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10 Conspiracies You’ll Never Believe are Conspiracies

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10 Conspiracies You’ll Never Believe are Conspiracies

October 25, 2015

by TS Caladan

1. Hair Length

Did you know the length of a man’s hair means something significant, socially and politically? We carry around an appearance that is largely based on others around us. We want to fit in, don’t we? We mimic others. People not only look like those around them, they usually act and think like their peers or people we view over media. Didn’t almost every boy in the sixties want to play a guitar and look like one of the Beatles?
See what is presented to us today as personal heroes, idols and various shining, ‘talented stars.’ Possibly, you’ll see something that has not changed in decades. Appearance-wise, what does this sample of photos have in common besides attractive, well-known men we are somewhat interested in and whose careers we sort of follow?

You guessed it: HAIR, or lack of hair these days in our celebrities. It means something. Forget the idea that some actors are ‘hair-challenged,’ naturally. In those cases, why so many bald leading men? That would be like George Costanza casted for a leading man rather than Jerry Seinfeld. Something’s wrong here.
These words must sound strange because it is 2015 and that’s the norm. Look around you; everyone has short hair among men. What’s wrong with that? It’s neat, it’s clean, it’s normal and everyone is doing it…even the YOUTH…who could grow long, lustrous, sexy, virile, manly hair but, (not) by choice, (almost) all decide to fit in with the crowd. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the sixties and what that meant are dead.
You guys choose conformity these days, rather than nonconformist appearances or just being uniquely DIFFERENT. You also, generally, adopt a conservative (yuppie) lifestyle that goes with the suits and GQ appearance. The last thing the feds want us to ever be again are those damn, dirty hippies! Thanks, ‘South Park.’
Examine old paintings of people who lived a long time ago. Royalty, kings, princes and the commoners in the streets all had long hair. This had little to do with the availability of barber shops. Scissors existed and if men wanted short hair, they would have had short hair. There was no conflict with women here because it was ‘sissy’ to have had short hair. Don’t believe Hollywood that gave us a short-haired Moses or a short-haired Noah. It was very manly to have long hair and it still is.
Ever hear of Samson and Delilah and know the story of his hair?
Here is why you ‘stylish’ guys are doing an unnatural thing and why these words do not apply to women….WAR! Only recently have women joined the gung-ho party and that also is NOT BY CHOICE and will be explained in a moment.
The words ‘examine old paintings’ were used and not examine old photos because most photos are from the 20th Century. A very strange and sad oddity occurred with sudden vast numbers of the human race in the 20th Century.   A few secret rulers decided on measures that profited from war and the enslavement of good people, instead of true leaders putting energies into the freeing of the human race.
     First World War. It introduced the buzz-cut, the shaved head, the suede head and general acceptance of short hair. Totally unnatural. You kids today have been forced, manipulated and completely controlled to believe:
“That’s so cool.” Well, it’s not. It’s propaganda to send us to war (like 9/11).
They trained people with the World Wars and Depression to be submissive and accept the dictates of Occult fascists and war-mongers. Shaved heads meant soldiers became unthinking UNITS; they don’t have individual, independent thoughts. They must obey orders and do what WE tell them. You don’t rebel; you are all the same and we program you to do the most hideous and unnatural things like the unsuspecting, unquestioning Manchurian Candidates (cockroaches) you are.
These words would not sound strange 50 years ago. WE STOPPED A WAR…you run to war today like it’s a grand attraction. THE FAULT IS NOT YOUR OWN. They’ve mind-controlled you and made the military the ‘only job in town.’ You get every kind of perk and financial benefit if you’ve served the country nowadays. Not like people who are compassionate and have love in their hearts and feel we shouldn’t be forced to kill human beings. No, they don’t receive benefits these days. But if you can KILL, wonderful!
Short hair means obedience to the system. Long hair means a radical view and individual freedom.
Long hair is in such bad taste these days, huh? What happened to cycles? Fashions, hemlines up and down or music? It’s supposed to change; always had before. Everything that worked in the sixties like feelings of freedom, good music, true independence, liberty, free thought…is either nonexistent or made to not work today.
My statement on WOMEN and WAR these days are how they are used in television commercials and in other campaigns or films, which are not ads for the military. They are propaganda to encourage men to MAN-UP. Hey guys! Look at all these women in the military; you’re not going to let them outdo you on the battlefield, are you? What evil, federal producers created commercials where small children looked directly into the camera and said how proud they were of their mother who was a SOLDIER FIRST? (“Soldier” was said first, “mother” was said later).

