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1 THE TERRORS on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:59 am




Since before the time of ancient Sumer rumors of the Terrors existed, although few knew the truth of their origin. Brother Solomon was the last to use what then was considered a weapon of mass destruction, yet even he found it to be something so vile that he would take measures to ensure the knowledge lay hidden from humanity.

During the reign of brother Akhenaton an accident within the portal system beneath Giza unleashed a torrent of the Terrors from the sub-frequency bands where they were imprisoned. Solomon the conjurer was part of the clean-up crew to round up their remnant, but he bottled some up for special occasions. He devised a program for their use on a restricted basis as a weapon against those who used their light darkly. Their use proved so horrifying that he shuttered the science and kept it available only as a psychological deterrent.

Within the Mahabharata we find Arjuna gaining the advanced knowledge of such weapon’s known as the Brahmasira; which can be hurled with the proper mantra, which produces darts by the thousands and fierce poisonous snake like arrows, which can bring destruction to manifestation. Arjuna learns to use even greater weapons from Lord Siva like the Pasupat, which has the power to destroy the universe. These were known as celestial weapons.

During the time of Yeshua, the Roman army had caught wind of the Arc of the Covenant tool chest from their spy known as Saul and began searching the ancient lands of the Fertile Crescent, not knowing that Yeshua had already taken it out of the region. The Romans unearthed some of Solomon’s old pots and opened them. The soldiers that opened them perished shortly after causing the rest of the army to flea for their lives in horror. What they witnessed I can only guess, but the terrors don’t just siphon off the life force in a hideous manner, they stay with the host into the next realm and continue to feed until nothing remains of the victim.

Not long ago I caught wind of an associate in a town over who was being haunted in a sinister way, and I was summoned to help. Fortunately I found no evil presence, just a medium surrounded by spirits trapped in this realm. The wayward children had been constantly pestering her, keeping her up for all hours of the night, they actually thought that she was their mother and had her beginning to believe such. The medium was unaware of her talents and the community started to believe her madd. After learning how to take control of the situation along with a few simple tools, like communication and learning how to open a light portal for wayward entrance, she began to regain her life back. Unfortunately after clearing her home she awoke to twice as many waywards at her doorstep. She asked if there was any way to stop the onslaught. She learned to set boundaries and that like anything she could schedule such like laundry day. I told her of the importance of what she was doing. And although she wanted it all to go away, she no longer fears and has accepted the responsibility begrudgingly. I mention this only because often others believe they’re being attacked by demons, when in truth it’s mostly just a misunderstanding that requires a perceptual adjustment.

After going vertical for insight about celestial weapons for the war on Terror, I was exposed to the truth that although weapons are plentiful and easy to use the greater challenge is in the healing the destruction within the collective consciousness. The conversation eventually turned toward common tools already in existence which humanity has failed to take advantage of, not knowing the full extent of their capability, so let’s brush up on one.

