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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION »  What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 3

What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 3

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What Happens After the Mass Arrests? – Part 3

Posted by Steve Beckow

In this next article in our series, I’d like to look at the advice
from SaLuSa and Archangel Michael on how to respond to the mass arrests,
which according to SaLuSa, on July 2, 2012, have now begun:

“The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place.”

Despite alleged channelings recently that tell us that we should hate
the cabal and rejoice over their destruction, our sources here tell us
that to do so would be to lower ourselves to the dark levels of the
planetary controllers. They warn us against it.

SaLuSa cautioned us in May 2012 not to allow the expected revelation
of truth to stir us to vengeance but to allow justice to follow its

“Once the media commence reporting the arrests that are already
underway that include many public figures, there will be calls for
retribution. We do however ask that everyone avoids their emotions
running away with them, as we assure you justice will be seen to be
done. Unlike earlier times, no one will be able to cheat justice or buy
their way out of it.” (1)

He warned us that, if we seek revenge against the cabal, we may end up little better than they.

“We wish you to concentrate on the future and seek first to maintain
the Light upon Earth, without wasting your energy by directing your
anger at the Illuminati and their minions. These will be hard times for
anyone who has recently lost loved ones or friends as a result of their
actions. It will however be a test of your ability to stay within the
Light, and show your strength by forgiving those responsible.

“If you do not do so and seek any form of revenge you end up little
better than what they are, and you form a link of energy with them. They
may not deserve much sympathy, but see them as souls who have gone
badly astray and almost lost their spark of Light. It will take a lot of
Light to raise them up again but it can be done. We feel sure you will
see that it is far better to lift the fallen up again, than compound
their situation by linking them to more negative energy.” (2)

He advised that all of us have had lives where we too descended to dark levels.

“All of you have experienced stages where you
have gone against the Light. However, with few exceptions you have
understood the reasons that brought it about, and stand today as
examples of those who have overcome the challenges of duality. You are
all the stronger for it and that is indeed the reason you elected to
spend many lives in the lower dimensions.” (3)

He suggested it was fine to speak about matters but without getting into our emotional energy of hostility.

“By all means speak about matters, but do it from an impersonal angle
without empowering it with your emotional energy. Remember as we have
informed you on a number of times, you do not know another soul’s life
plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit
worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or
condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of
thinking.” (4)

He reminded us that there is no reason to “concern yourselves too
much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be treated with full
justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and every help to
find a path back to the Light.” (5)

Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel in March 2012 echoed SaLuSa’s request.

“We ask for you not to join in any way, shape or form in judgment or
relishing what is happening to another, for that cannot be of love. So,
yes, there is divine justice, and there is an absolute balancing that is
taking place. And we want you to understand that, as it is taking place
on Earth, upon your beloved Gaia, that those ripple effects are felt
throughout the Universe, that that rebalancing is taking place far
further than any of you can even imagine.

“But the key to that amplification effect is for
you to hold love, is for you to hold peace. You do not stand as judge
and jury, my friends, … of your children, of your family, of your
friends, of your neighbors – not of anyone. Do we sometimes pick someone
up and say, “No, you are not permitted to continue in this manner any
longer?” Of course we do! That is my job. And that is your job, as you
work with me.

“But we do not fall into that old human paradigm
of old Earth and say, ‘Now we will punish you. We will judge you. We
will seek retribution.’ No. That is not loving. That is not kind. That
is not gentle.

“Retribution comes in the rebalancing. It comes in the brilliant
light of a new dawn. It comes in you stepping forward and assuming your
rightful place, as light-holders and showers of the way. It is its own
reward.” (6)

When we ponder the rebalancing that will take place, we might think
of it not in terms of more or less, but in terms of returning to the
center from extreme states like greed and hate. Love and peace reside in
the center. Thus rebalancing means a return to the center, some would
say, to the heart.

He asks us to join him in the new world rather than perpetuating the old.

“I ask you, we all ask you – for you are our
beloved family; yes, a family of billions, it is an extended family – we
ask you to join us in the new. And in the new there is no place for
fault or blame or guilt. That does not mean, my brothers and sisters,
that there is not room for acknowledgment and responsibility, for that
is the bedrock. For when there is self-responsibility and mutuality,
then there is joint responsibility and there is not an exercise of
greed, of taking, of usurping power, for that power is already there. It
is within you.

And so, as you see those who have tried and
succeeded in many ways to control – and I could go down a list, but why
would I wish to do that? – as you see that happening, feel the
compassion – not sympathy, compassion – understanding about fallen
angels and lost souls, and send them love. Send them forgiveness. And
then begin with me – with all of us, with the Company of Heaven and far
beyond, with your brothers and sisters from the stars – and let us build
anew, because that is what this transition is about.” ( 7)

He reminded us that we have not yet finished our work. There is more
to go and it makes it important for us to let thoughts of vengeance go.

“The old can only drag you down. Do not go
there. My mission of peace has just begun, and I have need of you. You
have traveled with me forever, in faith and trust and hope. So now you
see the fulfillment of what we have talked about, the crumbling, the
elimination, and yes, the destruction of the old. But let it go, and
come with me, for there is further yet to go.” (8)

Thus our sources urge us not to allow the mass arrests to stir
thoughts of vengeance in us. There is no reason to fear that justice
will not be done this time, as it has not been done in the past. If we
seek revenge, we’ll lower ourselves to the level of the cabal. They
remind us that all of us have spent lifetimes in the lower dimensions.

We are encouraged to speak about matters and as lightworkers we’re
expected to. But we’re also encouraged not to go into emotional
negativity or extremes. They remind us that all members of the cabal
will be given the opportunity to return to the Light.

The notion of rebalancing is explained. The cabal are returning to
the center rather than living in the extremes of qualities like greed
and hate. In the center resides love and peace. We’re invited to join
the Company of Light in the new world of the divine qualities like love
and peace. We’re asked to forgive and put these events behind us,
turning our faces to the future.


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