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The Problem with Aliens

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1 The Problem with Aliens on Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:23 pm



The Problem with Aliens

[A Criticism of the ‘God is an Alien’ Theory)
by Doug Yurchey

What one philosophy harmonizes the problems and conflicts? New Age people; some very enlightened and very intelligent students (of what it’s all about) will speak confidently that we, humans, were the result of ALIEN-ENGINEERING. Aliens have been biologically, genetically engineering the human race all along…for thousands of years, they will insist. God is an alien. The philosophy of an Alien-Creator or Creators has a definite appeal. We have the answer of how impossible creations from the past, that require high levels of technology, could have been realistically constructed. We have the possible answer to the question, ‘Where did the old, vast, physical and astronomical knowledge come from?’ Of course, ALIENS accelerated the primitive primates! Ah, wait…there will be bumpy roads ahead on this path. Do not supplant God with aliens. Do not make ‘aliens’ another religion.
Alright, here is where aliens come into the picture. With the logical understanding that there can be only a singular truth, the possibility exists that early extraterrestrials had a hand in our genesis. After all, ET knowledge can account for the prehistoric buildings seemingly made by supermen. Believing the explanation is ‘aliens’ for everything is no better than believing the answer to everything is God. The problem with Von Danikenism is the philosophic Creation-theory still includes ‘primates.’ Von Danikenism was never better illustrated than in A. C. Clarke’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’
Directly from Erich Von Daniken comes the plot for the book and film, ‘2001.’ Primal Cro-Magnons are sitting around as stupid as ever. They fight for rights to a water source with another rival tribe. Then, ‘uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!’…a weird thing appears to one of the primates. The creature does not know what a monolith is; it has smooth sides and perfect edges. Our hairy ancestor had never experienced such an amazing wonder. The ‘Cro-Magnon’ thought for the first time. It had the first ‘intelligent’ idea in the early history of the human race. What was the thought? Of course, it was a WEAPON. Soon, the creature shared the discovery with others of his tribe. Very quickly, they all carried bones as weapons and defeated their enemies. This sci-fi was never intended to be sci-fi. It is modern theology masked as a big movie. (‘Stanley Kubrick was brilliant, but…’).
The scenario was a revelation in its time of the nineteen sixties. Today, evidence suggests the fallacy of a slow/natural evolution. We should know by now that the ancient stonework is so old that it nullifies the concept of primitive primates. Why would Erich Von Daniken and Arthur C. Clarke believe that we evolved from ape ancestors and express it in their viewpoints? The answer is these writers, researchers wanted acceptance from the scientific community for their theories or stories. Clarke and Von Daniken, men of science, are anti-Intelligent Design. Catering to the scientific community at the time, right or wrong, their views got supported and promoted by the establishment. Von Daniken bows to Science. On his website, the webmaster absolutely does not want to hear from pseudo-science people or from psychics. They are strictly science-oriented. Is this because the idea of alien-progenitors is so outrageous to traditionalists?

Scientists of the present remain locked in a bloodless battle over Evolution and the basic question of, ‘Did we originate from a type of ape?’ One scientific movement opposes Darwin. For decades, they have been called ‘Evolutionists against Darwinism.’ Then, there are multitudes of Science halls that continue to respect the work of Charles Darwin. When we watch shows of the future, such as ‘Star Trek,’ writers remain steadfast in their portrayals of tomorrow’s scientist’s contentions that we came from primates. Science-oriented, projected-future shows maintaining Darwinism will be proven to be fallible and misguided. British halls honoring Darwin will become obsolete.

What is wrong with an alien-genesis that is updated, without the need for primate inclusion?
As mentioned before, plenty of contemporaries feel aliens were involved with the first humans. But, they do not necessarily prescribe to an ape ancestry. The new thought is steering away from classic Evolution while the ‘alien’ aspect is gaining more acceptances. We need to refine the entire alien-influence concept. Nowadays, writers do not have to defer to (traditional) Holy Sciences as it was in the 1960s.


