!
Most do not know this game is being played!
We are here to quickly show you the rules of the game!
We are in the last quarter and the last minutes of the game and we
are down a few points but we will win the game. This is known!

We want to give you the advantage in this game so you can finish your mission to free earth and its people.
Here is the advantage to your team of light:
First know that you are in a game of war for earth!
Know that the game has been escalated!
The other team uses weapons in the game called lies to provoke a fear reaction!
The archons masquerade as authorities and gods and are public liars
that control earth beings by getting you to react through fear!

Yes know the other team (the archon-false-authority-nwo-clones) and
their game strategy, but don’t get too absorbed or focused in their
part of the game.
They want to wear you down by stealing your energy and causing you
to give in and give up in despair and hopelessness! This is the greatest
lie that is bought by the people!
The other team knows that emotional energy creates everything! This
is their great guarded secret that has been held by their societies in
the dark that you now know!
This is their feeding off (stealing) of your energy!
This beast feeds off of negative energy of sentient beings!
It cannot survive one more day otherwise!
They initiate plays in the game and deploy actions to incite a
negative reaction and put fear in the people to keep things created
where they are in control where the people lose!
The people’s buttons get pushed can cause negative re-actions to
the news stories and orchestrated world events and the negative energy
is fed back into the holographic 3d world-reality-matrix-system and
keeps it created!
The archons use the people’s energy to create the fictional corporate matrix!
We say with you, no more!
Fear or ignorance is the two ways they can get the people to react negatively!
All man-made archontic systems such as politics, religion,
education, and main stream media as the primary medium to transmit to
implant this lie-parasite into the people of earth’s minds.
They also use dis-info agents such as trolls and shills to provoke
you and the threat of deadly force to put the ultimate fear in your
Some of the ploys and tactical operations executed on the people by
the archontic dark team are diversion, shock, and false emergency and

Expect a provoking move from the dark team!
Know that it is a ploy-lie orchestrated to provoke a negative reaction from you to feed the beast!
Stop feeding the beast!

This parasite must be completely removed from the earth quadrant and is being removed as we speak!
It is removed primarily by having no authorities, saviors or gods
to fear or bow to and by realizing that you are God and the authority!
This is sovereignty as we said! You are the savior of earth! This is truth!
We say no more control over you creator gods! Realize who you are
and what power you have! You have the power to do all things and there
is no one over you anywhere in the universe! This is the ultimate truth!
You are the creators of earth by your emotional energy vibrations!
What you focus on is the reality that is created! This is universal directive and law!
What we send out vibrationally is what is created on any level!
The only possible way to end the negativity of this world is to stop focusing on it!
We will create the outcome we want!
The way to win the game is to no give the other team the reaction they want! It is critical today that you understand this!
Also notice another ploy of the archons, making you wait!
What happens when people sit and wait?
They time to sit and think and this can be dangerous!
This is where mind-worry starts.

Since you are creator gods and since you understand the great law
of attraction that says what you give is what you get and what you put
your focus on creates this realm.
Know that the outcome of what happens in regards to the freedom of
earth and its people is 100% a product of the energy earth beings
Since the majority of 7 billion plus beings look out every day and
see matrix-lies and negativity and then react to it! They then project
this negative reaction emotional energy back into the matrix keeping it
created in a negative fashion and the game continues as usual!

Now listen, dear ones:
If you will notice, the cabal always throws out a negative news
story or creates and event to cause a negative emotion which causes a
negative reaction in the people which causes more negative in the game!
We have seen the people fall for this time after time!
We have been watched and participated in small ways with several
recent freedom efforts on earth and we have seen that this
lie-game-trick happen to the people over and over and the people always
fall behind!
It happened with the republic.
It happened with occupy.
We have seen it happening again over the last few days since our earth ally setup a green light situation for you!
We break this loop today!
Learn to keep your energy! Learn to project only light and high vibrations back into the game!

Stop the provocation-reaction loop today!
We are helping you do this!
We will help you remove the cabal as you step forward to do it yourself!
Just watch for the bait and don’t get hooked by it again!
Positive or neutral emotional reactions to the other teams play stops the matrix loop program!
Truth love and light are your weapons and destroys the dark team!
They cannot play the game in the light and they will leave the court!
They will be dissolved into your light forevermore and the game is over!
Make a conscious effort to react positively to what you see and here!
Only see and hear good in the world! This is not a denial but a change of focus and perception!
What you focus on is!
What you do not focus on is not!
This is the basics of quantum creation.
It’s how you create!

Don’t be surprised by what you see or hear!
Only respond with love and light and truth!
Respond positively with understanding and light!
Positive or neutral emotional reactions stop the matrix loop program!
Do not give them the reaction they want, this is the secret to winning this game and ending it!

You hold all the power not to feed this back into this matrix-world which will cause the real world (5d-heaven) to appear.
You hold the seat of power and are fully in control of all of this!
This should give you hope! You are being used to create the hell on
earth game and you have played your part! Now you will change your game
You have the power to act and react positively and with love!

Some of these positive reactions might be to counter it with Love
Humor Faith Peace Joy Freedom Patience No reaction, be neutral Change
focus to something that raises your vibes!