2. Team Sports

What could possibly be conspiratorial in good ol’ baseball, football, basketball, soccer and other team sports? Even Little League and their International World Series so many look forward to year after year? The answer is: especially to our children who we mindlessly dress in uniforms and send off to battle in the spirit of ‘friendly competition.’ But parents do not realize what they are really doing.
       Here’s what they are actually doing and what nearly 100% of parents are unaware they are doing: THEY ARE INDOCRINATING THEIR CHILDREN TO EVENTUALLY PARTICIPATE IN WAR WITHOUT QUESTION. The Team Sport, doesn’t matter which one, and friendly competition has basically two sides. Each side has on different uniforms and COLORS like the Cripps and the Bloods and like various colors in the uniforms of soldiers and armies (doesn’t matter what country).
We urge or force our children into the ‘games.’ One side has certain colored uniforms and ‘fights’ another team with different colors on their uniforms. [to be ‘uniform’ as in ‘unit’ or the SAME cog in machines]. They ‘play’ this ‘friendly competition’ under the FLAG or color designations for each team logo and city. One team ‘beats’ the other. One side WINS in exuberant victory and the other loses in disgrace.
We glorify winners with trophies while we pin medals on our soldiers for acts of courage. We drafted the youth for military service and players are drafted into football.
How is this different from the battlefield, only to a lesser degree? The game play of SPORT also consists of broken bones, bloodshed, concussions, brain damage and even death. Is WAR also just a GAME? Is it merely played by the owners (kings and queens) while the participants in battle fall to the wayside as lost, collateral damage?

Sport is truly a BATTLE and leaders of nations know this fact very well. Sports are a prelude to military servitude. In other words, sports are a prelude to War or an acceptance to (unnatural) war. The truth is: war is not in our blood. But the conspirators have placed it there in every generation and the masses fall in line.
Team Sports are propaganda. The intent is not comradery (comrade), not at its core. Cheering HS, college and pro FANS, painted like drunken clowns, have no clue to what lies at the heart of every professional sport they hail so proudly and profoundly:
MONEY, gambling, Vegas, New York, racketeers, organized crime, Mafia, etc. We know by now that Boxing has always been ‘fixed.’ Not to the extent of ‘pro’ Wrestling, but it is an old story that owners (like racehorse owners) build up a boxer’s career, then…
He has to ‘take a dive’ and ‘throw’ a match. He better; or the lives of his family could be at stake if the fighter refuses the ‘handlers.’ It is money that rules, Vegas odds and…
Would you believe that all major Sports are fixed? Few people understand that what we are witnessing on weekends, primarily, is fakery and a charade. 99% of fans fall for the deception. All games are not fixed and all players are not in on the conspiracy; they don’t have to be. Only key players on a team sport need to be ‘in on it’ as pro games are ‘thrown’ each week, especially in the modern age of super salaries.
The horrendous ‘Black Sox Scandal’ rocked Baseball as the high courts had to settle the public embarrassment. Eight White Sox players were accused of “intentionally losing” games in the World Series of 1919. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was involved as seen in the movie ‘8 Men Out.’ The players were acquitted, but were banned from the game.
To learn of how college Football and pro games are thrown or tweaked so one side has the advantage, examine YouTubes which clearly present convincing arguments on the subject. Remember: only key players and referees need to be in on the fix. Games are made more exciting than they really are because of these ‘tweaks’ DURING THE GAME. Have you noticed that nearly every televised, BIG football game has a team that almost miraculous comes from behind and wins in the last minutes? This is precisely what the sponsors want; so you’ll keep watching; get very excited and buy the products.
Why does a team with a terrible record and people believe are lousy, suddenly win one week against what’s thought of as a great team playing at home? Because no one would expect that the ‘dog’ of a team would beat the great team, except for the wheeling and dealing gamblers that have fixed the game.
One YT example was how the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl a few years ago after the ‘natural’ disaster that was Hurricane Katrina. This was a concocted ‘feel good story’ where they gave the Saints the big game as a direct result of the disaster.
I personally tried to explain this to a friend and football fan. No way did he ‘buy it,’ even when shown evidence available on YouTube. Holy Football; a sanctity none shall tarnish. My friend replied, “Oh, no. There’d be a group that would root out the corruption.”
No there isn’t. Gambling: fixing the games and taking dives have always been a part of the game. It IS the Game. Horseraces, boxing, and pro sports originated from organized crime. Crime bosses, criminal families were the first owners and many still are today. They needed various ways to fleece people out of money, so new sports were born and were always tied to WAR.
Sports are only entertainment. The owners have insulated themselves from prosecution if some real whistle-blower ever wanted to ‘blow the lid’ on lies, corruption, illegal pay-offs and more that happens away from public view. Owners can’t be prosecuted for manipulating their own games. They can do what they want with what they own and what is merely ‘entertainment.’ And that includes the very, very rich slaves (players and media pundits) that they own. “Play ball!”