Von Danikenism demonstrates a need to discover the one, all-encompassing Creation hypothesis. One philosophy must harmonize the real points brought forth by the other, widely divergent, theories. When we attribute aliens as responsible for the fantastic creations of prehistory, we greatly diminish what HUMANS have accomplished.

Von Danikenism, the idea that primates were intellectually (biologically) stimulated and unnaturally advanced by aliens, illustrates the need to explain our sudden acceleration.
God did not come down and wave a wand; nature’s course did not mutate an intense and quick advancement. What could possibly explain how we went from ape to flying god? Something had to greatly accelerate prehistoric, human intelligence and technology to explain the remnants of the gods on Earth. Or, our genesis happened a different way.

Author’s note: In the 1970s, Erich Von Daniken was one of my heroes. I championed his ‘alien’ cause. Today, its ‘primate’ basis must be challenged. Did aliens play other roles?

Possibly, the entire perspective of traditional thinking is wrong. Classic Von Danikenism, a third alternative, could also use a tweak when it misunderstands and begins with inferior proto-humans.
The wonderworks of the past are better explained created by our ultra-human ancestors and not by cave-people. Aliens, also, might not have been involved. We can forget huddled primitives starting and surviving in caves while spaceships landed. Aliens did not conduct experiments producing human-hybrids. (The idea may be true today, but not as our Creation). One positive for the alien-theory, it explains how one group of ape could advance while other groups did not in the same period. But, as readers will realize in later chapters, the emphasis should be placed on a Homo sapiens-origin and not an alien one. There is no need for thinking, ‘aliens did it.’

‘Aliens didn’t build the pyramids, HUMANS built the pyramids!’ - Gene Roddenberry
The concept that the first intelligent thought by the first peoples would be the invention of a ‘weapon’ is offensive. Eden-in-the-real-world Atlanteans may have been super-humans with sophisticated technologies at their disposal. By the end of ‘We Are Fallen Gods,’ readers will be introduced to more pieces of a New Genesis; a different, unique perspective. If the beginnings of human life on Earth did not start as we have been taught, and worlds of science have been shown to be far off the mark, then our genesis could have been quite opposite from primitive primates. The opposite is an incredible, Mega-Metropolis run by supermen and superwomen!

It depends on what state of technology you place for the starting point of the human race on Earth.
Did we begin near the crowns of Creation or did we emerge from the slimy ooze? Was Intelligent Design not conducted by the Christian God, but were artificial acts by human-aliens? Consider the following possibility. What if the real creators or seeders; those we truly owe our existence to on this planet…were HUMANS so advanced that they only seemed like aliens? They/we were once gods that possessed telekinesis; could read minds and utilize portions of the brain untapped today. Humans could have accomplished all that Von Daniken attributes to alien visitors. If not Intelligent Design by God, could Creation have been a synthetic cloning by advanced humans?
Maybe it is time to give ourselves more credit and have the proper view of history?

Pretend archeologists have ONLY discovered grass huts, simple tools and other crude items of primitive conditions uncovered in rock excavations. This is precisely what we should find of prehistoric times; evidence of that slow move to modernism clearly etched, over time, in stone. This is all we should find if tradition rings true. There would be no squashed trilobites on the bottom of fossilized sandals. There would be no dinosaur tracks along with human tracks at the Paluxy River. Evidence clearly proving Natural Selection should be obvious and stand before us. That evidence has not been found. But, significant mysteries have been discovered. Instead of barbaric beginnings, we have the shattered remnants of a worldwide Metropolis where the ‘same builders’ constructed ‘impossible’ sites forming an ancient World (electrical power) Grid. Researchers should step back and examine the PATTERN or global organization of similar prehistoric sites.
See a new panorama where ‘aliens’ are not the answer for every mystery of heaven and Earth. UFO saucers, that make impossible turns at unbelievable speeds, are not necessarily alien. They are probably crafts made on Earth. (In ‘alien’ is a lie…aLIEn).

