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1 TERMINAL MADNESS ON OUR DOORSTEP on Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:02 pm



October 12, 2015 Ines Radman


Let me start by saying first that my partner is coming home tomorrow. The first best news in a long time, so lets hope he stays home longer this time. He said since he stopped taking the diuretic he’s felt better like he did a year ago and once he started the drug, the subtle effects of it could not be measured. He just assumed his pulmonary hypertension and COPD was getting worse.
Meanwhile, life at home has been interesting and 2 days ago I was thrown for a loop when I realized from different sources that there was a lot of gossip going around. Normally, I don’t get involved in it and stay as far away from it as possible but this one was really disturbing because first trip to hospital, Toni was there for 23 days and I wondered how come nobody called me and asked me how he was doing. I found out that they were calling him directly, but just curious why they were avoiding me. I’m now talking about Toni’s friends that he has grown up with in his village. I will continue the story but let me explain a few things.
My island Solta has a total population of 1200 during non tourist season, at the height of reason we may have over 10,000 people.  The 1200 are divided amongst 8  villages, 4 of them being coastal villages. The village that we live in is not our birth village, but it is the island center and we chose this place on purpose. First we wanted to be out of the original villages we were born in for gossip and privacy reasons. Secondly, we both work out of our homes and wanted easy access more for me because clients travel from the mainland and the bus route will drop them off directly in front of the house.
I wanted to give you a perspective of the environment we live in. For those of you only joining the blog recently, I spent most of my life (42) years living in Vancouver Canada and returned here in 2004. Toni lived in Australia and that year he came on vacation while I just moved and met, fell in love and started building our love nest. Both of us have previous marriages and together we have 4 children.
My life is the kind of life most people dream about. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, one of the most incredible islands in Croatia but also one of the smallest populated ones. Most of the population left, that didn’t migrate or immigrate are involved in everything from growing their own vegetables, olive trees, fig trees, oranges, mandarins, lemons and some small family farms for milk and cheese.
In these difficult times especially, the folks here actually supplement their incomes with the products they grow because wages and pensions like everywhere else are meager. The average salary in Croatia is about $600 USD and that money without paying rent will barely take care of 2 people. To give you an idea of the cost of living, a gallon of gasoline/petrol works out to $8.00 USD. Yes, so imagine everything else, we no longer pay less for the same products elsewhere, we pay what you pay and there is no longer that adjustment for each country based on it’s standard of living.
I live in a beautiful home my partner built for me. We are debt free as both of us despite living on different continents and cultures until we met 10 years ago, never believed that going into debt was a good thing so we saved and bought when we had money for it. As a result of this lifestyle, we never competed to have the newest or latest. In fact, 2 weeks ago when I finally splurged for a smartphone, my SIM card was too old to transfer over so it had to be duplicated to fit. That’s how old it was, but it served the purpose until the battery died.
We benefited from saving verses borrowing as it created healthy money habits and so being debt free today is like being rich. Toni probably won’t be working his shop so much anymore but I doubt that he will give it up completely as long as he can walk and breathe. He loves wood and is a great carpenter and it keeps him happy making things. I will work probably another 10 years because there is a big age difference between us so I will work as long as I can because I don’t consider my work to be work, rather love.
My day is not a routine, I never know what my day is going to be like except the lunch period. It is our biggest meal of the day and so since I prepare everything from scratch and organic garden it takes at least 2 hours to prepare the meal. After lunch, depending on the weather and season I will either book clients for therapy or go out into the garden. With the day being shorter now, I take clients in the evening and work in the garden during the day.
We never make plans because we wake up and decide what we want to do. Neither one of us have to work although we would have to reduce our lifestyle if we just depended on Toni’s pension so we live one day at a time and don’t worry about the future.
This for me is a life that most people dream of having, but let’s face it, we both worked hard to get to this place in our lives, as time progresses though, our circle of friends and family is shrinking.
