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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Company » Corey Goode ~ Gonzales Meets with Breakaway Groups - Update Coming Soon, Avoiding Disinfo Traps Via Personal Research & Discernment | GoodETxSG

Corey Goode ~ Gonzales Meets with Breakaway Groups - Update Coming Soon, Avoiding Disinfo Traps Via Personal Research & Discernment | GoodETxSG

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 Saturday, August 22, 2015  

Gonzales Meets with Breakaway Groups - Update Coming Soon, Avoiding Disinfo Traps Via Personal Research & Discernment | GoodETxSG

Corey addresses some of the 'pillars of light' phenomenon, bringing discernment and investigation to the forefront. I was really impressed by the responses and level of critical thinking in the commentary. There is also a brief update regarding Gonzales' recent meeting with several breakaway civilizations which have apparently formed partnerships. And much more. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here:

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

- Justin

Facebook Update (August 18th 8:30am):

Click Here to view photo album.

Sphere Being Alliance Keep your eyes open people. The pillar of light phenomenon is occurring again. It is nothing to be afraid of. This appears to be related to the changing of resonance of the Earth and to help it transition into a higher density in a less violent manner (EQ's/Physical Pole Reversals etc...). 

[Corey provided an explanation of the phenomenon presuming it is authentic. I doubt he was implying that all images with 'pillars of light' are genuine or related to the phenomenon. As we'll see below some of these 'pillars of light' are a photographic effect using a rolling shutter.]

The shadow wars between the cabal have heated up as well as the battle between Earth Alliance groups that have been infiltrated by the cabal and are now fighting over the financial system. There is much more going on in Asia than has been reported and there has been far more destruction in certain events than has been reported. There is heavy use of Energetic Weather and Earth Quake (EQ) technologies/weapons (Ground & Space based) as well as the use of the very few space based weapons in control of these groups (Low Earth Orbit weapons from the SDI/Star Wars Era).

[There was a massive explosion in Tianjin, China this past week. The media is reporting it as a warehouse fire, but it has been claimed by several that something more insidious is at work. Natural News received insider intel discussing the use of space based weapons. Read more about that here:

Related BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation | Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing

Benjamin Fulford produced an update today stating it was an electromagnetic weapon. Read more about that here:

Related SPECIAL REPORT | Benjamin Fulford - August 20th 2015: News update China blast linked to cyber-warfare

At this point there are many theories and not much evidence to work with, but the explosion size and secondary magnitude does seem to suggest something more then a warehouse fire. And then there's this before and after shot, which from my point of view doesn't seem to have a warehouse at the epicenter. What do you think?]

Click image to expand. Open in new tab to magnify. 
Notice when these groups attempt to make good on their threat to bringing war and strife to the surface of the planet the Sphere Alliance makes a peaceful counter move that is helping change the harmonics of our planet. 

The Draco Royals and Committee of 200 Chairmen are trying their best to make good on their threats after their deal of clemency was denied.

These groups are being so reactionary right now they do not realize that they are hastening their own exposure and end with each and every action they take.

Stay tuned for more information, I have a meeting tomorrow morning (early morning as usual) where I will receive more detailed information on recent events.


Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Previous scientific explanation of clear blue sky and naked eye sightings: "Ice Crystals": 

Light pillars

Columns of light apparently beaming directly upwards from unshielded (and wastefully polluting) lights are sometimes visible during very cold weather. Plate shaped ice crystals, normally only present in high clouds, float in the air close to the ground and their horizontal facets reflect light back downwards.

The pillars are not physically over the lights or anywhere else in space for that matter ~ like all halos they are purely the collected light beams from all the millions of crystals which just happen to be reflecting light towards your eyes or camera.

Artificial light pillars can be much taller than their natural counterparts because rays from the lights are not parallel and plate crystals with small tilts can still reflect them downwards. The crystals producing the pillars are roughly halfway between you and the lights.

When ice crystals float in the air around you, pillars (and other halos) can even be seen around streetlights a few metres away.

Multicoloured pillars from low level ice crystals reflecting artificial lights. Shaun Lowe (more of his images) saw these near Bedford Nova Scotia on December '02. ©2002 Shaun Lowe
Unlike the crystals producing sun pillars, those making tall artificial light pillars need not be strongly tilted. The column producing pillars are approximately midway between the eye and the light source. The higher the crystals in the atmosphere, the taller is the pillar. When the crystals are very high - or the light sources are close - the pillars seem to radiate from overhead, the zenith. 
[Julian is a photographer, and noticed that it is possible to create the 'pillar of light' effect, using a rolling shutter artifact when photographing lightning. The following article details how this works. Note: I saw a lot of comments about the metabunk website being disinfo. We have not personally reviewed every article, but the following describing a rolling shutter artifact seems valid based on our investigation of it. Julian was able to capture the exact same effect during a movie filming we did in 2011, meaning that it is a valid camera effect. We should be careful how we paint others with the 'disinfo' brush, especially if we have not fully investigated all aspects of what is shared.]

