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Judge Anna: I deny in turn that there is or ever was any truly credible proof

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Judge Anna: I deny in turn that there is or ever was any truly credible proof

Posted on August 26, 2015 by arnierosner
On Aug 26, 2015, at 12:07 AM, Anna von Reitz wrote:
1. I deny in turn that there is or ever was any truly credible proof that the so-called “Reformation Oath” ever existed, or existed in the form that is being circulated on the internet these days. There were nasty Protestant Oaths in circulation at the time of the Reformation, so it would make sense that a Catholic “Reply” might exist, but as such, none has ever been proven. The variations on file with the Library of Congress and in the Congressional Record are of unverifiable provenance and appeared in print for the first time about 200 years AFTER the Reformation. Even granting that such an Oath existed 400 years ago is a stretch. I certainly will not allow that any such Oath or any Oath derived from it has been in use in recent decades and I challenge Thomas Deegan to prove otherwise. Here is a debunking report related to this topic: I did not go into this amount of detail in my first reply because to me it is all ancient history and therefore a red herring and non-issue with respect to today’s Church and the modern Jesuit Order.
2. I deny that Thomas Deegan knows what he is talking about when he says that the Pope has only “spoken words”. The Pope has signed numerous documents including his First Apostolic Letter rewriting the international criminal code and making the corrupt members of the Bar Associations individually and commercially liable for their acts and omissions. The same Motu Proprio addressed the issues of human trafficking and the international drug trade. He has also issued a major Encyclical on the Environment. These actions are on the public record before the whole world and they have the force of law for over a billion Catholics and millions of corporations. The Pope has backed up his public acts with continued action to reform the Vatican Bank which in turn reforms all the associated banks and ensures enforcement of the Basel III reforms that guarantee more accountability and transparency throughout the banking industry worldwide and far better security for individual investors and depositors. These documents and more are available for everyone’s inspection on the internet. Just type in the key words. So much for “the Pope hasn’t done anything but talk” claim by Thomas Deegan.
3. I deny that the Roman Curia is the creation of Pope Francis categorically and emphatically. The Roman Curia is the administrative apparatus and court of the Holy See and has existed for hundreds of years. As for the Curia being responsible for “all the creatures of the mind” that have been born, that is an obviously false and delusional statement. Is the Curia responsible for the scientific thoughts that created the atom bomb? How about the Myths of Ancient Persia? Clearly there are many creatures of the mind that are NOT the creation of the Curia, and just as clearly, the Curia has taken responsibility for those “legal fictions” they have created: trusts, public utilities, foundations, cooperatives, limited liability corporations, and so on. To blame the Curia for the misuse and abuse of these useful tools by Third Parties acting in violation of their charters is the same kind of illogical nonsense as blaming a tool company because someone used one of their hammers to commit murder. We are not going to outlaw hammers and we are not going to outlaw trusts just because they have been abused by criminals and we are not going to confuse the Curia with those responsible for these abuses.
4. I deny from the foregoing that Thomas Deegan has acted with full honor, full liability, and transparency. If he didn’t have some kind of grudge, prejudice, or agenda, and if he were acting with true accountability, he would not parrot unproven gossip about a Jesuit Oath that may or may not have been used during the Reformation circa 400 years ago. It wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. He also wouldn’t make negative, froward statements and present them as if they were fact— e.g., the Pope has only “spoken words” without researching to be sure that he was correct. Finally, he wouldn’t purposefully try to cast blame on innocent parties for the crimes and abuses of others. The Curia bears an important enforcement role when corporations violate the terms of their charters, but it otherwise functions on good faith.
5. I deny that I have EVER acted with ANY hidden agenda, desire, affliliation, or intent with regard to my pursuit of my own property rights and freedom or with respect to my actions seeking the same for other Americans and I challenge Thomas Deegan to prove otherwise.
6. I deny that I have EVER acted with ANY hidden agenda, desire, affiliation, or intent with regard to my issuance of (1) Final Judgment of Commercial and Administrative Default, (2) the General Civil Orders, (3) You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause or any other action, document, essay, letter, or notice I have pursued while seeking correction of the abuses and crimes committed against Americans by foreign governments, politicians, banks, and members of the Bar Associations— and I challenge Thomas Deegan to prove otherwise.   
7, I deny any affiliations or obligations commanding my allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church beyond our common interest in seeing justice done and correction made to conclude the settlement of claims owed to Americans and the return of their private property without further threat or delay and I challenge Thomas Deegan to prove otherwise.
If I were a man, I would offer to slug it out by other means, but given that I am a Great-Grandmother being insulted, I’ll have to settle for this.

