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The Golden Spike ~ Galactic Federation of Light 7/1/12

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The Golden Spike ~ Galactic Federation of Light 7/1/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Initia must take place for these arrests that so many are hoping
upon as the end of their old way of life that no longer serves their
higher good and the beginning of their new way of life that will allow
them to experience more of what this universe and their Creator offers
them as his children who deserve all the gifts that he has created and
that he has shared with his other children from other worlds. You are
not the only children of our Creator. Our Creator has many children
living throughout the far stretches of his magnificent home and all of
these children, with no exceptions, enjoy his love, his protection, his
gifts, his guidance and the wonderful experience of growing up learning
and playing in this joyous wonderland of love, adventure and excitement,
joy and bliss, challenges and friendship.

Your Creator does not wish for you to go one more day without the
gifts that he has so carefully selected for you and has personally gift
wrapped for you and has given us to load our spacecraft with and deliver
them to you like your Santa Claus loading his sleigh with Christmas
presents for all the children of this world. You are all the children of
your world, no matter how long ago it was that you were born into the
physical. We are all, in the eyes of our Creator, his children, even
though some of us are millions of years old. This is a fact. Some of us
of the Galactic Federation of Light that some of you will meet very
shortly are over one million, and some of us are even over two million
years old, although of course, we do not necessarily age the way you may
feel we must age, as most of you on your planet at this time understand
aging as a must and have come to understand aging as a rapid
depreciation of your health, your vitality, your gusto, your
tirelessness, your sharpness and focus and your aesthetic beauty.

This certainly does not have to be the case, and you will see this
firsthand when you meet us and learn that many of us are hundreds of
thousands, even millions of years old, yet possess all of the attributes
and the beauty as someone you would feel, according to your ages and
standards, to appear approximately twenty to twenty five years old. This
is a gift that is not entirely out of your reach as well. Not all of
you will be receiving this gift; this must be made clear, as not all of
you will be graduating to higher dimensional worlds where such a gift is
possible. We would like to add however, that at least on some level
your health and vitality and a more youthful appearance can and will
certainly be made available to all of you, no matter where it is your
destination lies at the culmination of this upcoming great dimensional
shift that you know of as ascension.

It is upon this ascension that there are those of you who will be
free to journey to new lands and new realms beyond the borders of this
3rd dimensional planet you call Earth. Where it is you will be going is
really a matter that has been left up to you, although we will say that
for some of you your roadmap was already planned for you by you yourself
before your current incarnation, and we will also say that many of you
have been creating your roadmap throughout this incarnation and many of
you are at this very moment in the process of drawing up this map and
your destination has not yet been decided by you. We of the Galactic
Federation of Light do not in any way pick and choose who it is that
ascends and where it is they ascend to. We wish to make this perfectly
clear at this time. What we, the higher dimensional members of your own
families do is assist you on your journey, but it is your journey and
not our journey, that is the bottom line.

We have our own journeys as well, and we are also being assisted by
higher dimensional beings along the paths that we have chosen. No
matter which dimension you call home there is always a helping hand in
the form of a guide or even more than one guide to assist you, to lead
you, to offer you guidance when you make it known you wish for this
guidance. We at this time are here in offers of guidance to you, our
brothers and sisters, while at the same time receive guidance from those
in dimensions higher than ours. This will be your experience after many
of you experience ascension, as it will be your task one day to offer
guidance to those of a dimension below you, and you very well may choose
to continue to receive guidance from those who will be of dimensions
above you.

We would like you to envision this as helping hands that traverse
the dimensions to reach each other and lift each other up and help each
other to learn and to grow in so many different ways. We feel once many
of you can visualize what our mission here is all about and how the
beings of one dimension help beings of other dimensions, we feel many
more of you will more clearly understand our motives, our purpose for
being here and how, although we may differ from you in some ways, we are
all the same family. In the days ahead that we assure you are
approaching and approaching quickly, we will be able to extend our hand
in friendship and guidance directly to you without the necessity of
reaching down, if it were, into a lower dimension, as there will be a
joining of our two dimensions not unlike your two great railroads that
met at Promontory Summit, joining your people from one coast to another
in your United States.

This joining of dimensions and a joining of beings will be historic
as well, as this kind of experience has never before occurred in this
entire universe. What we are engaged in here and are attempting to
accomplish is something that not only has never been accomplished
before, but something that many beings of great wisdom and experience
believed could never be successfully accomplished. We wish you to
understand the magnitude of this challenge and see that it will take
everything that you have and everything that we have working together to
see us succeed. We have had great obstacles present themselves to us
and to you as well throughout this mission already and we, together with
you, have successfully removed each and every one of them before us,
and it is our intention not to allow any obstacle no matter how
formidable to stall us and we say to you we will never allow any
obstacle to stop us, as we must continue forward to lay these tracks one
section at a time until we reach that day when a Golden Spike of love,
determination and universal cooperation is driven deep into the last
rail that connects our two magnificent dimensions.

Help us in our task to continue laying these tracks. Do not allow
anything to slow you and do not ever consider allowing any obstacle,
challenges or difficulty to stop you and nothing will ever succeed to
keep you from laying the tracks on your side of our great universal
endeavor to join our two worlds in unity, love and service to our
Creator and to our magnificent and shared universe that we call home and
will call home for millions of years to come.

We are your coworkers building this great railroad. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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