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New Order to the Solar System

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1 New Order to the Solar System on Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:33 am


New Order to the Solar System

by TS Caladan

What if one cosmic event explained the existence of comets, asteroids and also Kuiper Belt Objects? ‘New Horizons’ probe successfully completed a 9-year journey to Pluto and the scientific world is excited.  But…
Astronomers have not considered a remote possibility and yet a simple ‘theory’ or speculation that physicists could readily understand.

Instead, modern astronomers and space pundits run in circles and debate silly things like: Is Pluto a planet or one of many ‘planetesimals’ in the Kuiper Belt? (Google Yurchey’s ‘Planet Pluto’).

In reality, Pluto is not the ninth planetit is the TENTH!

Asteroids are found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in the so-called ‘gap.’ 2.8 AU ( Astronomical Units ) from the Sun was where 19th Century astronomers searched for a ‘missing’ planet between the four inner ones and many outer ones.

They found irregular Ceres and then jagged Vesta and soon discovered there were thousands of smaller bodies at the expected 2.8 A.U. Bode’s Law distance ( see World-Mysteries article  or Google “Bode’s Law”).

The Asteroid Belt of orbiting particles was once a planet (Refer to info on World-Mysteries article and other sites that prove the planetary origin of the Asteroid Belt).

All planets (and asteroid belt) fit Titus-Bode Law except for Neptune!

1 AU is approximately the mean Earth–Sun distance equal AU = 149.597 *106 km

Bode’s Law or an even and clear mathematical formula exists for planet-distances from the Sun in our Solar System. Neptune is the exception. Astronomers discarded old Bode’s Law with the discovery of Neptune in 1846. BIG MISTAKE.

If we removed Neptune from its orbit and placed it where the Asteroid Belt is located, we would have a near perfect mathematical progression of planets out from the Sun.

Astronomers, physicists and cosmologists have not noticed that PLUTO FITS BODE’S LAW! They view ‘Bode’ as a quaint, obsolete idea and not a Law simply because they are unaware of Bode as a general truth. They have forgotten that the simple Formula was the reason for the discovery of the Asteroid Belt in the first place.

For the purpose of this hypothesis, let’s presume the phantom, 5th (exploded) Gap-planet was called Lilith. Let’s further assume the sizable planet at 2.8 AUs from the Sun, EXPLODED in a violent catastrophe during the early history of the Solar System. Imagine a ‘shotgun-effect’ from the inner portion of the Solar System, in all directions outward, to far distant regions.

Comets and cometary orbits can therefore be explained if such a mega-blast shattered Lilith to pieces.

Physicists should easily realize a type of explosive force determined extremely elongated ellipses of cometary orbits around the Sun.

Planets appear as if they were unnaturally, artificially and neatly placed in proper orbits; each positioned at a further distance like on the very next ripple of a pond.

What caused or could cause wild, cigar-shaped comet orbits?

The answer is a BIG BOOM!

What if a Big Boom happened and Lilith did a ‘Krypton-thing’ and blew up? If the concept of a planet ‘just exploding’ seems unlikely, then consider that Lilith was UNNATURALLY pulverized into pieces. Most readers would probably think that too, a very incredible scenario (not Tesla). A quote from Klaatu to an Einstein-character in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ might apply:

“I assure you, such powers exist in the universe.”

Whatever the case, a phenomenal force that flung bodies in space accounts for long, cigar-shaped orbits of comets.

Consider other damage on other worlds because of what may have occurred with shattered Lilith: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and its moons are intensely cratered.

Astronomers have always believed that the ‘Swiss cheese’ appearance of inner/solid planets and moons was due to their astronomical AGE and very infrequent contact with asteroids. That might be untrue to an extent since asteroids are not everywhere in space, contrary to what old movies have shown.

Another overblown and media-hyped notion is the ‘Doomsday Asteroid, planet-killer.’ Planets have indeed collected debris with the formation of impact craters created by various collisions over time. Big and extremely dangerous objects fly or are flung through space, randomly. Yes, but…

Meteors are actually unnatural objects. They are not found all over space and are really only the atomized aftermath of a pulverized planet or moon.

To repeat: A huge range of asteroids revolve in a ‘Belt’ between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where a planet should be. Asteroids rarely leave the ‘Gap,’ but sometimes they do.

We view ‘shooting stars’ every clear night, which are tiny fragments of a probable cosmic event that occurred between Mars and Jupiter long ago.

The Roman god Mars was known as the ‘God of War.’ Did ancient Martians at Cydonia make war with Lilith and did Lilith lose, shattered apart by a tremendous force? Was Mars (winner) ruined and turned red with radiation as a result of a real war of worlds?

Let’s continue with a ‘Big Boom Theory’ where SHARDS of Lilith quickly expanded to the far reaches of the Solar System. Then the blasted bits slowed their speed. Particles propelled at the fastest velocities formed the extended, elongated orbits of comets and made them return again and again to visit the Sun and inner parts of the Solar System.

But other slower and smaller particles as a result of the Lilith cataclysm stayed in the deep / dark / cold / outer realm called the Kuiper Belt [postulated by Gerard Kuiper in the 1950s].

Study the variety of Kuiper Belt Objects; compare them to Gap asteroids. Compare spectrometers’ mineral and metal readings of KBOs and meteors in the Gap. They may be basically the same and have originated from a single source or cosmic event.