Thanks to:




Judge Anna: SOVEREIGNTY—Obligations and Duties!

Posted on August 26, 2015 by arnierosner
On Aug 26, 2015, at 3:43 AM, Anna von Reitz wrote:
A Clarification About American Sovereignty and the Church

Some people may have misunderstood my Letter to Cardinal George. My blood is “upon the altar” which means that I am under an inherited obligation to defend the peace and the jurisdiction of the land as a sovereign. This is a temporal office which exists because rights and duties are jural correlatives. In order for sovereigns–including American sovereigns– to have a right, they also accrue a duty. The duty to defend is similar to the duty to inform.

In other words, it isn’t good enough to get your own fat out of the fire. You can’t earn your stripes as a sovereign by cutting some lucrative sidebar deal and keeping your mouth shut. As a sovereign, when you are aware of crimes being committed and innocent people being attacked, you have an absolute moral imperative to expose and oppose the criminality, to render aid and assistance to the victims, and to sue any offender for remedy in their behalf.

In my Letter to Cardinal George I spoke of being an “officer of the Church” because all sovereigns including American sovereigns are subject to the duties of their office: sovereign. This does not mean that I have any secret relationship or agenda. It means that my actions in exposing the crimes against Americans and all actions taken to aid them cannot be objected to or opposed because I am doing my duty as a sovereign. The Letter to Cardinal George is a very powerful and implacable action at Law which obligates the Global Estate Trust to provide enforcement against the corporations responsible for defrauding Americans.

The gravity of the situation was not lost on Cardinal George, but the other side of the coin was equally apparent to me and should be apparent to all Americans. We are sovereigns. We have duties. We have empowerments. And virtually nobody has exercised those prerogatives in over a hundred and fifty years. You can hardly blame Cardinal George and others like him for slumbering along and all but forgetting who we are, because we have forgotten ourselves. In avoiding the duties of sovereignty we yield ourselves as subjects. If that leaves us begging for food stamps at the same time we hold the beneficial interest in entire States–and I echo Cardinal George somewhat— whose fault is it but our own?

It is the Biblical Truth and the Rule of the World that everyone must serve a Master. A sovereign may serve himself as Master, but in the same token, is obligated to rule himself. We have almost uniformly failed to exercise sovereignty, haven’t bothered to understand it, and have taken it for granted as part of our birthright—- little realizing what sovereignty means and what it requires. We have to change that if we hope to survive as a nation.

The key to understanding sovereignty is the fact that the servant is always the master. Always. In order to rule, you have to serve.

Thus, you rule when you serve others and accept unpleasant duties. Sovereignty is not glamorous, does not involve lording it over anyone, and isn’t easy. Think of Jesus washing His Disciple’s feet. Sovereignty has a ton of duties and very few perks—- but the absolutely stunning gift of sovereignty is the freedom to never lie about anything to anyone.

Our nation like ourselves has forgotten what it means to be sovereign, and has lapsed into careless and forgetful dependency upon the very persons and institutions that have undermined and betrayed it from the start—- foreign banks, commercial con artists, defense contractors, purveyors of vice, dishonest trustees, and the greedy, immoral, endlessly incompetent Congress.

We are so ignorant that we claim foreign flags as ours, put up with harassment from our employees, allow foreign city states to set up shop on our shores,let communists set the curriculum in our schools, and live as Thomas Jefferson feared— as virtual slaves in the land of our Forefathers. My Letter to Cardinal George is not, as some have taken it, evidence of some skullduggery between myself and the Holy See. My Letter to Cardinal George is a spur to a profoundly startled horse. For many decades America has slumbered and drifted and paid no attention to government; history, actual Law, or much of anything else of importance. Like a ship becalmed but in the tow of an evil undercurrent, America has remained at peace at home, while embroiled in constant war abroad, and like ancient Romans we have glutted ourselves into obesity and disease and chased endlessly after meaningless entertainments. Rats have infested our institutions. Dust has gathered on our glory until all we remember are our fables. Those who love America from afar have lost all hope that we are —or have ever been— the nation we say we are.

It may be the eleventh hour, but it’s not too late to take a stand and choose a different fate.

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