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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Company » David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

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David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey and David discuss the possible usage of weather weaponry in the recent string of north Pacific earthquakes, related to a massive microwave energy pulse on September 4th. The commentary over the past few days has highlighted divergences in the truther movement in a way which is empowering for observers. The more our beliefs are challenged with new data the greater the temptation to reject it to maintain our perspectives and beliefs. 

Michael Salla's recent article on the Nazi fly over of Washington DC has provided a catalyst of discussion for many so-called UFO religions to come to the fore. We are in a time of harmonization, and this means any point of separation will be highlighted so as to facilitate reunion and transformation. The cabal have worked for thousands of years to keep us divided and programed to fight amongst ourselves, and it will take an honest and hard look in the mirror to realize some of our most cherished beliefs are keeping us in perpetual conflict. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (September 2nd 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance FAQ # 96

How is it that you are safe? Why are you free to tell all their secrets without being eliminated? How were you able to return to earth? Why would they risk allowing someone like you to return and become a whistleblower?

I am under a certain amount of protection. This protection is based on my own behavior and can be nullified by my behavior or "Karmic Energy".

I had not planned on coming out into the open. This decision was made for me by the executive decisions of some researchers who have lost their way ethically. It does appear that it was apart of the over all plan for me to come out eventually. I would preferred to have come out as my full identity under my own terms after I had taken steps to put in further security measures.

I and my family have not gone through this process with zero interference or death threats.

I had someone leave a note and a bullet in my mailbox at my home. I have been directly threatened by different "cabal" associated groups and individuals and have had a coordinated campaign to discredit me through compromised researchers, bloggers and triggered individuals in the "Truther Field".

This field is completely infiltrated and has been since it began in the 1950's. It has been manipulated and controlled by operatives since its inception. Those in it who believe this manipulation couldn't happen to them are speaking out of Ego and are most likely already targets themselves. There have been some researchers in the field that have become psychologically compromised and could not resist writing themselves into the narrative of what they were researching. This has all been crafted by design by those who have infiltrated and manipulated (handled) people in this field. This is not me speaking out of spite against some who have targeted me but is just an uncomfortable truth.

Those who say I have not had death threats or been threatened are misinformed. The opposite is true.

We even had a couple of incidents where my family has been terrorized. Being that there are such vicious trolls and unethical bloggers/researchers out there who are ready to pounce on anything I say... I make sure to keep information that includes my family out of the public eye. These people will then make a target of them or accuse me of making up stories of their very real experiences.

Make no mistake that we are putting our lives and reputations in extreme jeopardy and have already payed some serious costs to date. It has caused fear and anxiety in my family because they have not felt safe in their own home at times.

If not for the SSP Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance wishing me to come forward with these disclosures it would not be happening. The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates have kept a very tight reign on the Ufology/Truther Field from the beginning. If not for these opposition groups this status quo would be in effect.

The Ufology/Truther Field however was infiltrated and compromised to the point that it is divided between people who have developed their own personal "UFO Religions" based on the many different divergent sources of information out there.

There is more disinformation floating around in this field than at any other time in history. Discernment is key.

[One of the reasons I think all information has value is the ability for consciousness to recognize patterns. In this case, the pattern of truth seeking vs dogma maintenance, which is a potential pitfall on the road to knowledge. 

Truth seeking usually starts because of a catalyzing event of some kind, where something in our lives causes us to question the seemingly secure beliefs of the past. We might be someone who doesn't believe in a creator or life after death, and then we'll have a near death experience which shakes loose those previously held beliefs. In this way the tension between what we have accepted as truth in the past will always be conflicting with insights and experiences of the future. When a belief of the past begins to dissolve amid an inrushing of new data, the truth seeking instinct takes hold. This is a point of transformation, or conscious death, were we have a chance to let go of the old, and embrace the new. 

But transformation towards harmony is not automatic, in fact, the more we are overwhelmed by emotions, the more likely we will be to reject a new experience in favor of maintaining an old belief system. 

Enter the self policing trauma based mind control of the cabal. Fear of the unknown is a natural consequence to the experience of relative knowledge, that as spiritual beings we enter into an incarnate experience that causes us to forget everything, and in doing so rediscover everything. The Cabal know that personality evolution is a slow process of reflecting knowledge within, and it will produce intense emotions that are also unknown to us. The method for making sense of the unknown is a process of life experience merging with past knowledge. 

Our beliefs shape our subjective experience, in that what we choose to believe creates the mindal structure for the energy of awareness to pass through; generating emotions. If we believe that governments are here to help us, and they would never do anything to harm the people, any experience which causes this belief to be doubted will create a strong emotional charge. This is where the choice point of truth vs ignorance, love vs fear is made. And choosing to investigate government corruption will be emotionally turbulent because that old belief will dissolve and with it the emotional comfort it gave us. If we are brave enough to follow the truth wherever it leads, a new and more accurate belief system will be formed, and with it a new logical structure for producing emotions. 

The more holistic this new belief system, the more it harmonizes with all our knowledge, the more positive the generated emotions will be. This means that truth seeking is a progressive and rhythmic process, because as new information is drawn into our awareness, that which was stable in mind is unsettled, and then reorganized. We will always be passing through seasons of knowing and unknowing, of certainty and uncertainty. 