95% of the population on this island is Roman Catholic. On top of that sad fact, this country has gone through 2 world wars, communism and most recent war for independence. I won’t even go back centuries with all the annexations, occupations and attacks from Turkish and Roman Empires. Just to give you a perspective of our history, I was born in a city founded in 3 B.C., by a Roman Emperor Dioclecian. The controllers of this country don’t promote healing and happiness, they promote guilt and rememberance, so these folks live in a past, whine about their current situation and look towards a gloomy future full of fear and negativity.
As the energies come in, we are now witnessing a wave of madness and sheer evil. Friends we had for years outright gossiping and stabbing us in the back with fake friendly gestures, lying, accusing etc. Family members insulting and attacking me when questioning their double standards.
I was traumatized 2 days ago by Toni’s brother. So here is yesterday madness scenario.
I sent an email to my sister in law because I had on many occasions by several people heard that she was saying things that were either not true or personal in nature, making fun of my healing modalities etc. So I simply wrote to her and asked her if that was true and if it was to please stop contributing to the already evil gossiping. The following morning my brother in law shows up at my door step to talk to me.
Fine, come on in.
He sits down and says: “I’m recording this discussion  and if you don’t tell me who these people are that are ‘accusing’ my wife of gossiping, I am going straight to the police and report you for abuse.”
Now, rather than go into detail, he also admitted that he occasionally did make fun of me and that his wife did say a few things about me but that was just little stuff, you know, we all do that but I was the bad guy for not coming to them personally. I apologized many times throughout that 1 hour meeting of verbal abuse and not once did he apologize for their actions yet it was the reason I wrote to her in the first place!
I gave him what he wanted, he wanted submission and apologies so that he could cover up his own stupidity and arrogance, so he got that and went home happy and vindicated. This was not the first time I was attacked for asking questions and it dawned on me later that his parasitic energy is out to feed on those of us in higher frequencies, and that just about everyone I know is in this state of terminal madness, because there is no logic to this attack and insult. His rule is: I can gossip but if you ask questions, i will fuck with you.
I called Toni in hospital to let him know what happened but that’s not going to change anything because he is the same as his brother, will not apologize even getting caught with this hands in the cookie jar. The difference between them is his brother is violent and aggressive, Toni is quite and non-accusative.
My brother in law believes he won, I let him believe that because I have no desire to compete for domination and I don’t need to be right. All I wanted was his wife to shut the fuck up and leave me alone.
I don’t know if this terminal madness which by the way was first coined by Dr Joseph Chiappalone; is outside of my world I live in and it’s becoming more and more in your face and almost violent. Personally I don’t know anyone that is healthy and every 3rd person has either suffered from some form of Cancer or is now in that phase. I can say this statistically because my two best friends are a medical doctor, and a pharmacist. We make a great team in our social lives while respecting each other’s professions but also do kick ass healing because we work together. My pharmacist girlfriend also has an herbal company and that is where she spends all her time now growing and producing medicinal products. She says that sadly but beneficial to her prosperity, the drug business has tripled in the last 2 years.
Her workers used to order drugs on a weekly basis, now it’s on a daily basis. She said she has made more money in the last year on prescription drugs than she has in the 3 behind her combined.
So it’s not my imagination and my doctor girlfriend gives me this breakdown:
75% of her patients are on Valium
65% of her patients take Statin drugs (cholesterol reducing drugs)
60% of her patients take diuretics ( heart and lung disease)
80% of her patients are chronically ill and require long term drug therapies
70% of her patients die from Cancer, the ones that are treated with both Chemo and Radiation while 60% die being treated by Chemo only.
These statistics are based on 5000 patients and are alarming given that we live in a healthy environment, surrounded by sea, growing organic vegetables and have a relaxed atmosphere. I forgot to ask my brother in law if he was taking Valium cause he can sure use it.
This confrontation awoke me to a sad fact and that is that these people whom are deeply religious are losing their marbles and that the only solution is to distance myself from them and of course, not ask questions.
Is it because their alien gods have left the podium or because the incoming energies are simply causing them to go mad? I would like to know if you dear readers are experiencing something similar or the same given that you all live spread across the planet.
