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August 25, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

The trials and tribulation that Christians are talking about have just begun really. Although it is not specified in the bible exactly when the end of the world as we know it will end, it talks about earthquakes, wars and more wars, brothers killing each other, etc. We have entered that phase that it can happen anytime soon, but not the end of the world, more like the end of slavery. The trials have not gone away. Ahead of us are going to be some challenging times. The negative energies have shifted a bit because we are thwarting some of their plans, but they will still be there to test your ass to make sure that you are pure.
During the next few weeks, there is a huge force of energy coming in with information. This knowledge is not going to be available to the filthy ones, the impure, the toxic, the ones still thinking about themselves and how they will survive and fuck the rest. I’m getting rough on the edges, enough nice soft talk. You can talk softly to an alcoholic all you want but eventually you start yelling and screaming because you realize there is no other way to get to them. This knowledge that is coming, it’s coming with the energies so not everyone will have access to it.
When you’re looking at society today, realize they are a bunch of egalitarian, pot luck for all, mumbo jumbo preachers; the information coming in is not available to everyone especially those that have not been in service to others.
There is only a certain calibre of person who has done their inner work, who is even going to be in hope of approaching this information and so when you see it being sold on TV, programs, so called Ascended masters, voices of mother father god, be also aware of that. The information only comes to you my friend; it ‘s not passed on to certain people and then being spread to others.
Whatever we are seeing now is the preparation of the soil so the real rooting can take place but you can’t have a mechanical wedding without first experiencing a chemical divorce, unless, as Krishnamurti says: “The false is seen as false,, you will never see the truth.”  It’s also deconstructive, it’s catabolic and you must see the lie as the lie, see the false as a false and only then may the truth avail itself, but you’re never going to be able to see the truth directly through an act of will.
You have to realize one very important point which is extremely important. In Carl Jung’s and Freud’s theories of man ego relationship to his unconscious, this has to be really understood. The unconscious is specular, specular means of mirror, lenselike, mirror like. Whatever visage you turn upon the unconscious it reflects back. Quantum scientists will get on this right away because they claim it’s the conscious universe does but your quantum universe is your unconscious.
Whatever face you shine into the unconscious, it shines back. If you shine a face of hostility, fear, trepidation, false curiosity, need for power or greed, you will meet demons.
So the way is already you. There is no path per say. You make the path as you go. The path opens up in front of you as you walk, but the path is a nightmare or a dream, sorcery or magic based on your profile as you walk through that divinity.
It’s not there already, it is created as you move through it. It’s made as you project it out. The man who shows fearless face to that form, he has his other reality. He’s not looking for Utopia built by the Control matrix because he has one in the living moment of now. One that is ever changing, kaleidoscopic, mutable and constantly changing and ever explorative, renewing itself endlessly and changing as he changes. It’s an inner landscape that is as more real than anything that the control matrix with it’s bricks and mortars can ever hope to conceive.
Create your own world, create your own landscape as you release yoursel from  the prisoner values, change your way of doing things and cultivate your own organic intelligence. By the way, your children are your teacher if you let them speak but you don’t. They already have it until you burn it down. Use them as a model to become that type of person yourself.
Never forget that you make your own reality because there is no such thing as an objective reality. Whatever face you shine onto any mystery be it external reality, another person or your own conscience is what it becomes. That’s what the choice mechanism is. You shine the face of fear and want, an emptiness and lack or greed or envy, you will be met by demons.
If you shine this other face of sovereignty, empowerment and stability, you will have another reality open up. If you don’t want to have that rapport, there is no other road for you but schizophrenia and social decay. Knowing that,  the control matrix has come along with a lot of catch phrases and one of them is Oneness. There is no such thing as Oneness anywhere to be found in the Universe or the world but this is a catch phrase, a charismatic word. It’s completely hypothetical and I have been thinking about this for a long time now and why we even use it and what it really means.
A pile of broken shards can be considered a oneness. The oneness that is spoken about  is nothing but the Oneness of a bunch of ghostly, spectral, unsound, unwhole cells coming together in a big paper mache mess. A bunch of broken souls, lefties, uppers, downers, freaks and whatever, all the worlds people are the shards and broken souls clinging and galvanizing in some hideous crater mass Blake Seven, Ultraworld etc.
