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The Sociopathic Subjugation of Women

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1 The Sociopathic Subjugation of Women on Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:42 am


The Sociopathic Subjugation of Women

by Zen Gardner - Sep 8, 2015
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by Zen Gardner
Many have touched on this subject but it’s rarely directly addressed. Apparently it’s too embarrassing or exposing or some such like. The male dominated hierarchical control system for sure doesn’t like it one bit so you won’t hear much about this.
Women used to rule whole societies, governments and even epochs of history. Their nature is receptive and fundamentally loving, wise and nurturing. It was not “emasculating” for a male to exist in such a society, as it was governed by love and wisdom and the honoring of all phases of human existence.
Including the male role of protection, providing and support on his own level, as was the female within her roles.

All Should Be Included

What burns my tail is the false historical as well as Hollow-wood movie versions of the feminine role, reinforced by every facet of media and society. It’s infuriating. As if women were here to serve and obey and debase themselves in some subservient capacity. It’s sick and so very wrong.
Being a male and coming to this realization in my life has been no easy task. It takes guts for any or us to face up to this. The fortitude to come to a greater knowledge and understanding despite the onslaught of historical, media and societal manipulation, as evident in so many areas summons. The world we view today is a hierarchical one, fully male dominated, and is an obvious travesty to anyone’s conscious awareness.
This significant and oft overlooked aspect is one of particular importance.
As out of balance as today’s “whirled” is, it’s no wonder that virtually every aspect of our programmed understanding is askew. This ingrained feminine debasement and subjugation is an underpinning that is being not only completely denied, but at the same time perpetrated and flaunted at every level of the social engineers’ programmed agenda.
And for a definite purpose. To again undercut our source and connectivity to everything natural that sustains our true nature and conscious awareness.
The war agenda is testament to this machismo-driven, off-base insanity. What mother would ever send her child off to war never mind want to see her child killed by such insanity in some targeted war zone?
Therein is the heart cry of true living humanity, and the cry of the mother of us all.

Shooting from the Hip

I don’t pretend to know every aspect of this truth but I know it’s there, in spades. And there is a plethora of historical, philosophical and spiritual research to back this up. The divine feminine has been denied at every possible stage. Oh, they honor the beauty of the feminine form and all that, but females have been overwhelmingly portrayed as sex objects and inanimate sources for work, pleasure and satisfaction for way, way too long.
We have to see it for what it is.
Do you have the fortitude to face this head on? Can you see it for what it really is? Was your mother simply a sex toy at the whim of an aggressive male and you were the byproduct? Is that all that this is about, with a few warm and fuzzies thrown in on motherhood, cuddling and breastfeeding? Where do you really stand?
Something to think about.
Is that another reason why they’re raping mother earth to death? Is all this a hierarchical play by psychopathic “boys” or entities at whatever vibrational level out to prove their supposed “worth”?  No doubt there’s more to the story. It’s spiritual to the core but has massive ramifications.
All I can say is it’s wrong. Very wrong. And we need to change our ways. All of us. And append this manipulated change toward true loving existence.
Honor to whom honor is due. The birthing world will be different in many ways because of this paradigm shift. It will happen.
I stand in awe, gratitude and immense respect to the divine as well as human encased feminine.
Here’s to our mothers and sisters and loving ancestors. May you all know how loved, honored and appreciated you are by the true, conscious humans who stand by your sides.
Love always paves the way.
In honor and gratitude, Zen

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