My inner struggle is how to help them though at the same time I feel that it’s not the right time and it’s not up to me to help them rather wait for them to come and ask. Some of the most respected elders that sit in the front church pews are doing the most evil to others. Sitting in the first pew here means you are good, pure, devoted, sin free and can sit close to god. lololololololol
I know this because my clients tell me about this sitting order and those in the back pews gossip about the ones in the front pews. A real drama but it’s not even funny. It’s sad because 70% of the world belong to some religious organization and that means that number corresponds to the end game as it is expected that maybe 30% of the population will survive the upgrade and changes occurring on this planet or according to my doctor who has over 5000 patients, 70% of them are dying from cancer.
Can I be arrogant and say good riddance? After all, these people have turned parasitic and are sucking anyone’s energy they can get to. Or, should I be compassionate and have understanding that they too came here to play the game?
The reality is that we are all doing what we should be doing because there is no such thing as death and suffering. We chose the role to play in this game and so if they are now leaving in big mass, it means we are closer to this end of this madness.
Those of us left and I count myself in this group are the ancient souls and who through their long evolution will now have the honor to help bring in our upgrades as this is a first time event to raise our frequencies into 5th dimension reality, change our bodies and entering new earth without dying or leaving our current bodysuits.
It’s very easy now to fall into their parasitic trap, I was caught in it yesterday for a brief moment apologizing for something I didn’t do so be careful now and understand the most difficult situation you could find yourselves in is having to let go of people you love and are close to. This includes family and children.
If it happens that someone you care for deeply is trying to use you as a parasitic host, remind yourself that that person also chose to play that role and although they may not be aware of it, they will when it’s all over and we will return to our original soul groups/families.
They separated us through the karmic traps and by placing a quarantine around the planet and purposely during the karmic trap sent us in different directions so that we would not work with our soul group that we came here with originally.
Remind yourself how powerful you are old soul and that you are here to do the greatest work of all simply by shining your light and vibrating your love frequency.
We are nearing the end of this madness, I can feel it and logical now why the parasites are on the move in desperation trying to stop us. They are not aware of their false goods or even know why they are here other than to serve their gods and wait for a blessing or crumb here and there.
Their reality is coming apart and they are turning to doing evil things such as insulting, abusing, accusing, and playing the victims. Reality is, their gods deserted them and they are now looking for food but can’t get to us because our frequency is too high for them so they are attacking us out of an unknown and illogical desperation.
Their aliens gods usurped their energy, religious people never vibrate very high so either the energies coming in or just tearing them apart or I would say their gods have left, their energies are left alone but it’s so sadistic and black that they can’t manage with that so they are now running around amok not even aware what is going on.
Hang in there, the ride is about to get bumpy, please put on your seatbelts!
May you be filled with love and joy today!

Thanks to Ines at:


2 Re: TERMINAL MADNESS ON OUR DOORSTEP on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:16 am


I can really relate to this post!  I have left people, friends and family because of crazy behavior I can not explain but do not want to be part of.  So I hope we are about to go to an upgrade as she says, I didn't know this part though:
Those of us left and I count myself in this group are the ancient souls and who through their long evolution will now have the honor to help bring in our upgrades as this is a first time event to raise our frequencies into 5th dimension reality, change our bodies and entering new earth without dying or leaving our current bodysuits.


3 Re: TERMINAL MADNESS ON OUR DOORSTEP on Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:54 pm


I may want to trade mine in on a newer model..... or at least a way younger one :)


4 Re: TERMINAL MADNESS ON OUR DOORSTEP on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:40 pm


Yes I was thinking the same thing Purps, :0
I though a lot about this last night then realised, I would not be the person I am today (spiritually, personality & natured ) If I wasnt born with this body, if ya know what I mean.
So, I suppose we should be happy with what we have and be thank full.

I really did relate to that story, I have been like that all my life, always hated the "BS" and easily walk away from people when I have had enough, done it quite a few times. I figured it was part of being a Taurus :)

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