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Media: Do What it is You do Best ~ Ashtar Command 7/11/12

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Media: Do What it is You do Best ~ Ashtar Command 7/11/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Remote sections of our overall plan are now being implemented in your
world. We are taking note and watching over the continuing arrests of
the many members of your criminal cabal and their underlings, and we see
these arrests continuing smoothly and efficiently with no harm
whatsoever coming to the courageous men and women on the front lines for
you, the people of Earth. We are detecting a number of cabal agents and
associates attempting to flee to avoid prosecution at this time. What
we wish to do is contain these individuals and restrict their movements
so as to better allow our Earth allies to move in and procure these
arrests. How we wish to do this is a matter we will share directly with
our Earth ally teams in the fields. We do not wish to tip our hats, as
it were, and release this information to those who are targeted for
these arrests.

We, naturally, do not wish to be overconfident and advise those who
are to be arrested as to the methods of our operation and surveillance.
We will say though that our methods and techniques are considerably more
advanced than the methods of surveillance and tracking applied here in
your 3rd dimensional world. We can monitor an individual’s heart rate
from many miles and even dimensions away from the individual. We do not
necessarily need to be in the same room, house or building as an
individual to monitor his movements or even his thoughts, as we can do
this if we so choose. We wish to remind you, our brothers and sisters,
that we do not use these methods of surveillance with you. You are our
brothers and sisters, you are family, and we do not have any need or
want to surveil you or monitor you in this way.

There are those of you who, either before your current incarnation or
even during your current incarnation, have agreed to take part in our
measures of the human in thought, in physical functions and emotions,
and for these individuals we do monitor them and keep abreast of
developments in their health and their activities, but this is something
far different than the norm for your people, as only a very select few
have been partnered with us for this sort of monitoring and research.
The purposes of this research is to gain clearer understandings
scientifically and medically of the human species, as we wish to learn
all we can about your people, your vessels and your physical and thought
processes, all in the name of improving your stations and assisting you
on your journey. These are the reasons we perform these tasks and for
no other reason. We wish to make clear again that our purposes here are
not for conquest or control, as this is hardly the case and far beneath
the levels of our spiritual growth. We are here in service to our
Creator and to you, and all our projects, surveys and research are
designed to assist you and to help you advance to a much higher level of

Our efforts to assist you in removing these individuals of your
criminal cabal are another area of our endeavor where we feel our
efforts will greatly assist you to advance to much higher standards, as
these individuals have grown into a very formidable power and have been
able to successfully repress your people, your sciences, your health
systems, your wealth systems, your freedoms and even your thoughts and
expressions for many eons of time, but their time has now come. Their
numbers who walk in freedom today have dwindled already significantly,
though there are so very many of them that these arrests will continue
on into days and into weeks, this is a certainty, but we tell you with
every hour, with every day, more of these dark ones are being rounded up
and taken into custody by your human brothers and sisters who have
dedicated themselves to carrying out this cleansing of your society.

What a joy it is to watch from our positions above them and beyond
them, in a sense, and observe as they perform their duties courageously,
professionally, and with great efficiency, skill and determination, as
they locate and apprehend these individuals one by one, and in some
cases in small groups, as some have gathered for their last days, hours
and moments of freedom before they face justice which has always been
inevitable for their crimes against you, our brothers and sisters.

There was never a moment where we, the Ashtar Command, did not fully
believe and know that these individuals would be taken into custody,
removed from your society forever. Knowing what is going to transpire
and experiencing it are two very vastly different emotions and
experiences. To be blessed to behold these arrests that have been
planned and talked about for so very long is an experience beyond
description, an enjoyment beyond description, a relief beyond the
limiting words of language. We wish so dearly for you, our beloveds, to
enjoy this experience just as we are and even more so, as it is your
planet and you have been the oppressed for so very long and it is only
right that you be permitted to behold and to see these individuals being
taken into custody and removed from their positions of power and
authority over you.

This cleansing is a purification of your world on many levels, and we
wish for every individual of your planet that wishes to take part in
this process, at least as an observer, to be permitted this right. We
ask again today of the members of your media outlets all around your
world to break free from those who have also oppressed you, who have
also controlled, manipulated and threatened you, and even in the past
have done harm to some of your profession who have tried to tell the
truth and break free from these chains. Tell your oppressors no more
will you control me, no more will you own me, no more can you bribe,
threaten or manipulate me. Speak up and tell them their time has come
and this time is now ours, and give this signal to your teams of
reporters, cameramen, and sound and video technicians to get out there
with these troops and law-enforcement officials all around your world
and do what it is that they do best, do what it is that they have been
so highly trained to do, do what it is they love, and do what it is
they’ve taken a solemn oath to do and report the news to the people of
your world who want this news, who need this news, who have longed for
this news for ages.

It is their world, it is your world, and you will all share in its
grand rewards very shortly we assure you, but something has to be done
today before all these wonderful doors open for you. The people of your
world need to see that these individuals who have controlled them,
oppressed them, pushed them to the brink of financial ruin, starvation,
illness and disease, have been cleansed from their society and no longer
possess the ability to do them any harm in any way. This is what we ask
of you today; do what it is that you do so well. Do what it is that you
promised you would do if these arrests were to begin. They have begun.
They are not in their early stages, but they are in a state of full
momentum, and we tell you they will not slow and what has already taken
place will not recede like the hands of a clock being pulled backward.
We tell you that time will not rewind, and these individuals that have
already been taken into custody will never see the light of day again
until they are completely and purely rehabilitated, you have our word on

These individuals will not find legal loopholes or take refuge behind
brilliant and cunning legal minds to wriggle out of the predicament
they have gotten themselves into. There is only one escape for them, and
that is full and complete rehabilitation, overseen by our professional
staff who are highly experienced and skilled at what they do. We assure
you once again that these individuals once taken into custody will not
again be mixed with your people ever again unless they reach a state of
spiritual and ethical understanding, and tell you that there is no
faking this, that there is a very sound and accurate means to measure a
beings vibrational frequency, and that this is precisely what we will do
with these individuals.

Break free from the chains that have tied you to these dark souls
now, there is no better time for this, there is no better day and there
is no better occasion. Now is the perfect location to break this story
and share it with the eyes and ears of your entire world. Whomever is
the entity, whether it be an individual or a media corporation, will be
regarded immediately by your people as a hero, a pioneer, a
groundbreaker, and yes, in a way even a savior, although you all are
your own saviors, we wish to make this clear to you. You are not waiting
on anyone to come and save you. It is you, the people of Earth, who
have the opportunity and the means to save yourselves from another day
of oppression and a life within the limitations of lack and scarcity,
conflict, destruction, pollution, misery and hardship. It is time for
all of you to work together and lift yourselves far beyond the borders
of this limiting dimensional existence. You can do it; you now have the
tools, you now have the backup, you now have the golden opportunity to
change for the better your entire reality and the lives of each and
every individual all across your planet.

We are with you every step and every breath of the way, and we will
do everything within our power to prevent any harm to come to you or any
of your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and even acquaintances. We have
superior means of protection and surveillance, and we are in position
at this very moment and will not take our eyes off you for one second
while you think about what it is that it is now time for you to do.
Thank you, the courageous men and women on your front lines and we ask
you, the men and women of your worldwide media; isn’t it now time you
joined your brethren in this fight, this struggle for true freedom,
peace and prosperity for the people of your world?

We are your friends, your family and your coworkers who exist within
the higher dimensional levels of this universe, but we are also right
here with you, our brothers and sisters of Earth. We are the Ashtar

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