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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION »  What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 1

What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 1

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What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 1

Posted by Steve Beckow

SaLuSa is the source who has given the subject of the mass arrests,
the trials that follow them, and the legal reformation that follows the
trials the most attention. I propose to spend a little time here
reviewing what SaLuSa has said about what will happen to the Illuminati
once they are rounded up.

The galactics have slowly but stealthily backed the Illuminati into a corner, says SaLuSa.

“The dark Ones are being driven into a corner, that will enable us to finally put paid to their activities.

“The removal of the Illuminati will be a monumental achievement and
take away their ability to cause any further trouble, and that is high
on our list. We can only add that patience is called for all round, as
some of these tasks are very delicate and finely balanced.” (1)

There is no place they can go to where they will not be found and rounded up, he reminds us.

“Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the
Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate.” (2)

“There is not one who shall escape the net that draws ever more tightly around them.” (3)

But never mind hiding from their pursuers. The laws of the universe
apply to everyone and so no one can successfully evade or escape them,
even if they found a hiding place.

“[The Illuminati] have created their own future as has every other
soul, and they cannot escape the result of their own actions. The Laws
of the Universe apply in all circumstances, whether an individual is
aware of them or not. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves
regarding the application of justice, or fear that the Elite will escape
responsibility for their misdeeds.” (4)

When the mass arrests begin, they will proceed with great rapidity.
“Come the time … when positive action is going to be taken against them,
they will be shocked at the speed with which their destiny will
change.” (5)

Moreover, the Company of Heaven and their Earth allies have gathered a
great deal of evidence on the crimes of the cabalists, some of it from
the Akashic Records as we’ll see below, which will speed up the legal
process, as SaLuSa told us in 2011:

“Over the many years we have accumulated
more than sufficient evidence to show which individuals have broken
their promises to work for the people, and instead fallen for promises
to get rich quick at their expense. We can therefore largely dispense
with the laborious and long-winded trials that there is no longer
sufficient time for. However, some crimes against you are of such
gravity that a few individuals will stand trial, so as to reveal the
full extent of them.” (6)

Those who cooperated with the Company of Light could receive more
lenient treatment in some respects though they would still be tried for
their crimes against humanity. SaLuSa says: “They have been offered a
way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with
their crimes against Humanity.” (7)

The few individuals who will be judged in longer trials designed to
educate the public are the top Illuminati who devised and controlled the
plans for the enslavement of the human population, he says. Even they
will be able to work their way back into society.

“As you can imagine, such Beings [that will be tried in the longer
proceedings] are those who are of the Illuminati and controlled the
plans to bring about world slavery of the Human Race. Clearly with
Ascension so near to manifesting they will eventually be removed, and
spend their time at an appropriate level where they can reflect upon the
effect they have had upon millions of Beings. All is not lost where
they are concerned, but their path back to the Light will be long and
arduous.” (8)

SaLuSa explains to us that the justice proceedings that will be held
will not be like their counterparts on Earth. For one thing, higher
beings will oversee the proceedings. In 2012 he said that “there are far
greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is
meted out.” (9)

Not only well higher beings preside, but the evidence will come in part from the Akashic Records.

“Justice shall eventually be seen to take place, but in a way quite
different to what you have been used to. You will find that it cannot be
mocked or denied by some sharp practice. …

“We have Courts that are unlike yours and presided over by many High
Beings of Light. Lies and subterfuge have no place in them, because
there is no point in trying to deny that which is irrevocable and
recorded in the ether’s of life.” (10)

Use of the Akashic Records means that “the truth of any event will be
fully known and not subject to falsification or cover-up.” (11)

To summarize, the galactics have slowly backed the Illuminati into a
corner. Yet even if they had not there would be no hiding place for them
on Earth and no one can successfully evade or hide from the natural
laws anyways.

When the arrests start, the will be completed in record time.
Ironclad evidence, some of it coming from the Akashic Records, will see
that the proceedings cannot be undermined. Many trials will proceed
quickly; a few will be allowed to proceed more slowly to educate the
public. The proceedings will be watched over by great and wise beings to
ensure that the universal laws are observed in all respects.

(Continued in Part 2)


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