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1 BEING HUMAN on Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:56 am



I am the wind
You are the fire                Rumi
The complexity of the Human specie won’t be captured in one article, nor one book for that matter. It goes well beyond 12 tribes, 12 strands and 12 dimensions. It spans beyond our little planet in time and breath, spanning not only the galaxy but the universe at large.
We are not as many would assume; at the peak of our existence, no, not even close. We are a rag-tag remnant of a noble race that has known hardship like no other, and although our numbers would speak otherwise, we are a comparatively small group. Our accepted history would lead us to believe we are a very young group, a modern version of the Homo Sapien that went from spears to rockets within the time span of a thousand years. And while it’s conceivable, it’s also conceivable for a specie to go from rockets to spears in one generation.

We find evidence of ancient high culture upon every continent many thousands of years older than what academia would have us believe. But why? What’s the big secret? What in our history required it to be buried beneath the sands of time, with few scant enigmatic  clues scattered in parable and rumor?
Could it be a repeated campaign of genocide? Could it be that the true knowledge of who we were could empower us beyond the thresholds of yet another genocidal campaign in the making?
It could be argued that our nature (origins) was not the lower dimensional 3D version we are familiar with, and that it was only temporary predicament born of yet an early tragedy locked away in some hidden section of our so called junk DNA. As the planet became periodically amplified, we the people would come one step closer to “we the enlightened immortal beings,” or our standard issue before the fall. Unfortunately galactic miners saw an opportunity amidst our vulnerability.
Originally our slow rate of return was protected by higher race lines during re-colonization, on a planet that’s energetically conducive to our genetic imprint. Earth bears a relationship with humanity that’s code specific, in essence, a true mother whose womb shuns divergent seed deemed alien. Galactic police responded when free worlds and cultivation efforts were threatened. But there came a time of great strife in our galaxy and neighboring ones, when it seemed as though the entire universe was at war, where entire planets and species were lost. The galactic police and their allies were stretched thin, for the offenders grew in great numbers as the portals to the dark side were unleashed.

For millions of years our corner of the universe was upset by the onslaught, the damage in many places was irreparable. So, a great deal of the Star Wars fiction resonates as an element of truth in the form of latent bleed through, from cellular memory. Eventually a stalemate was in accord and agreements were hatched with concessions. However, most of these agreements were not honored by the worst of the lot and occasionally they would be checked and brought back to the bargaining table with short term results.
Was Hybridization within certain worlds was allowed for select species who had lost their ability to regenerate? One can assume that if such concessions were made they left the original root races intact without interference genetically, within the confines of organic evolution, i.e. technological infringement.
However, there was always the fuzzy line called free will choice. If they could entice humans into fair trade agreements they would still be in a blurred accord with contractual agreements. It seems logical that advanced flight technology was purposely downed to provide a human stimulus toward negotiations. Those beings that had mastered the ability to incarnate directly brought through technology which appeared organic and inspirational, while it was by stealth design for the prompting of advanced weaponry which worked toward population reduction campaigns. Select incarnates and hybrids used charisma and fear propaganda combined with frequency modulation to promote apocalyptic programs. It goes without question that the Nazi party were not only inhumane, they were not altogether human. The numbers of the dead during WWII far exceeded the reports made public and many of the bodies went to the victor’s; the ET victor’s!

The USA was fortunately ill considered during this stage, and became a wedge to check the demonic advance. The big question; directly after the war did both Russia and the US become the targets of mass hybridization campaigns by different ET groups? When they opened the doors to trade for technology, did they seal the fate of the military elite and their families, handing away their power structure one hybrid generation at a time, until certain sectors of the military no longer answered to their human brethren but to a nefarious kin?

It would appear that this had been the case for royal family lines for millennia and followed suit wherever a person of wealth became a person of influence.
It’s no leap to assume that the century that borders a celestial wake-up call is a century targeted for mass intervention when illicit occupation is threatened. By controlling and sedating the proposed campaign of bondage insures there will be no surprises. Humanity cannot be sovereign when there are those among us who no longer have our best interests in mind. Being human in appearance is far from the criteria that exemplifies human nature. Perhaps we have become the galactic melting pot in a sense, but as long as we maintain our humanity and accept some measure of planetary responsibility, we still maintain aspects of the greater whole.

We can debate about what it means to be human, and even pass it off as nothing more than a vehicle of expression that is but a means to an end, but if that’s all our species stands for than why is there such a concerted effort to dominate and obliterate our presence. Of course our planet is rare in every sense of the word, but it’s our planet and it is our birthright. Not some commodity to be exploited by galactic miners, who wish to mine our bodies and minds in the process, with hopes of automating our free will through an electronic medium, or by breeding us out of existence like some sort of Saxon covenant.

