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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » Childrens Brains Globally Under attack From vaccines from Vatic

Childrens Brains Globally Under attack From vaccines from Vatic

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Vatic Note: There is a ruthless pragmatic effort to undermine Dr. Wakefield, that discovered the attack on the colon of Children and all of this is tied to Glaxon Smith Kline drug company that makes massive billions off the forced vaccines on children. They mention the funding by the Bill Gates foundation, Ford Foundation, and it shows the IMPACT OF THIS DISEASE IN THESE CHILDRENS COLONS AFFECT THEIR BRAIN, AND WHY they are dumbing down in school. As early as their first shot, that there is a fundamental change in the brain stem, and that affects the future development of that childs brain. WE SAID EARLY ON THAT THE ELITE ARE DETERMINED TO DE-EVOLVE OUR SPECIES into the category of cattle and slaves with no questioning of authority. This is one way. Look at the drop in IQ's through the brain damage. DNA vaccines are being developed now. HERE GOES THE DNA ATTACK AS WE HAVE WARNED TIME AFTER TIME TO DE-EVOLVE THE HUMAN SPECIES. Why? Because we are powerful and a threat. Schools involved pushing the drugs. Its Depopulation and Eugenics. OH, THIS PIECE SHOULD MAKE YOU MAD. Profits are not the only reason, its part of the depopulation. You have to hear this, the lunacy of the drug industry is beyond belief, and its almost like a panic response to losing control over thier agenda.

Dr. Wakefield Demands Retraction for Hoax Run Against Proven Vaccine / Autism Link
by Alex Jones, nwotaser, January 31, 2011

In this important Sunday edition, British surgeon and researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield joins Alex in studio for an in-depth interview dealing with the fraud and hoax that was run against his research to help children by the media and and Big Pharmaceuticals. He also calls for a united resistance against the policy and profits being wrought by the Big Pharmaceuticals which are destroying any possibility for safe vaccines to be acquired.

VN: Watch Video. Its amazing how surrealistic all this is. Its like watching Jeffery Dahmer on TV telling us how its OK to sodomize 14 year old boys and then kill them since they are ruined and cut them up and bury them. This is exactly the same. Lets put it another way.... Jeffrey Dahmer says "Hey, I found a better way, buy GMO seeds and put them in everything and feed it to the GMO meat and thus I can kill without prosecution. I like it"! Can you see the reaction? We would go "Oh, its not the same thing at all". Damn, wake up and smell the TREASON AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOV AND INDUSTRY AND BANKING. Like I said, "Watch the Video" and if you are not mad, you are not paying attention.

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