This is simply a vibrational (game-war) and is about your correct emotional reactions. This is the ascension!
Do you understand now?

Here is hope and strength for Earth beings What do you have in your favor?
Unlimited internal power
We the people
Many freedom groups and lightworkers combining energies and positive focus and mediations!
The republic military
Many in high places on earth even in the government that have seen the light recently and are ascending rapidly!
Incoming energy form the galactic core
Our help from above and below!
Here are some key questions you must answer!
How then do you react positively to a severe negative situation that threatens sentient life?
How could you react positively if the other team declares martial tomorrow?
How could you react positively if the archons (false-cabal-public
authorities) started shooting or killing or imprisoning earth beings?
How could you react positively if this comes down to a world war of
the people vs. the archons (cabal) with their corporate military police
and trained killers?

Here is the answer for you!
It is known that earth’s military is composed of living beings not
corporations and most would defect and like most earth beings would ban
together and fight back against the cabal as they are fully prepared to
do so now!
If this battle were to happen it would be we the people with their
trained militia plus positive military and corporate military defects
plus several groups of ET’s cloaked in the outer atmosphere of earth vs a
few cyborgs! They few would not have a chance and the battle would be
very short and decisive!
We the Pleiadians the Andromedeans on standby have technology
millions of years ahead of earth’s technology that can disarm any weapon
on earth easily, not to mention we could disintegrate any threat of any
size to earth and its people with precision down to the Nano-level.
We don’t miss if we shoot! We do not wish to deploy such technology
but have the green light to disarm all threats over the coming days!
Will earth beings or other involved benevolent ET beings be forced
take up arms and fight a physical fire-fight for the freedom of earth?
No! Absolutely not! It is not required and that is why we are here
standing by because we will not allow an all-out physical war that could
destroy Gaia and its people at this great time!
It is not allowed and will not happen!
So the good news is it is known that we won’t have too and neither will you!
We want to make it very clear that violence is only to be used
in-self-defense of the extinguishment of sentient earth beings and only
as a last resort!
So is self-defense of sentient life right or wrong?
It depends on the level you look at it from.
In the sentient animal life species of earth it is natural and right!

From our perspective in light of the current critical destructive situation on Gaia it is right!
From Gaia’s current position it is right!
From most earth being’s perspective it is right!
On earth now in this time and in most universal quadrants, yes it is, absolutely it is right!
Defend sentient life if threatened!
That is the whole point of why we are here now!
Both the earth and its beings are currently under the threat of deadly force!
Again, the extinction earth or of mass human life on earth will not be allowed to happen This is assured!
It is also assured the tyranny of earth ends now!
This lesson in this time will not be required to be learned!
The ascension of earth and its beings and the critical condition of
Gaia and its peoples freedom is universal priority #1 at this time! Be

Soon we will teach you that from the absolute sublime higher realm;
highly evolved beings will give you their body if you demand it!
They do not fear authority or even death because they know they are not bodies but eternal consciousness!
Also consider that all beings have a free will to defend themselves and to kill or not.
Most importantly know that what you do shall be done to you!

This is not understood by most earth beings and again we say this
is not required to be understood or adhered to at this time in your
history due to what is happening with the ascension of earth and the
evolution of its beings to the next dimension. Yes you are mostly
through the 4th[5th] dimension now!

We want to encourage you to have faith in what is happening, to
trust in good and know that all is as it should be and you will make it
thought this will little disruption!

Store up some items for minor inconveniences and for no longer than 30 days, but do not worry about major survival!

All major infrastructure will stay in place and most people won’t
notice the transition because this is the way it has been planned!
As one earth ally said, “sit back and relax enjoy the fireworks on the 4th of July!
Do not fear and work on building community as our earth allies have instructed!
Keep doing your personal inner work and clearing personal karma!
Do not stop, don’t back down and don’t give up!

The Independence Day movie ends they tell the whole world how to take down the enemy using a virus!
This virus this time is understanding, knowledge, truth, love and light!

Inject this vibration into the harmful false matrix-lie system and bring it down!

The same matrix we have been used to create, can be un-created by doing the opposite!

What you do not focus on does not exist! Can you understand this?

The Independence Day movie is based truth! It is a reality that
would have happened and the archons on those ships would have destroyed
earth and its people externally let alone internally and on the surface
of earth!
Know that all archons have been cleared from the physical and non-physical quadrants.

Only non-sentient cloned bloodline mutants are left.
Know that these cloned-cabal remains are being removed as we speak!
Help others not be fooled into reacting negatively!
Question everything you think you know because the archons gave you most of it and it is not so! Wake up others to real truth!

“We will not go gently into that good night!”

Read this communication again and know how to win the battle for earth as we explained above.
Spread this good news with others and tell them how to bring these sons-a bitches down!
This will be a fourth of July to remember for time eternal!
Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind ~MICAH

you are love, you are loved, and I love you

Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:19 PM

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Bravo!!! Excellent post!

It is time to STOP Whispering and START SHOUTING!!!



Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Oh, Purpleskyz, you are so right! BRAVO!!! Indeed.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Glad you liked it Ladies! ☀

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