Solved: Strange Beam of Light over Mayan Temple and Florida [Lightning + Rolling Shutter Artifact]

The above images are examples of a rolling shutter artifact. A "rolling shutter" means that the image is recorded one row (or column in portrait orientation) at a time, and not simultaneously. This means if the exposure and the flash are of very short duration, then the flash will only illuminate some pixel row (or columns) of the image. Slowed down it looks a bit like this:

The green rectangle is the rolling shutter window - what the camera sees of the scene at any one time, and it builds up the actual photo by reading from this rectangle. The flash of lighting is very short, but still lights up all the pixels in the rolling shutter window, causing the "beam". (note this image is in landscape for illustrative purposes - normally the camera would scan a landscape image from top to bottom).

Here's what's going on in the first image. Notice the beam also shows up in the reflection.

And with the Mayan temple, the lighting is behind the temple, so it only lights up the sky, and not the temple itself. So it looks like the "beam" goes behind the temple.

This can be replicated with a flash set to strobe, and taking lots of photos or video with an iPhone:

The fact that the "beam" can go "behind" the clouds can seem confusing in a still image. But it's really just that the lightning is behind the clouds, and they are thick enough to block the light. I simulated a similar effect using the flash and a foam pool toy. If the flash is in front of the toy then it illuminates it, and you get the stripe across the toy. If the flash is moved behind the toy, then the toy is not illuminated, so the "beam" (the stripe of the image) looks like it's going behind the toy.


[The preceding explanation is for cameras only, meaning if you were to see one with the naked eye, the explanation would no longer 'debunk' the phenomenon.]

Corey's Responses to this article:

Sphere Being Alliance Just as some orbs are camera artifacts so are some light pillars I am sure. This does not explain why/how people are seeing these light pillars with their naked eyes and then taking video and photo's of them. The PTB first put out articles saying they were caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere when people were reporting seeing them with the naked eye and some of these pillars were video'd and photographed from different directions by various people all seeing the same phenomenon often in the clear blue sky... Those videos and images have been pulled as fast as they are posted and the only ones left up are the ones with clouds in the bk ground to back up the ice crystal article put out when this occurred last time. There are quite a lot of images of camera artifacts of this type and of orbs that people do not see with the naked eye and only see on the image after the photo is reviewed later. Taking a photo of something you see before hand rules out a camera artifact. But this goes to show that any photo/video evidence that anyone puts forward can be debunked quickly by TPTB or skeptics. Nothing but a personal experience will suffice for most people. There will be a global event where every eye shall see and every ear shall hear (Not to sound Biblical).

Sphere Being Alliance I am not basing my report on these photo's only. There are reports of people seeing these events with their naked eyes in clear blue skies in different regions of the the planet including fishermen in the middle of the ocean. During the last round of events there were images shown to me of these light pillars from outer space that were miles wide reaching down to the Earth. Like I stated, there are camera artifacts that produce some of the orb photos people send and pillars of light that people take that they didn't see until after the photo was reviewed later. This does not explain the naked eye sightings in blue skies.

Comment about cameras:

Also, it is uncommon for point and shoot digital cameras to have shutters, they simply have an on/off signal that is sent to the charged coupling device (CCD) behind the lens.

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance Good point and many of the orb photos are lens artifacts of dust particles caught out of focus. I am more interested in photo's or situations where people saw the object/incident with their naked eye prior to the photo being taken. They see something unusual and photograph it and not photograph a landscape and then find later blurry objects or unknown objects in the photo (Though this does happen).

Sphere Being Alliance The scientific explanations of Naked Eye sightings in clear blue skies (Ice Crystals), Always a scientific explanation for everything right? Seeing images of these light pillars in space (no atmosphere) down to the Earth and the reports of frightened fishermen of the coast of Alaska in clear blue skies (No photos, just reports) were shown in the Smart Glass Pad along with the data of a quick campaign to cover up the sightings - 

Sphere Being Alliance I shared this as first hand info months ago. I saw the smart glass pad reports and images and was told by the Sphere Alliance that they (The spheres) were responsible for beaming columns of light energy to various points of the Earth. It is all in previous testimony...

[From this statement it seems Corey is saying the pillar of light intel he is receiving is from the SSP Alliance, not from an article online or other second hand source.]

Thanks to:





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