Because this experience can create intense emotions, what often happens in the truther community is we get stuck in one belief system or another. The initial jump down the rabbit hole is usually such a powerful and sometimes negative experience, that we wont want to go through it again in the future. This manifests as what Corey calls truther or UFO religions, where we've developed a fairly complete belief system and fear loosing the stability it brings us. 

The Cabal know this process all to well, and have intentionally seeded many belief systems into the awakening community for the specific goal of leading people astray. That's why keeping an open mind about everything, and researching as much data as possible is essential to avoid a dogmatic belief system. 

Imagine if you could take all the various articles, research papers, videos, blog posts, etc and render them down to their core data points. Now place those all on the table and use your conscious mind to play the game of comparison. What would happen is a recognition of how many things conflict with each other, and that some belief systems require the total dismissal of data researched in other fields. But eventually a pattern would form, and all the data points would organize in our minds to reflect an accurate truth. And the more inclusive this new truth, the more it incorporates everything, the more likely it is of really being the truth. Once we lay claim to a truth, it never goes away, but it will transform once new data is added to it; expanding consciousness and enhancing perception as a result. 

Conversely, some beliefs require rejecting any data without investigation. The flat earth theories (that I have reviewed) are founded on several premises which assume that certain fields of observation are totally false. In order to accept flat earth theories as valid, one needs to believe that all photographs, videos and scientific observation over the past 4,000 years is a grand conspiracy and a fabrication. If no investigation is ever done into space age observations, then this belief is fairly easy to maintain. But even a little research can begin opening many doors.

In the end, everyone is doing the best the can with what they have to work with. In my view, the wild reactions in the truther community come from a very personal part of ourselves, where we seek comfort in the knowledge we've acquired over the years. Not many people feel good knowing they were duped into a false belief system, and in the face of that realization, some will fight to protect their reality bubbles at all costs. 

Thankfully the truth has eternal patience and compassion. It respects the free will choices of others to reject it, but at the same time never wavers from what IS. I have learned not to try and win a battle with someone who is not interested in an open hearted and minded discussion. When they are reacting, I recognize that and do my best to stay compassionate and loving. As Julian recently said in our second to last interview, you have to address the emotion with compassion first, then the mind will be ready to receive the truth.]

Related Justin and Julian on the Get Lit Show, with Shama Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn | August 22nd 2015 at 4:00pm EST

Comment about discernment:

We are all flexing our discernment muscles a lot more lately, Corey! I noticed a researcher who has been prominent in recent weeks has been increasingly negative and rushing to judgement in certain areas. Statements about others do not serve to show him in a good light when he has obviously not done his homework. The red flag is up and those of us who are paying attention see it... Thank you so much for your continued hard work despite the chaos swirling up the dust around us. I, among so many, sincerely appreciate your information and insight. I look forward to each post and Gaiam show. Much love and continued strength to you and your family.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, indeed... I do not think they have realized yet that their attacks and behavior has backfired. They are still caught up in their own reactionary behavior and devolved mindset. The sad thing is that I really respected them and trusted them at one point. I found out in this field how quickly people can and DO turn against you and go from close friend to vicious enemy. It has been shocking to a point that I do not trust people in it with certain information any longer. Some of these people are seriously psychologically damaged and rationalize their behavior away for manufactured reasons. It has been a humbling and amazing journey/learning experience for me to find out how things (and people I once looked up to) REALLY work and behave in the background.


Comment about divine protection:

I believe that Jesus is giving you divine protection in this project."There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed. There is nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open".

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance He certainly has delivered me from a lot of negative influences. I have to agree. If you listened to my second audio interview on Youtube you will understand why I agree in detail. I go into entity attachments. They are very real and a tool used by programs via black magic and ET's to torment and control people. This is indeed a spiritual and physical battle that we are taking part in. TPTW do all they can to make us forget about the part that is unseen. This gives them the advantage. 


Question about religions and DMT:

Corey, I do have 2 questions that I couldn't find in the FAQ. Forgive me if they are there amongst all the other great questions. 

1. Have the BA's ever mentioned anything about all the different religions here on earth?
2. A lot of people, that took DMT, reported seeing beings welcoming them and giving/showing them knowledge of the higher kind. Are those beings, which strangely all absolutely match the other stories of DMT users, are they the Blue Avians? Those beings are said to be very loving and emit a positive energy so the person needs not to be scared. Thank you for taking time to read my questions. Much love

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance The BA's have talked about spirituality but not organized religions. I would speculate and pass on my personal opinion based on studies I witness, that DMT and synthetics there of pull apart the veil to other dimensions (different than densities) and allow those to see what they could not otherwise. It also seems that whatever polarity the experiencer is determines the type of experience or polarity of beings they encounter. This is sort of a spot light shining inward to let a person know what path they are on.


Comment about discrediting campaign:

I've always been wondering why "they" have not gone after you for revealing such info and why "their" attempts have failed.........people are usually assassinated/discredited/making them out to crazy etc. I've assumed that "they" were getting sloppy and not what they used to be........your article clears everything up for me........thank you!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance They have worked extremely hard through their proxy agents in the field and through those they can manipulate to discredit me. I knew as long as I stuck to the truth and tried my best to stay out of the dog fights that I would be okay. Some of these negatively polarized people have gotten very personal and nasty baiting me into the ring. The invasions into my home and what happened with my family however was a major turning point. This is when things really went south with the SSP Alliance and I in some meetings. We have been working to repair those rifts since then. 


Thanks to Justin at:


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