3. Olympics

Every four years and now every two years, most sports enthusiasts look forward to the longstanding international competition of the best athletes known as the Olympics. People do not realize what darkness, lies, deceptions and agendas stand ‘behind the curtain’ of the Games. Illuminati symbols are everywhere: in opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies and throughout the competition.
Why are the hurdles 33 inches high? Why is one Olympic diving event from 33 feet? [For that matter, why is the new extra-point in the NFL at the odd 23rd yard line? Because add ten yards to the goal post and you have 33]. Thirty-three is special to the ruling NWO Illuminati (Bavarian/Columbian/Saturnians) because Christ lived 33 years. They pervert everything good and decent while exalting the wicked and dark side. Hitler turned the arms (to the right to symbolize eastern Old World) of a holy Hindu and Indian cross…and made the swastika.
It was not coincidence that the center of the world in 1936 was Germany and that’s where the Games had to be held. The same Olympics included a rifle competition or target-shooting event that remains to this day. But the 1936 targets were not simply concentric circles with bull’s eye in the center. Targets were placed in the chest area of cut-out silhouettes of PEOPLE!
       Shooting bullets at a HUMAN image today would be so politically incorrect. But in 1936, rich/international bankers prepared us to accept and enter their ‘theatre’ and ‘stage’ of war. They knew, those also behind Olympics (all one parent Company), of the coming WWII. The elite illuminati, also Royalty and Pope, were getting the lambs ready for slaughter. On a subliminal and subtle level, we were being programmed to accept insane decisions like one country should fight another and kill human beings.
What is the Olympics but one country in a battle with another, under flags of different colors and (again) competitors in different colored uniforms? This is very delicate manipulation and a prelude to war. [Maybe we’re one people.] Why does the World Cup have children march out there along with the players? Answer: so what is really symbolic-WAR can be maintained throughout the generations, over and over…  


Why does ‘ZION’ appear as secret code within every Olympics logo since 2008? Examine the above assembly closely and viewers will discover the word is hidden inside logos. In looking up past logos, future logos were found that will represent the Olympics in 2016 and 2018. There again, ‘Zion’ appears. Google the word and you will find that it originates from a ‘fraudulent,’ anti-Semitic ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ or a Jewish plot to take over the world. Is it bogus? If so, why do the Masters of the World behind all super events and owners of the planet place the word in Olympic logos and elsewhere?





