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Just Creepy!! ~ More Eerie 'Ghost Cities' Popping Up

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Just Creepy!! ~ More Eerie 'Ghost Cities' Popping Up

Way too much to put here with all the pics & all, so I'll put the link for you all to look at....


I saw this a few years ago, and its plans. The United States has been put out to pasture as the blueprint for this society has expired. People are beginning to figure out the US "hoax". I was told "its just business, its nothing personal". China is now the king and will be for the forseeable future. China is killing about 500,000 people a year due to overwork. The plan has been well laid for the economic destruction of this once wonderful country. The sheeples in the country are the most useless humans on the planet. So self absorbed and wrapped in their material world that they have sold their very childrens futures for a baseball game or a pair of new pumps. Ahh the "Material World"...ring a bell....They always tell of of their plans....You just need to know how to recognize it.


This material thing is what happened in Atlantis as well, among other things including the Annunaki. I'm glad this plan has & is being put in the dust! The sheeple are awakening to what lies ahead for them as well as their future generations! :shock:

I think the hard times in this country have helped to humble people & make them realize that they can get much further working together, than standing as an island. People had to get back to their roots & behaviors of their grandparents & got a major reality check!!!

But this also awakened & brought many Lightworkers to where they are now. Many would not be to the point they are, if it had not happened.

Must remember that everything happens for a reason:)


Thanks for the viewpoint topsin2! This country was next on the list & as a lobster put in a pot until slowly boiled to death....we as a country were almost the lobster!!

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