Gratitude as a nuclear weapon;
Fortunately we don’t need the terrors anymore than government’s need A bombs, for the tools of light are always at our disposal even if we fail to know their true potential. Gratitude is one such tool, yet most can’t see it beyond a curt thank you, but when used properly it has the power to transform your world.
The guru’s preaching the prerequisites of co-creation, abundance and attraction often overlook this as well, which is a pity since gratitude can outshine other co-creative formulas for the simple reason that it can subvert the common hurdles that standard co-creative formulas fail to negotiate. These common hurdles are often karmic, miasmic and energetic distortions that inhabit out thought constructs.
For instance, many will get stuck trying to co-create money, but money being the dirty medium that it is, has no true substance aside from its perceived value, and it is but a vehicle or tool. Granted this tool is often used as a tool for manipulation, money is not the dream but only the perceptual tool to purchase a dream. But why use perceptual tools when you can manifest the dream without them?
Our divine heritage;
Entitlement may sound like a negative term associated with spoiled wealthy brats that struggle for recognition, but entitlement within proper context is our divine heritage. We are entitled to an unimpeded life full of rewarding experiences, joy, abundance and love amidst creative endeavors of all sorts. Unfortunately we are floating in a wake of disempowerment, that steers us away from our divine heritage with devices and programs that constantly remind us of how inadequate we are, and this marketing strategy has all of us believing we are just that “inadequate” in every way, and the only way one can rise above inadequacy is to not invest in the program of hierarchical adequacy which sells the illusion of nobility through investiture as forfeiture.
The obsession of controlling reality is humorous when we see the futility for its truth, for reality is a conceptual medium. Never has this been more obvious then at the subatomic level, where the riddle refuses to be defined by instrumentation born of the imagination. We the fairy tale seek only another fairy tale more imaginative then our own. This is not to say that we are not privy to expanding co-creation beyond its basic tenants, for that’s the premise of this essay.
Gratitude is an alignment tool of a higher order, which can be used to bring balance healing and harmony into our lives. It is an aspect of the science of positive cognitive reinforcement. Gratitude is an attitude for compensation, it’s the psychology of being thankful; a state of mindfulness that you have received something of value, an acknowledgement of what brings you joy. We are often our worst enemies when our habits focus perpetually upon the negative spectrum, for intent follows focus and energy seeks like energy and this is the electromagnetic law we call Attraction. Consciously, subconsciously our creative endeavors are being formed, for creation heeds to intentional focus and piggy-backs upon the desire force.
Gratitude is an excellent tool for braking old negative habits, for it teaches us to focus a bit higher so were not unconsciously manifesting negatively. As a universal law, matter is subject to consciousness, which causes fission and fusion at subatomic levels providing an etheric imprint of the perceived desire. Once the energetic quantum has reached a resonant saturation point it takes the quantum leap of crystallizing within the material spectrum. Of course ground control hates it when Major Tong speaks of such because this information is extremely empowering. In fact the planes dive bombing my house at this moment will only lend credence to this fact.
Gratitude can be the chopping block for controlling influences.
Allowing source to provide via proper alignment is not blocking source with negative aggrandizement. Often our lack of faith is our largest obstacle, which owes to the level of  digressive programming we have all been subject too. But when we begin milking the cow the accumulative result will become apparent. But here are a few tips for changing the nature of reality one thank you at a time.
·         Never expect a rate of return with gratitude! This means the anticipation of the end result will cause a bottleneck that invalidates the process, choking the quantum.
·         Prayer type affirmations should be vocalized to define what you truly appreciate, and that which you appreciate should resonate with a feeling, the feeling should capture the essence or visual of the perpetuation of joy, love, peace, bliss, enlightenment etc..
·         Do not be overly specific, for to do so is to assume you know more about what you need than source, when in fact our insecurities invalidate like subconscious directives.
·         It’s o.k. to be thankful for the lesser influences in our lives but less can be more when using gratitude as the vehicle for manifestation, for the more pin-pointed the energy the quicker the result.
·         Always include the fundamental requirements of our existence, i.e. food, water, shelter, your home; being your planet and its bounty and the opportunity to be of service to others, which already includes underlying factors such as health, wealth, relationships and the like. Start with general or broad concepts before honing in on specific areas.
·         Affirm or meditate each day on gratitude for one month before taking inventory of the changes, then openly acknowledge them with more gratitude while avoiding judgment. Affirmations can lean in any direction you see fit to restore balance within those areas. Within time you will learn the magic that thanking for what has yet to occur as if received can cause dramatic change in you favor through faith in divine heritage.
·         Integrity is required here, sincerity and impeccability are also important, for the frequency of the charge will be more productive the higher its resonance.
·         Share this information with others.

When we search for a facsimile of gratitude I like to compare it to a household vacuum, for I believe it works in a similar fashion. We are creating an energetic self perpetuating engine that causes a torsion field which begins with a tiny atomic gravity well and grows into a suction device that accumulates like energy for the manufacturing of reality fields. I know it can be explained simply as letting source know what floats your boat, but we often forget that we too are embodied aspects of source and only when we understand the full compliment of this statement can we begin to inherit our divine heritage.

The design of the gratitude vehicle of manifestation is incredible because it has an inherent fail-safe, being that you can’t use it for negative exploitation, nor can it be used for ego pursuits simply because negative energy can’t hold the resonate frequency required for manifestation. But if you’re hoping to get wealthy I can’t say that gratitude will help, unless of course we see wealth in a different context, or that the wealth that comes is a bi-product of something like increased awareness gained by practicing gratitude.

Thank you for reading,


2 Re: THE TERRORS on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:30 pm



Again I want to thank you for the sharing of your words here. I am grateful. :)


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