It’s a form of self-sacrifice, you’re entering into Ayn Rand’s worse nightmare where all the broken selves compensate by becoming one big massive metamorphosis ultra world brain, and now we’ve got our Oneness and Wholeness.
The Allness, the mystics and the teachers said that allness can only be achieved when everyone is themselves. Like a single drop of rain by itself is perfect but it becomes oneness in it’s ocean, river, puddle it created.
So all the oneness that you’re hearing about today is only the wholeness of broken souls, broken death, self-murdered people. It’s livid, it’s morbid, it’s filth.
The wholeness that is real is Allness which does exist but it is predicated upon each individual being a complete, totally coming together and that can’t happen until there is a unification between the Ego and the Unconscious.
“I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism, and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.”– Ayn Rand
Scientists tell us that we are all part of a Unified Field- that all minds are connected into a sort of mind. That means you are bigger and more powerful than you think you are. The researcher Nassim Haramein has also proven that the whole universe is interconnected through the proton within each atom. He doesn’t call it Oneness.
So, we are possibly all one Universal mind but I no longer accept the Oneness paradigm. We are all energy, but even our energy is different from person to person.
Direct Google Description of Oneness
1.  the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts “the oneness of all suffering people”.
2. the fact or state of being one in number. “holding to the oneness of God the father as the only god”.
1. the quality of being one; singleness
2. uniqueness
3. sameness; identity
4. unity of thought, feeling, belief, aim, etc., agreement; concord
5. a strong feeling of closeness or affinity; union; he feels a oneness with God.
I don’t know about you folks, but there are so many different explanations about oneness really means and some of very contradictory and as humans we don’t fit many of those descriptions. Are they written this way on purpose to confuse us?
Is oneness something we want to be? I see us as robots in Oneness, doing, thinking and existing the same. No variety, sure sounds boring to me. If we take the perspective as human energy, we all vibrate at different frequencies so from that point we could achieve Oneness by vibrating at the same frequency though not sure what the purpose would be as all life or beings outside our planet also have different energy signatures. It’s how we recognize each other as souls, we are pure energy.
For many months now I have been advocating taking various actions to get us started on this road to freedom. Instead of taking on another person’s truth or believing what someone else said, we should be seeking our own truth. Waiting for something to happen will not get you anywhere.
Our shift is not a right, not a privilege, we must work for it. In essence, we have to prove our worthiness in order to graduate. How do we graduate? We study. We write tests. We are tested to see if we have gained the knowledge required to graduate.
Why should you get the same result by not working on yourself while myself and many others have spent lifetimes seeking truth and preparing? In order for us to transcend and re-integrate back to our true and original forms, we must make room for the higher frequencies. Love does not and cannot occupy a body and soul while  it contains hatred, fears, resentments, jealousy, self-indulgence, selfishness, etc.  All negative feelings and emotions should be cleared. I realize that we  probably won’t be 100% clear to receive but the body will fine tune itself before and after.
I also wrote much about being obsessed with the “whodunit” crap. It’s enough to know who is controlling us but we don’t need a list of names, dates and places and all the gory details, this is just wasting our time that can be used to do our own inner personal work. They are distractions. The disinfo agents are on the increase and they have snuck into every aspect of our lives now trying to throw us off and confuse us.
I don’t follow that crap anymore, I’m satisfied knowing the control Matrix exists and who runs it. I would much rather research ways on how to clear our bodies, how to get motivated. I like collecting information that is helpful and useful to our evolvement into higher realities, I like to believe that I am educating those that are not taking any actions but are simply waiting for something.
Much has been written about at the beginning of this blog about the higher dimensional entities calling themselves masters, teachers, saints, father gods and mother gods, archangels etc. Much has also been written about certain individuals selling their propaganda, misguiding, misleading people into certain belief systems and most of the information being passed on is about: “Don’t worry, you are loved, we are here to help you and teach you, relax, and get ready for certain events to happen”. These messages were and are designed to keep you not doing and only waiting for something.
I’m done with that too because it is now time that each one of us focus on choosing what actions to take, what methods to use to get rid of mental baggage and archontic parasites. It’s now time to really get your house/family in order by ensuring you are prepared to deal with natural disasters, a financial collapse, power outages, civil wars etc. Having extra food and water can be a life saver in times of chaos.