What is a truer philosophy? What is the New Genesis? What answer or philosophy has the least ‘problems’ and could be closest to historical fact? Later chapters will further explore a new, logical path to follow. The difficulty is touching the light; hearing the bell; seeing the trees in spite of the forest. The hardest part is cutting though the B.S. and the many years of pre-conceived ignorance. It is extremely difficult to understand what has come before our modern world. Thanks to our educational systems, which have been miserable failures, people wallow in streams of cloudy misinterpretations.
They have been misinformed with disinformation and propaganda.

We still do not know for certain, but that does not stop the myriad of sources that will inform you precisely what occurred in the past. The problems are the answers are greatly different. No one knows the single, unequivocal, truth because you can’t handle the truth. What this writer/researcher has found after 35 years of examining the big question of life on Earth, is that the record of real events more resembles a science-fiction epic. Once you add the element of high technical advancement among early Indians, the entire portrait changes. History certainly was never similar to the dull, drab, slow, cold, conservative, boring picture the traditionalists paint. Who believes the incredible? Very few do and the only way to understand the past is to be open to the incredible. If we cannot accept a New Genesis or new view, then we will continue to live in foggy ambiguity.

A good idea, if students really care about finding reality, is to throw everything away that you have ever learned! To repeat, throw away everything you have ever learned. Start again. This time question all of it and just consider real, proven facts. Also, consider the mysteries of life. Do not steer around them. If mysteries remain, then you have not found the truth. Major enigmas will disappear in the light of truth.

The next chapters will be hard for readers to digest. Previous chapters had to lay the foundation that something is very wrong with the status quo or usual perceptions of the past. Let us draw back the curtains and view something new and different on stage. Imagine what ‘the answer’ to human genesis could be. Answers are not uncomplicated.

A representation of what really occurred in the past will be presented in the following pages. Not only will the question of ‘how’ we arrived on Earth be tested, but WHY? WHY are we here? It might not be as simplistic as ‘to serve God and love one another’ as suggested. It might boil down to a technical answer whose relevance only pertained to the world of 50,000 years ago. The true, specific ANSWER to our existence might not apply or have any real usefulness today (outside of to those curious few that must know).

If we truly knew for sure, the very least of it results in no longer believing the lies. Finally; and that would be a very good thing, indeed. Or, are we so damned apathetic today that relatively few people have the desire to know? Have we lost our curiosity and imagination? This writer believes it is very important to know the ‘one truth.’ It is important to not travel along divided, dead-end roads. It is important to come near the mark and no longer be unaware. We should emerge out of our dark caves of ignorance and wonder about the monolith of light we see in front of us. Think for the first time.

David Hatcher Childress responded after he read my article on World-Mysteries called ‘Von Daniken’s Mistake.’

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the CD, etc.
Yes, your material is very interesting.
I agree with much of it.
It is like the Atlantean Power Grid went down...
Do you have my book: Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods?
Check it out at:

All for now,
--David Hatcher Childress
Michael A. Cremo also replied and explained where he stood on the subject. Here was what I wrote in response to his email:

You sure have a point - as I also agree. Any advanced civilization has contacts with aliens and maybe even alien embassies…like in Star Trek or Star Wars. But, too much has been made of our CAVEMAN, primitive ancestors...there's too much of a belief in Darwinism and traditional 'primates.' - and in my eyes...that's what's screwing everyone up away from the truth. We need to give our human ancestors more credit for the gods they/we once were!
ATLANTIS, Giza, Inca, Stonehenge, Easter Is., Zimbabwe, Tassili, Delhi Pillar,
Yonaguni, Alice Springs, USSR, Brazil, Canada

The above article is an excerpt from ‘We Are Fallen Gods.’ Write and see how to get a signed copy of the 300-page manuscript. 
Copyright by Doug Yurchey
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission

Thanks to Tray at:


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