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Benjamin Fulford Clarification on the “FederalReserve.GOV vs. .ORG”, 10-14-15 (thx to “Mozart”)

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Benjamin Fulford Clarification on the “FederalReserve.GOV vs. .ORG”, 10-14-15 (thx to “Mozart”)

Posted on 2015/10/14 by kauilapele
When you hardly ever pay any attention to some of these things, it takes a bit of research to find out the following (at least this is what I found out)… The has been online since 1998 (see this post). I checked around and the “.org” part appears to be used with the individual Fed banks.
For example, Chicago is, New York is, Cleveland is… and so on.
Bottom line, it may be that the federalreserve,org designation was purchased by the Fed so no one else could use it. And perhaps they went with “.gov” because it would fo0ol people into believing their private corporation was actually part of the US government (and “foool” means to “really fool”).
(But wait… surely the Fed, a private corporation created in 1913 by a group of international bankers and industrial magnates, would surely not want to fool the public… would they?)
Comment by mozart on October 14, 2015 @ 11:21 am
From: mozart at
To: ben at
CC: dw at
Subject: and Godaddy
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 20:44:44 -0700
Here’s this post: is a private registration through godaddy.
It was originally registered on Jan 20, 1998…
[Ben Fulford]
When I checked the Federal Reserve Board branches like the New York Fed were still using the .org designation.
Also, the ownership of the Fed has been deliberately obscured through multiple paper companies and fronts so it would not surprise me at all if the original register of was some hard to check entity.
Perhaps a reader in the US would be kind enough to check out for me what I have often heard and that is that the Federal Reserve Board appears in US phone books as a private company and not as part of the government.
Now, with the .gov designation it is clearly part of the government.
The battle is still under way but the good guys are winning and the various trolls and disinformation agents will soon have to look for other employment.
Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558

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