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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » * Iraqi dinar - recently being said * Date: Friday, 6-Jul-2012 23:27:50

* Iraqi dinar - recently being said * Date: Friday, 6-Jul-2012 23:27:50

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* Iraqi dinar - recently being said *
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 6-Jul-2012 23:27:50
Hi, Folks -
LATEST WORD IS AT THE TOP - forwarded from Dinar Recaps:

10:29 PM [Precious] Bigdog55: trigger51: 7:15 PM CST .......... My source just called she spoke with her "contact" said it is HAPPENING NOW. The RV and Prosperity packages are going together. Do not ask me what PPs are, if u don't know you don't NEED to know.
She said the hold up was that some small countries who thought they were Basil compliant , were not after they ran the swift codes....but now all is good and everyone is on board... That is all guys.
trigger51: So lets just say several "DIFFERENT” SOURCES have similar information hint hint...its good when people have same stuff and wayyy different sources

Found at :
7-6-2012 Intel Guru Footforward Even if we get into ramadan its not a problem. Iraq did all they needed to do a long time ago. This is not going to be held up for ramadan. i thought it would have been done already. i take this day by day. im not expecting this to take weeks or months, but we have all been wrong every time about the date so far...its close enough that this can go any time, and they have tried to push it through several times.


7-6-2012 Intel Guru Hammerman ust had a late afternoon meeting yesterday...all i can share is went well very well, also was a meeting between ust, cbi, world bank, also went well. shabibi did give the go ahead to move forward with the rv...china needs to get this done they can not afford the hidden rv bill any longer. ALOT OF GREAT STUFF IN OUR FAVOR, I CANT FIND ANY NEGATIVE...just not expect rv before the 10th...wont happen on a week end or a monday.



Appreciate your consistent sharing of this here. :)

Blessings 2U & ALL Truth seekers... :heart: You are Beloved... no matter what happens....


Thanks YM for keeping us up on the IQD info! sunny

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