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Notes from Drake’s Vital Update Call July 8

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Notes from Drake’s Vital Update Call July 8
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Current Update: Notes from Drake’s Vital Update Call July 8
by 2012thebigpicture

Some very interesting details came out on this teleconference. Such as…

Paul says we should check the Global Voice Facebook Page for news articles and information posted by the team. It’s all been researched and vetted. Someone was posting remarks to discredit what Drake and the team are doing and they’re dealing with that.

Paul is creating an FAQ section so people can reference the most common queries and Drake won’t need to spend time answering the same questions again.
Drake and the Team shared updates until the first break one hour in and then they got right to the questions.
The treaty designed to steal the People’s guns and leave them defenseless must be stopped. They’re trying to make an “end run” to push it through so we can’t do anything. Be aware.
Lady Dragon emailed Cobra and he revealed that right after Drake gave the Green Light, the cabal threatened to release a weapon of mass destruction, so the military couldn’t go forward with their plan.
Another reason the mass arrests have not gone forward is because 50 per cent of the U.S. Federal Marshalls aren’t on board with it. It’s important that we keep the momentum we have right now. That is one reason why Drake asked for the public arrest of Soros or Holder; so the people can see the plan is real and no one can dispute it. We have to keep our energy and expectation high.

Cobra said when Drake gave the Green Light the energy and Light on the planet soared, and that makes the job of the Resistance Movement and other Freedom factions easier and moves us along faster because it steals power from the cabal, who feed on our fear and negativity.
Cobra will be doing an interview with Lady Dragon at a future date.
The “cavalry” isn’t just the positive military; it’s many factions and millions of members of the Freedom Movement.
There are many people, even in other countries who are doing what they can personally to share this information with others; i.e. in South Africa, Victor printed up flyers.
Lady Dragon revealed that some of the ATMs at Germany’s Deutchbank were not working this weekend.

Russia also experienced technology malfunctions with their ATMs there. Expect more of these kinds of scenarios. It’s not a good idea to store anything of value in a bank safety deposit box, and you may want to remove at least some of your money from the BIG banks. Credit Unions may be a better choice because they’re usually independently run and don’t have a close tie to the Federal Reserve.
Barclays Bank in London is under investigate for LIBOR fraud; “fixing” lending rates and colluding with partner banks to scam the people. The CEO of Barclay’s, Bob Diamond, was forced to resign this week.
For the first time in history, the Vatican , the most secret bank in the world, is under investigation for money laundering regarding €80 million. The Italian police arrived on the scene this week .
Hillary Clinton threatened China and Russia is not pleased.
Lady Dragon said there is a fraudulent email going around saying there have been changes to one’s DNS and you need to go to a specific website to make an update. The DNS (domain name system) has nothing to do with your PC. Don’t go to that website and enter any information. Go here for more information on this virus.

Lady Dragon has a picture on her website of an earthship (that’s an eco-friendly, sustainable home made of rammed earth) from Michael Reyholds. She suggests we check it out.
There’s even more going on this week than there was last, and much of it has been significant enough that it got the attention of a lot of people who weren’t paying attention before.
Since the BIG banks are in default, things could get very interesting soon. It might be a good idea to stock up on food and supplies, cash, batteries, fuel, and necessities in general. Lady Dragon suggests the best way to know what you’re going to need in the event of disruptions is to get one morning visualizing that you have no electricity, or gas and can’t get to a store. That will tell you exactly what kind of items you would require if there are major disruptions.

Keenan has not yet refiled the lawsuit. Drake can’t say more. He has the power to sign off on the collateral accounts and everything is not as it seems. We do not have an American currency. What we’re using as the American dollar is a Federal Reserve note; not our currency.
The freedom movement is working on removing the banks’ ability to operate as financial institutions, so it’s looking quite likely that some banks will close; particularly those with a close relationship with the Federal Reserve. There’s no way to know right now, so expect minor to major disruptions in business.

Drake says within the next two weeks a whole lot of things are being formulated to bring the gears of the money-making cabal to a grinding halt. Drake says hopefully much less than 2 weeks. The ground crew has to do their part, then the Galactics will step in to assist.
Part 2 of that initiative will probably involve mass arrests in combination with the exposure of some individuals we never thought of as being part of the cabal; people we thought were honest and acting in our best interests.
Drake recommended we know who are neighbours are and form community groups so in the event there are disruptions in the food chain, basic supplies, etc. we can band together and share or work in cooperation with each other to achieve basic goals until things become orderly again.
While it would be nice to see every complicit body marched off to jail, we need to keep our basic infrastructures in place.
Drake told the military that in lieu of the mass arrests that didn’t happen, we need to see the public arrest of at LEAST one major figure to validate Drake’s position and that of the positive military. Drake suggested George Soros or Eric Holder.
The cabal’s military powers are rapidly dwindling so soon the mass arrests will be taking place and the unconscionable acts of the elite will be made public.
Drake was not involved with the notification process for the Nation State documents that accompanied the Pentagon’s request to go viral with the email statement. The packages sent out declaring the People of the USA are a free and independent nation were prepared before he came on the scene by a group in Pennsylvania. That paperwork also decreed that the military are to defend us while we finish the project to free the public from the corporate government. What was distributed was a cover sheet for a 28 page document and Drake thought it was important to share it to support what was done. The packages were sent to a private law office in the town of Hague for processing and that was completed some time ago.
Keshe foundation technologies will be released to the public in a pre-determined order because they will dramatically change our lives.
Has Obama signed an executive order to control all communication in a crisis situation? There is talk of a date when the cabal will just turn off the Internet. The good guys have positioned themselves so that cannot happen—if the cabal even had the guts to try it. A caller said they took that notice down from the White House website so perhaps they chickened out.

Drake wasn’t able to source any information on the Prosperity Funds , but if they’re linked to the Strawman accounts, those are Reserve funds so would have to be paid back if someone accessed them.
Drake was surprised by David Ickes unprovoked attack on him on Icke’s website last week. Drake’s experience with that kind of behavior is that the perpetrator is either out of the loop completely as to what’s going on, or they’re an agent. There have been some who asked Drake to do an interview with them and when he turned them down they retaliated.
If one sees the terms LIBOR or MIBOR in their mortgage contract, they may be able to …sorry, missed the rest.
For more details and questions, listen to the archived call.
The next teleconference will be Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00 p.m. EDT, 4 Pacific

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