4. Music

“Music moves the body, lyrics move the mind.” ~TS Caladan
The Music Industry corrupt? This is not a newsflash; ask the late Michael Jackson (if you could) what he thought of the business. Ask a thousand insiders and few might reveal horror stories behind the Industry. We are well aware of “payola” or paying record DJs to play certain songs over others; big money pushing a rising star, etc. Any insider will tell you talent actually means nothing. You do not reach stardom or superstardom in Hollywood or in the Music Industry because of talent.
Why would MUSIC be important to the (not so) enlightened Masters of the World? Hitler said, “He alone, who owns the youth, owns the future.” And music stirs and motivates the youth. His man, Goebbels, was made ‘Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.’ Films, such as “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” by Leni Riefenstahl, were used as propaganda. The music of Wagner, which captures the violent clash of war, was also used to fire a lust for battle and servitude to the State.
Music is a powerful tool. Its real extent is not fully known to unsuspecting masses, but well-known to World Controllers. Few readers could conceive and believe that the entire course of musical history in America and other countries has been charted, planned and laid out far in advance…
From conservative big bands to the rebellious inner city, southern jazz and early rhythm and blues…to conservative postwar ‘50s music to the rebellious beatnik and hippie music of the outrageous ‘60s…to punk and its offshoots…to ‘80s stylish reflection of ‘60s music and then grunge that went the other way. It’s all planned and fixed, folks. Same can be said for big news events; they don’t just happen by chance, people.
       Read a fantasy story that might not be THAT fantastic: How Aleister Crowley, “the most evil man on Earth,” created the peace-and-love ‘60s! What is The Most Evil Man on Earth doing on the Beatles’ cover of Sgt. Peppers, TWICE? Crowley is also behind Diana Dors and wears a fez. Beatles into Witchcraft and followers of the Warlock Crowley? Did you ever see them dress in wizard robes and wave a magic wand? Maybe they had no choice or made wrong choices? We all took the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and followed where the four musical gods led, without knowing what ‘the Movement’ or ‘60s Revolution actually was: Musical Manipulation by dark forces. Why would Evil be behind Peace and Love? The answer is…so it never happens again!

Don’t be so sure that an artist or band wrote their songs~ WHAT? With a little investigation you’ll discover that Bob Dylan did not write much of his music and he has admitted, publically (like numerous celebrities), to have sold his soul to the Devil.
       There was no Shakespeare, only a secret committee that conned the world. The public, always on the bottom end of the social pyramid, buys whatever Media Big Brother tells them without question. DON’T; question authority, instead, and the news. You don’t think elections are real anymore, do you? Maybe we have been Milli-Vanillied? The unthinkable: Could the Beatles have not written some of their tunes?
By the way, Paul is really dead.
       THE END OF MUSIC CAME WITH RAP. No more does music cycle and fashions change. No more do hair styles change (See #1). Rap Music was invented by corporate WHITE BOYS to enslave the world; to grab every penny they can while providing the absolute worse form of music and have you love it. Dystopia in music. Rap has destroyed music and has lasted for 3 decades and there’s no end in sight. That’s the plan. Now music slaves live in mansions with all the girls/boys, drugs, cars and MONEY ‘in the world.’ Today, the chains (given by slave-masters) are solid 14-karat GOLD.
Rap is music where anyone can Talk-a-Song and requires little, real talent. Such violence and racism and mistreatment of women and vulgarity in the lyrics. (Isn’t it time for a change? Remember color in clothes, fashion, design and long hair? Was whitey jealous of the beautiful soul, rhythm and blues and singing talents of black artists?)
Music Industry measures not your talent, but your willingness to accept a role as SLAVE to their miserable, sickening dictates kept well away from outsiders. Do you know how many incredible musicians and singers do not have a chance in hell to ‘make it,’ yet mediocre ones are packaged right, sold as ‘superstars’ and they are rocketed to fame and fortune? Beyonce? Taylor Swift earns more than a million dollars every day.
Have you noticed DARK lyrics placed in popular music in recent years? Promiscuity and wickedness are promoted, even for young people. There is a trend (& in TV) that is coming front and center, no longer hidden behind the scenes: Satanism, like when Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or Kanye West give thanks to the Dark Lord in their acts. Witchcraft, mysticism, Illuminati symbols, Eye-and-Pyramids are in an amazing number of rappers’ videos, album covers and stage shows. The same can be said for much of teen music.
[I loved Coldplay for years (not thinking how strange it was for singer Chris Martin to rise to superstardom and marry Gwyneth Paltrow overnight with only one album). I saw them play their great songs on a UCLA tennis court years ago and it was fantastic. Today, with a new perspective of understanding, I can go through even my beloved Coldplay and find…the Magic…signs and lyrics that have been covered in attractive sounds…but has, possibly, a dark agenda. Maybe the musical Shakespeares didn’t write half of their tunes? Bastille spells its name with a triangle-pyramid. Examine Lorde and Florence + the Machine and many others. View all of today’s lyrics with open eyes and you just might find The Programming, certainly lame lyrics compared to long ago].

