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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » SCIENCE » Researchers create a “wormhole” that makes the magnetic field INVISIBLE

Researchers create a “wormhole” that makes the magnetic field INVISIBLE

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Researchers create a “wormhole” that makes the magnetic field INVISIBLE

  • This “device” is capable of making magnetic fields invisible
  • The device is able to produce an illusion that a magnetic field has literally “tunneled” through space

Several physicists, including Spanish scientist Jordi Prat-Camps have created, inside their laboratory a “wormhole” that is capable of making the magnetic field invisible through space.

It was Albert Einstein who first believed it possible

The idea of creating a “wormhole” comes for the great Albert Einstein. In 1935, Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen realized that the general theory of relativity allowed the existence of bridges that could link two different points in space-time. In theory, the Einstein-Rosen bridge, or wormhole could allow something travel “instantly” from great distances. According to Einstein and Rosen, these tunnels would be very small, making it “impossible” for a time traveler to fit through. So far, no one has found evidence that there really wormholes in spacetime.
The “wormhole” researchers managed created in the lab, isn’t a space-time”wormhole” but a realization of a futuristic ‘invisibility cloak’ proposed in 2007 in the journal Physical Review Letters. This wormhole hides electromagnetic waves from being viewed from the outside.
A new device can cloak a magnetic field so that it invisible from the outside. Here, a picture of how the wormhole would work.
Credit: ordi Prat-Camps and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
“This device can transmit the magnetic field from one point in space to another point, through a path that is magnetically invisible,” said study co-author Jordi Prat-Camps, a doctoral candidate in physics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain. “From a magnetic point of view, this device acts like a wormhole, as if the magnetic field was transferred through an extra special dimension.”
“From a magnetic point of view, you have the magnetic field from the magnet disappearing at one end of the wormhole and appearing again at the other end of the wormhole,” Prat told Livescience.
What scientists did was use magnetic metamaterials and metasurfaces which are specifically designed to have properties which are not found in nature, enabling them to create a working model of a “wormhole.” (Metamaterials are made from assemblies of several elements created with the use of metals or plastic. Their precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement gives them their properties.)
3D model of the device. Jordi Prat-Camps / UAB.
The inner cylinder of the device is made of ferromagnetic mu-metals. Ferromagnetic materials exhibit the strongest form of magnetism, while the mu-metals are highly permeable and are often used to shield electronic devices. A thin shell made of a high temperature superconducting material called yttrium oxide, of barium copper protected the inner cylinder, doubling the magnetic field that traveled through the interior.
The final shell was made of other mu-metals, but made out of 150 cut pieces which were perfectly placed to neutralize the bending of the magnetic field by the superconducting layer. The entire device was placed in a liquid nitrogen bath. Typically, the magnetic field lines radiate from a particular place and break down over time, but the presence of the magnetic field should be detectable from surrounding points. However, the new wormhole channels the magnetic field from one cylinder to another and making it “invisible” in transit, and appears to come  out of nowhere on the outlet side of the tube, according to a study published in Scientific Reports .
“The problem was make the device work with the necessary materials which need to be very light, which are very impractical and difficult to work with.” said Prat.
There’s no way to know if similar magnetic wormholes lurk in space, but the technology could have applications on Earth, added Prat.
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