Distant planetesimals of different diameters smaller than Pluto orbit in the Kuiper Belt, but…

Astronomers miss the concept and question of: WHY are there comets? Maybe comets are unnatural, like asteroids? And WHY does a collection of Big Debris and little debris exist in outer regions? The answer could be the destruction of Lilith, the 5th planet, where only a ‘gap’ exists today.

       The trans-Pluto area became a ‘graveyard’ for slow and unnaturally flung objects and collected in far/wide orbits. Pieces or asteroids were trapped in lazy revolutions and never ‘sun-dived’ like faster particles.

Concepts presented here are lost on (television minions and) the team of the nuclear-powered ‘New Horizons’ probe. NASA, JPL, traditional astronomers and the International Astronomical Union in Prague are really only interested in media-fighting over the question:

‘Is Pluto a planet?’

Yes. New Horizons has proved that Pluto is an amazing planet with a complicated satellite system [Mercury and Venus have no moons and Mars hardly has moons]. But no one seems to care about the great significance that:

  • Pluto has an ATMOSPHERE. Spectrometers showed that the planet contains nitrogen air with traces of methane and carbon monoxide. Sound familiar?

  • Pluto has a large prime satellite called Charon, similar to our Moon in proportion to Pluto only with 4 companions. (Study oddities of Charon).

  • Pluto’s newly-found companion moons are called Nix, Hydra (water?), Styx (rivers?) and Kerberos. They are not spherical or irregular, but eerily egg-shaped.

       New Horizons team initially believed the 9-year mission was threatened by the surprising discovery of a satellite system. The NH flyby came within 8000 miles of Pluto (diameter of Earth). The probe was a big success and should continue to monitor the Kuiper Belt in the future.

Expect a wealth of information NOT publically released. (When did They ever?) The general public was shown fantastic photography of light and dark areas on Pluto’s surface: ice, certainly, but much more that will be examined and discussed for a long time.

The problem in the debate is: Pluto’s very slightly off-Ecliptic orbit happens to be out there so near the Kuiper Belt. You could say the planet is at the ‘frontier’ or borderland or close to where the Kuiper Belt begins. Did the K. Belt cause Pluto’s orbit to diverge (only) slightly from the rest of the planets in the Ecliptic Plane?

According to the theory: Did Lilith’s Big Boom produce cometary shards and vast numbers of smaller KBOs…even to the point of the alteration of Pluto’s orbit?

       Pluto, with atmosphere and a system of moons, is NOT a Kuiper Belt Object. The planet is not located inside the Kuiper Belt!

       In the outer regions of the Solar System is a collection of sizable KBOs and debris that failed to fall back into the Sun area as comets with regular cycles. Plus, the Kuiper Belt also contains true PLANETS that have remained in orbits or distances of Bode’s Law progression out from the Sun.

Remember that Pluto is a real planet; one reason because it orbits in perfect math or perfect harmonic position in sync with the rest of the planets at the next BL distance after Uranus (Neptune, exception to the rule, should be treated as almost non-existent or not a true planet. Is Neptune a giant hologram? Should the Great Debate be about Neptune’s planet-status and not Pluto?).


Does any type of celestial body orbit at that particular distance? The answer is yes. A true planet called ‘Sedna’ orbits the Sun and aligns exactly, along with Pluto and planets, and physically demonstrates that Bode’s Formula is a general truth. Let’s look back at the chart:

This is significant. Jupiter fits Bode’s Law perfectly and the outer planets do as well, except for Neptune. As we get into billions of miles distant, anything close is a ‘bull’s eye.’ Pluto fits Bode as well as Sedna in the next mathematical place of the simple progression.

Does Bode (actually called Titius-Bode law) make a case for ORDER in the universe? Or a case for the existence of God? Is the cosmos less chaotic and more organized than we thought?

Want to bet the next stop for New Horizons is Sedna? Not that Earth governments ever told us the truth…on any important matter.

Is Sedna the furthest extent of our planetary system? Doubtful. We may have to carry Bode’s Law out one, two or even three more places (distances) to arrive at the actual composition of our Solar System.

Could there have been 14 (13) original planets, set in beautiful harmony of orbital ORDER, but now only 13 (12) have survived? Who or what set the planets in place?

       Do countless millenniums of ultimate wars by advanced beings account for damaged remnants in our local space today? Have intelligent lifeforms throughout unimaginable amounts of time caused the wide range of CHANGES to the original, harmonic, planetary perfection?

There could be a few Super Planets that dwarf the size of Jupiter in very slow and very distant orbits around the Sun.

In the meantime…we are forced into unnecessary, media-driven drama of non-issues such as: ‘Is Pluto a dwarf planet?’

We miss out on possible things like oceans, life and structures on air-filled Pluto and its moons as well as on other planets and satellites.

Do not be surprised that the Secret World Government or NWO knows all about what is out there in space; we do not. Media never tells us the full story.


Copyright 2015 by Tray Caladan

More articles by this Author: Tray Caladan

PS - Pluto by the W.M. Blog Editor


PLUTO – NEW HORIZONS – July 14, 2015
Image courtesy of NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Institute

New Horizons is an interplanetary space probe that was launched as part of NASA’s New Frontiers program. Engineered by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), with a team led by S. Alan Stern, the spacecraft was launched to study Pluto, its moons and the Kuiper belt, performing flybys of the Pluto system and one or more other Kuiper belt objects (KBOs).

Artist’s impression of New Horizons' close encounter with the Pluto–Charon system.
Image courtesy of NASA/JHU APL/SwRI/Steve Gribben

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