5. Television

“I expect to photograph thoughts,” announced Mr. Tesla calmly, in the same tone of voice one might talk about the rain. Continued Mr. Tesla: “In 1893…I became convinced that a definite image formed in thought must, by reflex action, produce a corresponding image on the retina, which can be read by suitable apparatus. This brought me to my system of television…”     – Kansas City Journal-Post, Sept. 10, 1933
Television is in this writer’s blood as a child of the ‘50s. We grew up with it in suburbia. But who knows it was invented my Nikola Tesla? Society barely accepts that Tesla was the inventor of radio, even though he has the patent over Marconi. What the real newspaper quote suggests is a truth of stunning proportions: On the way to photographing thoughts, little television was also found. TV is part of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum and should actually be called TESLAVISION (better anagrams).
Philo T. Farnsworth was not TV’s inventor; he was only a developer of a cathode tube. ‘Developers’ of Tesla’s original designs and patents got the credit as the genius was discredited in the West.
Unbelievable Television quantum leaped radio and had its seeds with the genius, Tesla. TV is entirely misused and it is an utter abomination. Dystopians don’t know what they are missing, what they could be watching if only TV was utilized the right way.
First, we will only scratch the surface of television as mind-control and a tool of masonic propaganda. Later, a few examples of how glorious TESLAVISION could be utilized. You cannot imagine the difference between what is and what could be.
From the very beginning, when television was taken away from tech geeks of the 1939 World’s Fair called ‘World of Tomorrow,’ it mutated or was perverted into a political means of controlling the masses. Big Brother is influencing in every room. Are we sure new TV sets don’t watch us? Are we watching programs or are we the programmed?

Study YouTubes, documentaries, books and articles on the subject. Who says institutions and industries from Sesame Street to 60 Minutes to MTV are on the up and up? Reality Shows? Nothing’s real on television (or Internet, 95%). It’s a lie. I can say, “Don’t be swayed by TV,” but that’s all we are…motivated, influenced and downright brainwashed. That was not TV’s purpose, but it is the monster television has become.
Have you noticed the many Witchcraft and dark shows? Note the titles, how they relate to mysticism or violence. Why so much violence in Gotham or Scream Queens?
Commercialism. Television is also a mind-control device used by the gods of Madison Ave., Europe and elsewhere. TV is trying to get your buck; shows do not matter anymore. Like music, the quality of television shows have dropped dramatically.
Let me relay a personal, true story of the first cable guy in the neighborhood who went around door-to-door and tried to sell PAY TV. Good luck. This was the first HBO guy who tried to convince people to PAY for something they had always received for free for a long time. Why pay? Well, the selling points were more channels, but the main selling point was the novelty of ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIALS!
Yes, Cable TV will eventually have 50 channels and HBO (R-rated) movies. “Shows will be commercial free.” Honest-to-goodness. Cable guy said, “You pay a small, monthly fee and look what you get: Sports Channel, music, other movie channels, even Playboy. There won’t be commercials because you pay each month a charge.”
Can you imagine, people? They actually said that to get the first audience to PAY for what was free. Have you watched Cable lately? Have you seen any commercials?
There were amazing experiments with early television and it was wonderful. Anything could happen on live ‘50s TV. New artists at play with the new video art tried anything for the small black and white screen. ‘Playhouse 90’ and other productions contained great acting and great stories. Television was something in the early ‘50s and alien compared to today. Back then, in the golden age, commercials did not dominate.
Rod Serling wrote and directed some of the live dramas and was known to be intense. So much work, care and energy were placed into the filmed theater productions that it is hard to believe this was once television…when you look at the unoriginal, rehashed (evil/dark) ‘garbage’ that passes for televised stories in 2015. Serling violently complained about stopping a gripping, exciting teleplay…to sell bathroom tissue.
In the beginning of commercials on TV (which happened to creep into the new medium more and more, even Cable. Imagine that.), they were one minute long. Later, commercials became two minutes long. A few might remember Chuck ‘Love Connection’ Woolery who said, “We’ll be back in two and two.” And much later…
Commercials became even LONGER! Look at commercials on Cable TV today. Five minutes long or longer! Hour shows were once 50 minutes of show and 10 minutes of ads. Movies were once watchable on television, but now you forget the story because of the huge # of mini-commercials you have to endure before the show comes back on.
       I blame Oprah, who really started this: “We’ll be right back” shit. She hooked you in the first year of her show with dynamic confrontational ones like with the KKK; not the housewife schlock that she packages and sells for a pretty penny these days. She kept going to commercials the last 15 minutes like crazy. No one ever did that. What a holy $ template. Now everyone does it, news shows and talk shows. They’ll tell you what’s coming, instead of showing you what’s coming. All because of the sacred commercial that we were promised would never be there. Why do loyal cable customers after years of early, faithful payments, still have their rates jacked up, doubled and even tripled?
       No one cares about TV because they’ve dumbed you down with it and the dummies aren’t complaining and making a federal case out of it. They’re not complaining of the Station-Identifiers that ‘they’ stuck in the corner of TV screens in the mid-1980s. We know what channel we’re watching. Viewers didn’t know at the time, the channel-markers were so they could sell us the disks (without them in the corner) years later. These horrible blockers, distracters that don’t have a name have GROWN over time. Now they animate and ADVERTISE! Are you aware this is during the show? They can’t wait for the 6-minute commercials, they’re packing the programs with ads.
There is a conspiracy; there must be, that no one speaks about and that’s what this article speaks of: Conspiracies right under our noses that no one talks about because few are aware. In fact, everyone seems to love this old show and the later permutations of the show. They praise this woman as a genius (I guess) and all I have to say is this HAS TO BE MIND-CONTROL. Day after day, channel after channel, this red-magic woman DEVIL is there…and she does not stop, ever…like the Terminator.
Television will never drop her, just like 60 Minutes is NOT subject to ratings. If no one watched, we would be stuck with it year after year. Why does CBS lie so much and why do we believe it? Why is CBS at a slightly louder volume than the other channels? Who am I talking about? This Red-Devil Woman has beguiled you because you appear to love this creature. She proves we are using television the absolute wrong way…
It’s LUCY! I hate Lucy! There, I said it. Do you know what year it is?
Have you ever wondered why there are so many COP SHOWS on TV? Remember the friend who thought someone would come along and simply clean-up football? Well, cop shows have programed us from childhood that:

  1. The Authorities, the good guys always win.
  2. The Calvary will come and save us in the end.
  3. There is always someone looking out for us, a group or police squad of sympathetic people out for the greater good and welfare of everyone.
  4. Cops will save the day and help us because they ‘serve and protect.’
  5. We should trust the police and authority figures because they care.
  6. We should also trust higher Authorities, the courts and world leaders.

It’s in our psyche. Propaganda with cop shows and why they have utilized about every variety possible has to do with hammering us with the idea: “We are secure and protected and everything is fine.” In truth, there are many brave police officers. But the highest levels of industries and institutions and monoliths of virtue are corrupt.

Why does TV implant so many false concepts? Because that is its purpose and how it’s presently used. Ever notice the hot babes on these shows? Whenever there’s a crack squad of defenders for justice, they tend to be headed by supermodels. In real life, they would be mostly guys and the mugs would look like palooka truck drivers. Don’t most CIA agents resemble Jennifer Garner? The reason is to make these social-soldiers and dark organizations (Centurions of the Empire) appear very appealing.
The TV expert and avid watcher that I am observed another phenomenon that is a staple now, but was weird when first introduced in the early ’80s. The show was ‘Hill Street Blues,’ where the phenomenon was first noticed: a shaking camera, the handheld camera and the end of the tripod or standing camera, which was always employed previously. Was the camera-operator drunk? It was the beginning of ‘steady-cam,’ that was far from steady and only gave viewers whiplash. Then all the shows started doing it and we are left with, “Well, that’s the way things are done today.”
I realized it was more than a purposeful distraction to throw us off that went hand-in-hand with poor quality shows. They don’t want to pay the editors anymore who are probably paid by the CUT. “Let’s do it as cheap as possible and swing the camera here and there and never have it still.” They’ll spend incredible amounts of money on ‘waste,’ but no concern about our view. The practice of hand-held, of course, spread to major films. HUGE budgets, yet they will not use a standing camera and hardly pay an editor. No one cares about the audience anymore.
Then there are action scenes on TV and movies that are nothing but cut, cut, cut, cut, etc… We want to SEE the action. Instead, they have mastered only giving the audience a hint of what’s going on, especially during fight scenes. They think the half-second cuts intensify the action at exciting moments. I disagree. Don’t give us a “roller coaster” of excitement; give us something real and a great story.
Let’s list what TESLAVISION could do instead of the way it is broadcasted in its present State function of glorifying wickedness and providing worthless crap.