The gene splicers may be able to splice a bird and a fish but what happens to the collective consciousness? Unity consciousness will be in conflict and no good will come of it, so they continue to splice to establish a happy medium, but if a morphogenetic field isn’t code conducive to the planet from the get go, changing the atmosphere will accomplish little, for the planet will continue to fight against the infestation as would any body’s immune system against plague.

One could argue that there are plenty of star seeds present so I’m splitting hairs, but star seeds that incarnate, incarnate for the perpetuation of the specie and planet not the obliteration of it. They are here in spite of the technological revolution not to precipitate it, but rather as anchors to balance the weight technology brings when it blows as a gale opposed to a steady wind; for the fire which technology ignites is extremely hot and can consume its medium of chance before the awareness of the flame holder catches up. And I believe that this is the hope of nefarious forces.

There are those who would like us to believe that consciousness is all one and collective and that form is irrelevant for all are the same with little advantage, just a sea of holo-grams in an illusorily state of beingness whose only purpose is to be entertained by the collective drama before we awake to a star spangled reality at death. And within certain respects I would concur, but what separates the wheat from the chaff is the fact that we have a soul and are members of a cosmic continuum that stretches up the time matrix to source embodiment. There are plenty of race lines that are limited in this capacity which require a light source to survive. When the cords of inner communion are severed we are easily mislead to believe that things like technology can compensate, while technology is a false god and can easily further the dis-cord. The technologist ET’s are dependent upon technology for their survival, we’re not; at least this wasn’t the case until the Sheppard’s became the sheep, usurped by the medium they so coveted.
Just because a bastardized race abducts and fertilizes the eggs of human females with divergent seed don’t assume for a moment that there will be a willing soul that will participate in this science experiment, unless of course one is not talking the soul of a light being, but rather the spirit of a dark being, which of course would be the phantom matrix equivalent. The exploitation of a mother’s womb be it human or a planet is mining for profit, while the fallout of contamination is seldom considered. In the film Avatar Humans became the miners, threatening the aboriginals of distant worlds for selfish profit. But was it humans or a rouge military driven by mad scientists, and what mentality puts material before life but STS finite philosophy, inherited by finite races.

What’s at stake here is the vehicle and the hologram, the blueprint and the collective consciousness of a race line called humanity and our mother planet. The tipping point is in your face every day, the planed usurpation has been hatched over millennia to ensure our demise, but intervention is constant and unflinching. Yet they carry on with their campaign as if the body politic no longer communicates via the head. The engineered financial collapse, the blockade of food and supplies to create social tyranny, the spread of plague, the big war, the indigo round up, the martial law, the slave labor camps, the great pole shift agenda, the meteor strike, the black hole highway; all loosing traction, all humbled by the one thing that they depended on… TECHNOLOGY!!!

But what of the Galactic Police whose threat once held the multi-verses in submission? Well, it’s true they became but a shadow of their former existence, which now would be better stated as a task force for emergencies. This was due to the general consensus that their large presence became an actual instigation for war, causing offenders to continue the buildup of armaments of greater design, which would eventually lead to galactic destruction, so they scaled back from the bloated armada of millions of ships in a gesture of peace, to allow the healing to begin via diplomacy. The great star wars of the past fell out of memory, while exploitation of species and natural resources continued, albeit in a more clandestine manner, for nobody wanted to return to the great wars of their ancestors.

But the Police were never really gone as one would assume, because the ships they inhabited were not only able to traverse nine dimensions and go as fast as a particle could travel, they also were time jump capable, be it a minute or a million years, forward or backward, giving them immunity to space & time.
Fortunately for us they have returned, and although there has always been a strict policy against interfering on a domestic level on any planet, the invasion of our planet and planed coup warranted intervention. Recently there ships have been arriving by the thousands from multiple time zones. They are here mainly as an escort and to be a deterrent while the emissaries of light set the stage for relocation efforts for unsanctioned visitors. The reason for their presence is simple; we are no longer in control and are in no position to help ourselves.
Don’t expect war of the worlds here, while the bulk of the armada will remain distant the larger ships carry hundreds of interceptor’s, some of these vessels may feel the need to make their presence known to military bases, aircraft and naval vessels. But in 3D they may only appear as bright light or a short streak of light like a shooting star.  The planet will be under tight surveillance during the transition. But to humanity at large most of the fallout will resemble an organic process to avoid a mass panic. Leaders will step down or just change in demeanor as if they’ve awoke from sleep. Confusion among the elite is to be expected as their controls collapse, many of the worst offenders shall seek refuge within underground fortifications, which may serve as their tomb.

Although there’s cause to celebrate the reformation process will be long and arduous and the philosophical and psychological stigma inherited along with the programs and institutions that support such won’t dissipate overnight. But a return to sovereignty is a return to awareness, and as amnesia fades, our 3D mentality shall fade allowing rebirth.

Happy Birthday planet Earth!

2 Re: BEING HUMAN on Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:29 pm


Excellent as usual Val!



3 Re: BEING HUMAN on Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:47 pm


Interesting. Lets hope so. :peace sign ali

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