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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Valiant on Dr. Simon Atkins' Skyaia Show | Government Experiments and Multi-Dimensional Risk

Valiant on Dr. Simon Atkins' Skyaia Show | Government Experiments and Multi-Dimensional Risk

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Valiant on Dr. Simon Atkins' Skyaia Show | Government Experiments and Multi-Dimensional Risk

By Laron
Only hours ago, Valiant (aka ‘Bill’), was a guest speaker, for the second time, on Dr. Simon Atkins’ Skyaia Show. (Valiant’s first appearance is here) A few of’s regulars took part via the chat room, as we listened and provided a few questions here and there, for Simon to ask Valiant as the show progressed.

As well as the recorded show below, you can also find a list of topics that were discussed, which I noted down during the hour and twenty minutes.

Artwork by Valiant

  • Global economic instability, as predicted by Simon and how we should keep our eyes on China going forward
  • A few symptoms that Simon and Valiant have been feeling in connection to the incoming energies
  • Valiant talks about how his messages — which he has shared publically — come through
  • A strong focus of the show is on how Government hides important information from the populace
  • Valiant mentions a friend of his in the U.S. DOD and a few things he has found out through this person
  • Valiant talks about what aliens look like and why we don’t see them publically. He also touches on his experiences with meeting the Andromedans
  • Simon discusses his out of body experiences and how some aliens are light beings which manifest in physical form
  • Valiant brings up his experiences around his abduction, and there is mention of the ‘God Being’, including his understanding of what is being done with aspects of control over the populace
  • Astronauts and their experiences with training in relation to secrets they have to hold
  • Time speeding up & Parallel universes (multiverse theory)
  • A prediction by Simon about the UK being likely to experience electrical breakdowns because of incoming solar energy
  • Area 51, neural magnetic frequency weapons, kinetic weaponry and how other dimensions are effected, cyber warfare, chemtrails, crop circles are a few other subjects brought up

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