There are many prediction out there about certain events happening in September. Something will happen, but it’s not a visible event, in other words it will be a huge energy wave hitting Earth and for those of us that are preparing it will be a significant and transformative event.
On the other hand, I’m seeing Tsunamis and sun disappearing and people panicking, so it may be that we are close to a Pole Shift but it will not be a cataclysmic one. I see us being placed in a time freeze while the big shift happens and by the time we are awakened we will deal with earthquakes, tsunamis, after shocks and other left over consequences once the waters settle down. Hard hit continents will be protected as I saw people being moved to safer locations in their sleep.
So this is what I am seeing and feeling and feel propelled to start motivating you to start doing something.
If you’re not working on yourself, then you’re not going anywhere, you will continue to live in the reality you created until you are ready. The New Earth will be for those that finally figured out who they are and do right actions, service to others etc. There will be a lot of rebuilding, but those of you not studying for the test will be gone from this new reality.
Currently there are many entities living amongst us, we just can’t see them because they are vibrating at higher frequencies. Those of us that have worked and prepared we too will start shifting our higher consciousness and eventually the soul and higher self will reside in the same container.
If you’re still waiting for a savior to come and save this planet, you will be left behind. If you’re waiting for one and Eve to pull you out, you are going off this planet into their dimensions but you will also be here on Earth as well. Your soul is able to  fragment and create a new entity into the new dimension you will be taken. We can exist in different lives and bodies, parallel timelines at the same time.  It’s another false construct unfortunately but eventually you will realize that, it’s part of your journey you have chosen.
I have written my lucid dreams and Astral travel a long time ago to a friend of mine. He knows who he is so I will now publicly state that YRFT is being contacted by two yellow reptilian/dragons claiming to be One and Eve. I saw them in my lucid dreams/astral travel several times. They were located on the border of the quarantine or veil and holographically displaying different images of themselves just in case Rose could get there in Astral time. Whether she knows this or not, I don’t know but their energy is very toxic and their technology is used to create holograms, that’s all I will say about this.
Those of you following this cult need to ask yourselves one question: “If those entities are real and truly want to help humanity, why is Rose the only person on this planet being contacted by them?  Do you not think that this Eve and so called One would not contact awakened people all over the planet and give everyone a chance? Do you know how many wars would stop if people knew or believed this to be true? And how can one person get the message out to 7 billion people? How come they chose to contact an American?
If our Creator really wanted to help us, it would not contact only one person and I’m now talking about all the people being contacted by higher beings.
And no, the reason is not because there are not enough people that are able to receive messages. 11% of us are now able to telepathically receive and send, we just don’t know it because we’re not practicing it.
I too connect with a being called Michael but he doesn’t tell me to spread the word, he helps me grow and understand, he helps me evolve and learn about myself and he says he is not allowed, nobody that is in service to others are allowed to interfere with our free will unless humans do something that might cause massive destruction such as nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction because they have an effect on the solar system and beyond.
A certain amount of time must pass for more of us to awaken. I am told that interference must be approved before it happens and that most of the entities contacting humans are Archons and dark forces. We didn’t sign up for assistance but we are protected from massive destruction. They don’t understand how we the 99% can’t beat the 1% so NO, there is no interference from the true light beings, all other contacts are either personal guides or the parasitic archons playing with your minds.
So get to it folks, because of your ignorance and laziness, I am stuck here and can’t go home. I’m tired of this reincarnation thing. We’re all waiting on you to get up off  your asses and do something about your miserable lives as slaves. Are you not tired yet of being slaves?
Get this. Nobody is coming to save you, the military and police will not stand down when being told to shoot at people. They are mostly programmed and mind controlled. Look at their faces folks, they are expressionless, they are walking dead with no conscience.
We are the 99% and as I have written many times, all you have to do is stop using bank cards and bank services. Better yet close your bank account, don’t buy things you don’t need and those actions alone will cause fear and panic, lead to more bank runs. The elite will shit their pants and Let The Games Begin.
That’s all you got to do folks, there are countless of other things but these are the ones that take the least effort and exposure yet so powerful.  By using social media, it can be organized easily, a day set for it to happen and just the announcement this being done would set off markets and bank runs. We use mind control on them this time and start doing something to scare them. Hit them where it hurts the most and that is their money.
What the hell are you waiting for? Jesus is not arriving on his ship called Jerusalem. I don’t think so.

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