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Globe or Flat: Distractions of Theories

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1 Globe or Flat: Distractions of Theories on Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:28 am



Globe or Flat: Distractions of Theories

I have spoken about this several times over the past year on the One People's Roundtable Discussion, but I still have a lot of people ask me about my opinion on this.  So today I decided to try and clearly outline my thoughts in one place.

Here is my personal opinion about the Flat/Globe argument:

Both are wrong.

Both are a Distraction.

Since the moment that Lisa Harrison brought this question to my attention, months ago, and we did the Roundtable show with Mark Sargent, I have been watching and researching everything on this topic, as it plays out.

I have looked at all the pieces of the puzzle, all the pieces of the "theories" of both.  I've  reviewed and researched the questions/points raised as independent pieces of the puzzle, and evaluated them separately AS independent pieces- not tying the pieces TO one theory or the other, as that, in my opinion, closes off my ability to see the pieces for what they are.

Most of the points and questions brought up in the "flat earth" theory, are excellent points of reference to the LIES we have been told.  The problem is that many people SEE the LIES, and therefore accept the theory as TRUE.  That is the Distraction and the Danger.  Just because a "theory" offers proof that another theory is not true, doesn't make the first theory fact.  It is simply a validation that there are huge lies being told.

There is a massive focus being pushed right now to create a separation:  Either THIS is true, or THAT is true, and you HAVE to choose one.

THAT is the distraction!!!! 

The argument of what shape our planet is, is in my opinion a HUGE distraction.  Does it matter what shape our planet is?  Does it change your life in any way whatsoever?  Does it effect you personally in your daily life?  NOPE.  Not even slightly.  You are still YOU, you are still where you are, your life is still moving forward just as it was before this all slammed into your focus.  It is the QUESTIONS that are brought up BY the theories that are relevant to our comprehension of what has been and is happening in our world. But the moment we firmly tie the questions to one specific theory, that is the moment that we close ourselves off to new incoming data.

And THAT is the point of all of this debate and distraction.

While everyone is arguing, sometimes vehemently, whether our world is a "globe" or "flat", they become so hyper focused on those two specific shapes that they do not look at any other possibilities, or SEE the distractions that these debates are perpetuating.

What if neither are true?  What if the raging shape debate is just a distraction from keeping us from looking further into what our "planet" is?  If everyone is pushed into one theory or another, then the possibility of other far different theories is ignored.  Hence the Distraction.

For me, what it comes down to is staying in a place of observing and not being tied to one theory or another.  Because the moment I become obsessed or locked into one train of thought, that is the moment that I close myself off to new information or insights that may actually point in another direction entirely.  

My advice?  Look at all the questions, the theories, the information, and pieces of the puzzle.... but remember that a "theory" is only a THEORY.  There are NO FACTS here, because we cannot PROVE or DISPROVE anything, on a personal level.  Look at all of the information, review and research the questions.... but do not lock  that information into one specific IDEA.  When information remains fluid, then we have the ability to flow with it and see where it takes us.  But the moment we dam it up into one specific theory or idea, then the information becomes stagnant, and takes us nowhere.


What if the very question of the "Shape" of our planet has no meaning in our reality?
Posted by D ... Breaking The Silence at 12:20

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