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Posted on September 12, 2015

A GROWING number of everyday Territorians including farmers, nurses and psychologists are reporting that they’ve been abducted by aliens, according to the principal of the Australian Close Encounter Research Network.  ACERN principal Mary Rodwell, based in Queensland, said she received between 10-15 reports of alien abduction from the NT every six months on top of hundreds of others from around the globe.  “The sightings and experiences seems to have escalated, they’re certainly on the rise in the Northern Territory,” Ms Rodwell said.  “It’s mostly rural areas (in the NT) but I’ve got a few from Darwin as well.”  According to Ms Rodwell, most abductees are reluctant to tell their stories publicly because they fear being ridiculed.  “They (abductees from the NT) are everyday people; farmers, nurses and even a psychologist from Darwin,” she said.  “That’s mostly not just sightings but people who feel they’ve had some sort of interaction with (extraterrestrial beings).  “I suspect the number (of those abducted) is a lot higher than that because indigenous people have been experiencing this for centuries but very rarely report it.”  Ms Rodwell is a trained counsellor and former nurse who supports and advocates for abductees from around the world.  She said aliens took various forms, according to her clients.
“We’re talking about different types of intelligence,” she said.  “The ones the public know about are the grey beings that have been popularised.  “But there are many different types of humanoids, beings that look like energy or feline beings or chrystalised, tall white or blue beings, a huge range.  “Some children describe some of those beings coming into their room and feeling OK about it, not frightened or scared, but feeling in some way that they’re looked after.  “Only 30 per cent of those who come to me are frightened others feel connected on a profound level.  She said the abductions often took place on the road and left abductees with “missing periods of time.”  “Sometimes (they abductees) find themselves outside with doors locked from inside and no idea how got there … many are left with marks on their bodies that are fluorescent under ultra light, strange bruises and marks.”  Those targeted by aliens usually have family members who have also been abducted, according to Ms Rodwell.  “It’s often intergenerational … you’ll see it right down to children who say ‘mummy, I was taken somewhere last night’,” she said.  “They’ll talk about going through walls and energies on a space craft or some of the beings they see.”  Ms Rodwell said abductees shared similar experiences aboard space crafts hailing from “a whole range of stars systems including Orion, Taurus and even other galaxies as well.”  “The common thread is that there are procedures done and genetic material is taken,” she said.  “And there seems to be an educational component where (the abductees) are shown things on (Earth) that need to change.  “There’s a strong ecological message about not having warfare and of living more holistic lifestyles and treating each other in more loving ways.”  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe




I wish they would come and grab me.Then leave me somewhere out in the universe all by myself.



I was wondering if you 2 saw this. LOL

So... do you know any abductees yet?

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


No, but I am sure my wife is an alien sometimes . lol



  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Well Tony Abbot after tonight LOl!!


Here you go Nannee.... :)

Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott Is Overthrown by His Own Party

By Reuters and VICE News
September 14, 2015 | 7:00 am

Australia will get its fifth prime minister in eight years after the ruling Liberal Party on Monday voted out Tony Abbott in favor of longtime rival Malcolm Turnbull following months of speculation and crumbling support from voters.
Turnbull, a multi-millionaire former banker and tech entrepreneur, won a secret party room vote by 54 to 44, Liberal Party whip Scott Buchholz told reporters after the meeting in Canberra.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was elected deputy leader of the party which, with junior coalition partner the National Party, won a landslide election in 2013.
Since then, the popularity of the government and Abbott in particular has suffered from a series of perceived policy missteps, destabilizing infighting and leaks.
The opposition Labor Party has consistently led opinion polls, while Turnbull has been consistently viewed as preferred prime minister.
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"Ultimately, the prime minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our nation needs," Turnbull told reporters at parliament house ahead of the vote. "We need a different style of leadership."
Abbott pledged to fight the challenge but was ultimately unsuccessful in overcoming the "destabilization" that he said had been taking place within the party over months.
He walked stony faced out of the party room following the vote and did not speak to reporters.
Abbott ousted Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party in 2009 although Turnbull has consistently been seen as a preferred prime minister. However, Turnbull's support for a carbon trading scheme, gay marriage, and an Australian republic have made him unpopular with his party's right wing.
'It's pretty amazing to think that we will have had two prime ministers overthrown in their first terms, which hasn't happened since World War Two'
The challenge came as Australia's $1.5 trillion economy struggles to cope with the end of a once-in-a-century mining boom and just days before a by-election in Western Australia state widely seen as a test of Abbott's leadership.
Abbott had earlier dismissed reports about a challenge as "gossip."
Peter Chen, a political scientist from the University of Sydney, said Turnbull faced the same problem as Kevin Rudd, a former Labor prime minister toppled by his own party. "He is popular with the public, but not necessarily within his own party," Chen said.
Abbott has continued to defy popular opinion inside and outside his party, despite pledging to be more consultative, blocking his MPs from supporting same-sex marriage and announcing an emissions reduction target criticized as inadequate by environmental groups.
He agreed last week to take in 12,000 Syrian refugees but the news was overshadowed by rumors of a cabinet reshuffle and an insensitive gaffe about climate change, caught by a microphone at a meeting, by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.
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A Fairfax-Ipsos poll published on Monday showed that voters in the seat of Canning in Western Australia could deliver a swing of up to 10 percent against the government in Saturday's by-election.
That would not be enough for Labor to win the seat but it would be seen as a disastrous outcome for Abbott's leadership just a year out from a scheduled general election.
The change of leaders is the latest sign of political instability in Australia, which has in recent years been convulsed by backroom machinations and party coups that have shaken public and business confidence in government.
Rudd, elected with a strong mandate in 2007, was deposed by his deputy, Julia Gillard, in 2010 amid the same sort of poll numbers that Abbott is now facing. Gillard was in turn deposed by Rudd ahead of elections won by Abbott in 2013.
Abbott has now become the shortest reigning first-term prime minister to be overthrown, Rod Tiffen, an emeritus professor of political science at the University of Sydney, told Reuters.
"It's pretty amazing to think that we will have had two prime ministers overthrown in their first terms, which hasn't happened since World War Two. This shows the degree of instability within parties that we now have," he said.
Labor Party leader Bill Shorten, in a scathing press statement following Turnbull's announcement, dismissed the idea the Turnbull was capable of changing the government's trajectory.
"Australia does not need another out of touch, arrogant, Liberal leader. Australia needs a change of government," Shorten told reporters in Canberra.
Follow VICE News on Twitter: @vicenews

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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Yep watched this unfold last night!  Told you the aliens would take this big eared fool yayyyyyyyy!

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