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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » Stabbing of Dr. Mary Rene Bovier in her home marks TENTH alternative doctor murdered in past few months

Stabbing of Dr. Mary Rene Bovier in her home marks TENTH alternative doctor murdered in past few months

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Stabbing of Dr. Mary Rene Bovier in her home marks TENTH alternative doctor murdered in past few months

Posted on September 10, 2015 by lozzafun

Thursday, September 10, 2015 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
(NaturalNews) A mysterious string of alternative health practitioner deaths has culminated with the tragic murder of a Pennsylvania osteopath by the name of Dr. Mary Rene Bovier, D.O., the tenth such suspicious death to occur since late spring. On August 12, Dr. Bovier, 65, was reportedly found stabbed to death in her home in Sharon, Pennsylvania, in a scene that authorities say is indicative of homicide.
Local police say they’ve already identified a “person of interest” who they suspect might be responsible for Dr. Bovier’s murder. This person, who apparently lives right across the street from Dr. Bovier’s now-empty residence, appears to have been acquainted with the osteopathic physician and her integrative practice.
With a license to practice medicine that was valid through July 2017, Dr. Bovier had been running a successful integrative health practice at PsyCare, an Ohio-based outpatient network that specializes in behavioral and healthcare counseling. Dr. Bovier reportedly offered both traditional and alternative treatments at this clinic.
Dr. Bovier’s name has since been removed from the PsyCare staff directory, but a page archived in the WayBack Machine on July 31, 2014, lists her as a practicing physician.
Dr. Bovier’s body was reportedly discovered in her home in the early morning hours of August 12, shortly after a neighbor (the person of interest) called the police at around 7:00 a.m. to provide notice of a deceased person. Upon arrival, police noticed that Dr. Bovier had not simply died but was targeted, prompting an autopsy and corresponding investigation.
“On arrival, officers felt that something didn’t look right,” Sharon Police Chief Gerald Smith told WFMJ. “She appeared to be stabbed, detectives were called out immediately and at this point in time we’re treating this as a homicide. I can tell you that the person we’re talking to is a close friend of hers.”
Police officers reportedly interviewed the man who made the call and even obtained a search warrant to comb his house for evidence that might link him to the crime. This man, who is not being identified publicly, was later released from interrogation after officers came up with nothing pinning him to the murder.
Doctors investigating GcMAF treatment targeted: was Dr. Bovier one of them?
Many of the sources covering Dr. Bovier’s untimely murder have been publishing conflicting information about her age, her relationship to the person of interest — some are saying he was just a friend, while others have identified him as Dr. Bovier’s former boyfriend — and even whether or not the person of interest was ever arrested or was merely questioned by police in his home.
Even Dr. Bovier’s relationship with PsyCare’s Tiffany Clinic in Boardman, where she had reportedly worked prior to her death, remains somewhat unclear. WFMJ reports that Dr. Bovier’s name still appears “at her former office,” even though she supposedly hadn’t worked there for the past two years. Her name has also since been removed from PsyCare’s website.
According to HealthGrades, a service that allows patients to rate their physicians, Dr. Bovier was a specialist in osteopathic manipulative therapy, something that most D.O.s no longer do, according to Health Nut News‘s Erin Elizabeth. HealthGrades also lists Dr. Bovier’s practice as being part of Calcutta Family Care in East Liverpool, Ohio, rather than the Tiffany Clinic in Boardman.
Why are these details important? Because Dr. Bovier is the tenth integrative physician (that we know of) to suffer a mysterious death so far this summer for reasons that remain elusive. Like all the others who died before her, Dr. Bovier appears to have embraced a healing approach other than pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, and she might have been involved in research that would have struck at the heart of these powerful industries.
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, the first doctor to turn up dead, was found floating in the Broad River near Chimney Rock, North Carolina, on June 19. The Washington Post reported that he had a gunshot wound to his chest, and a gun was found in the water nearby. Law enforcement immediately tagged Dr. Bradstreet’s death as a suicide, but who shoots himself in the chest? Dr. Bradstreet’s family has since hired a private investigative team to dig into the case further.
Just a few days later on June 21, Father’s Day, two other doctors were found dead. Dr. Baron Holt, D.C., 33, and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, D.C., Ph.D., were both from Florida; Dr. Bradstreet was also practicing in Florida. Both men were chiropractors, both were fathers, and both were found mysteriously dead on the East Coast of Florida.
In the following days, Dr. Teresa Sievers, osteopath Dr. Lisa Riley, Dr. Ron Schwartz, M.D., Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, M.D., and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez also went missing or were found dead. Each of their stories suggests foul play, especially after it was revealed that many of them had been involved in investigating the use of the GcMAF molecule in treating autism, cancer, and other diseases.
Was Dr. Bovier involved in this important research, which appears to offer a real solution to many of our nation’s most prominent chronic diseases? Was she targeted like the others were for deviating from the status quo and trying to help people rather than just profit from treating their symptoms?
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