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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » ANNA VON REITZ » Jean Haines ~ My very ugly experience today with Arnie Rosner, who runs UPDATED

Jean Haines ~ My very ugly experience today with Arnie Rosner, who runs UPDATED

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← 9/11 Is the Litmus Test . . . for any leader – or would-be leader in the world. ~J

UPDATED: Okay, let me put it this way: I just said the Pope has no clothes! and Arnie Rosner at gave me a very nasty runaround AND REFUSED TO PUBLISH MY RESPONSE TO ANNA! ~J

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Jean  
Two of the three comments offered told me, essentially, too much drama, and calm down. If you’re too lazy to read and follow my thinking, by all means go back to sleep. The third comment was very revealing about Anna – THIS LADY DEFINITELY HAS AN AGENDA, but never mind follow the Pied Piper to your deaths. I’m not stupid. I get the point!!! SLEEP ON, FOLKS! SLEEP ON!!! 

Referenced Post: A response to Anna: Look! The Pope Has No Clothes.

Here is the screenshot of my request to Arnie Rosner who runs, requesting him to publish my article in response to Anna.
What ensued between us was an exchange that became more and more heated. You can see in the shot that I corrected the link for my article, and as a blogger, I am fully aware of the fact that people make mistakes — and correct them. Surely, Arnie is also aware of this!
We seemed to be talking at cross purposes, Arnie thinking I was offering comments on something happening in Canada, about which I know absolutely nothing. Still, during the exchange at least twice I gave him the link to the article I wanted him to post, and it seems he chose not to look at it. I don’t know why. 
Why wouldn’t he if he is a responsible blogger take the time to figure out the confusion?
Even after I said:
If you are talking about what appears at the bottom of your email, no those are not my comments. I asked you to post the ARTICLE and gave you the link that I posted today in response to Anna’s statement. It’s quite simple, and I don’t see why you are complicating it. 
Well, at some point it seems he did figure it all out, because in refusing to publish my post he said:
With all due respect, The function of the Scanned Retina is to deal in matters of truth. Opinions, expressed as opinions are generally welcome.  However, we are not in a position to establish and open a public forum for personal dialog based on opinions.
The scanned retina is not to be used to further anyone’s specific agenda.  You have an issue with Judge Anna, I strongly suggest you address her directly.

At some point, however, it became clear to me that Arnie had actually read my article. When exactly, I do not know: 
Look Jean,
Your exchange and Richards exchange has brought out an issue that has been addressed as far as I am concerned.
The Pope is a non entity.  He has no authority any more than you.  Everything exposed by Judge Anna dn the others working along the same lines is interesting but proves little other than the people have been victimized for at least over 200 years.  But the final analysis reveals it was all done in fraud.
Therefore it dies not lawfully exist.  Now quit wasting my time on a bunch of issues that are of an individual spiritual nature.  You are free to believe what you chose.
If you are genuinely sincere about resolving our dilemma today, then we must focus on the impostors. You as well as all of us are permitting these impersonators to destroy our respective countries based upon stupidity.  Stupidity, Jean…is in the genes,  Ignorance is by option.  As a sovereign, you are entitled to remain as ignorant as you chose.
I will not spend any more time on anything other than related to solving this immediate problem.  All other issue are mute and will be resolved as quickly as we resolve removing the impostors.

then. . . 
No…You are attempting to distort the facts.
You are misinformed.  I support the facts in evidence.  
I openly accept challenges from anyone.  legitimate challenges Jean…challenges based on credible evidence.
There may be times I reserve the right to exclude what I wonder misleading and misrepresenting.  Opinions expressed as opinions are welcome but most be clearly identified as opinions.  But even that can be abused.  I will not be party to furthering someone’s private vendetta. 
Thank you again for engaging.
If you call my article opinion, not based on any fact, you live in a world that is totally unrelated to reality.
And Anna’s words are based on reality? WOW is all I can say! WOW! And you have set yourself up as judge of reality, I see. WOW! 
and . . . 
It seems you are most willing to forward [push] the agenda of Anna! 
So interesting!
Then I said:
What facts am I distorting, Arnie?
The comments you’re trying to say I made about something which I am not at all concerned with and don’t understand, or my post, in which facts are stated, that aren’t my FACTS but which are FACTS that come from credible sources.
I think I deserve an answer to this one, since you have twisted and turned this thing on its side. . . 
Arnie’s final response to me:

Asked and answered.
Somewhere in the midst of all this, Arnie said:
There is a big difference between what is misrepresented as facts and what we know to be facts. 
It is real basic Jean…maybe a guy thing?
[You may well imagine how I felt when he treated me with such obvious arrogance and disrespect as a human being!!!]
When I said: 
Arnie responded:
I sure hope so….
I am sure you will use it like the way obama uses racism.
Oh Come on Now! Its not about BLACKS AND Racism—it is about the American people being victims of propagan
This email quite innocently came into my hands, apparently sent to a number of people, including Anna, but it clearly has nothing to do with my potentaia post on his blog. Why ever would Arnie send this out? 
On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 6:32 PM, ARNIE ROSNER <> wrote:
Of course it is your blog.  And as your blog your comments reflect who and what you are.
Now on your blog you can say what you please.    
So you make this comment and address this to Judge Anna.  Now why would you do that?  What role does a person like judge Anna have in resolving a matter like this in Canada? 
But by addressing the problem as you did, you plant the idea that somehow Judge Anna has responsibility to answer for the problem or to even be accountable to provide a solution.    
I would expect a person of your intellect to recognize the people themselves are responsible for the abuse they endure.  Let us not make a case for the poor dears being abused and downtrodden victims.  
Right they are victims but at whose hands?  The impostors who have invaded the public infrastructure.  
And oh…EXCUSE ME…who is responsible to maintain the integrity and security of the public infrastructure?  The People.  The owners of the community.  The only lawful authority in the first place.  The people Jean…the same people who created the government.
There are only two issues to be addressed everything else is a smoke screen.
The impostors need to be identified, exposed, challenged and removed from the any public office if they do not meet Constitutional qualifications.  No excuses.  
If those employed by the people to enforce the law, fail to honor their employment contract, then it is the people themselves who must assume this responsibility.  Remember Jean, it was the same people who created the government in the first place.
There you have it.  Anything else Jean is a distraction.  Fix the problem as enumerated above and see how fast everything else falls in line!
Judge Anna what do you suggest, after living humans anonymously report a crime in progress to Canadian Police Chiefs, Deputy Police Chiefs, Police Superintendents, Police Inspectors, and Lieutenant Governors, all of whom failed to act, failed to protect, and failed to notify the public of being sprayed like cockroaches day and night world-wide with toxic chemicals*?
Realizing this exchange was already way out of hand, I sent the screenshot of my initial request that he publish my article to him, hoping he would reconsider, but I have heard nothing back — maybe because it is a ‘guy’ thing, as he believes. Well, is it? Really? Or is it a human being ‘thing’? I guess he regards women as not being quite human, and certainly not up to him, a man?
So this was my experience today with Arnie Rosner, who was with me a very duplicitous, arrogant, nasty person.  I thought you might like to know that at least with me he was not what he profess to be.

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Arnie Asks: And what about American Sovereigns not affiliated with any specific church?

Posted on August 26, 2015 by arnierosner
On Aug 26, 2015, at 8:47 PM, Anna Von Fritz wrote:
This is under the temporal role of the Holy See, not the Sacred offices as I stressed in my comment.
Two hats. Two roles. One role is secular and administrative. One is religious.
Anyone of any religion can be a sovereign, but the Holy See in its temporal role defines what a sovereign is and also the rights and duties of a sovereign. Thus in the most abstract sense all sovereigns occupy an office created and defined by the Church.
It is in applying the duties of a sovereign that the power of the office lies– the exact opposite of what people expect.
Your rights as a sovereign are secondary and dependent upon the duties. If you don’t do the duties you can’t claim the rights, but if you do the duties nobody can obstruct or complain about your Will in any matter.
Thus when I perform my duty to expose crime and prosecute it, nobody has any ability to object or interfere. When I do my duty to protect the lives and welfare of my countrymen and defend the land jurisdiction to which I am heir nobody can object, either.
This is all about sovereign power and identity and practical worldly issues that are common to all people and all religions.
It does not imply that you are subject to the Holy See with regard to any religious issue or belief. There are sovereigns who practice voodoo who are sovereigns nonetheless.
Sent from my iPhone
On Aug 26, 2015, at 3:21 AM, ARNIE ROSNER <> wrote:
And what about American Sovereigns not affiliated with any specific church?
In the service of the Creator.

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