  • We could have super (not ‘shows,’ but) presentations with cameras set at fabulous locations, natural wonders and WE switch from time to time to break the monotony, under our control. The planet’s magnificent beauty from every continent could be displayed on free channels and work like ‘Sunrise Earth.’
  • Television should monitor the planet from orbit with public channels that could access a large number of different satellites and different views from space. Google Earth is a total joke. We should be exploring this amazing planet in detail. We are not allowed elite television techniques because that would reveal a wide range of lies and deceptions. Apparently, it’s Okay for governments to spy on people, but we can’t inspect every nook and cranny of the Earth with a magnifying glass because of the State’s many ugly secrets.
  • Television (Teslavision) should be on the Moon right along with us, decades ago. Imagine lunar rovers with television cameras mounted and the general public had access to the whole thing. Wow. Imagine TV cameras on other vehicles and robots activated on other planets. We should be able to flip through the networks and see spectacular vistas from a wide range of moons and planets. That’s how television should be used, exploring the Solar System and under our control.

6. Movies & Hollywood

Revelations of ‘Satanic Hollywood’ could be the most unfathomable and ‘hard to swallow’ of them all. View YouTubes on the subject of celebrities of the silver screen who are Illuminati-puppets, the very same as the Television Industry, only worse! Your top actors and actresses are not the people you think they are. Not everyone, not the whole Industry, but you will find corruption at the highest of levels, which reaches 33.
We believe we, the public, know the celebrities. We’ve seen their films; they’ve made us cry, laugh and pulled at our heartstrings. Say it isn’t so? They also pray to Baphomet or are seduced into unspeakable, Satanic acts. Same as the Music Industry, the ‘carrot’ is placed on a tray before them of all the wealth of Avarice, if you’d only Sign Your Soul to the Devil? Many of the brightest ‘STARS,’ faces we know well and people we care about, have chosen the quicker road to fame and fortune. They have committed the most depraved things to get where they are today. And paid dearly for their decisions. Study and learn the truth. You won’t like what you see. Truth changes many famous people we thought we knew. How about the “perfect father,” Bill Cosby?
      Are you sure fame and fortune equate to freedom? Is it possible (only asking) that big movie stars have no choice on what films they make; who they will marry; who their affairs will be; when they will divorce; where they will live; what they will look like and where their careers will go…
THESE ARE ACTORS, for the most part; they are very good at concealment of what they truly are or what they have done to become known…behind masks, behind sunglasses so you won’t see their dark soul. Truth is: you might be tempted to lie, cheat and maybe ‘sacrifice’ IF the end result was millions of dollars given by the shadowy billionaires who run the world.
The worst part of Satanic Hollywood (always been there / we haven’t noticed) are the SACRIFICES. Human sacrifices are also required at high levels that go with the ‘10 Million Dollar Club’ and the ‘100 Million Dollar Club.’ If you join a gang of criminals, you have to prove yourself with a crime. You might have to do the very same in a Secret Society of the grandest Order, only far worse.
Why the large number of celebrity miscarriages? Do they give up their First Born to Satan? Celebs also have mysterious deaths to close people around them: mothers, fathers, siblings and good friends. Maybe they were murdered for what they discovered? What about the recent ‘suicide’ of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, the Scientologist? Investigate openly and be prepared to throw away how you used to think of the world. Actors who started as heroes like Alan Alda, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Ben Kingsley have also ‘acted’ as some of the worse villains ever. Are they acting?
Read my ‘Celebrity Suicides?’ article on for more peeks behind the curtain of concealment in Hollywood. Magic wands are only made from holly.
Are child actors abused and sexually abused by the Hollywood System? Shocking revelations have emerged that child abuse is a normal part of the process, unknown to the public. Is this why a great many child actors have committed suicide and turned out extremely disturbed? Was it much more than pressure of not finding work at an older age? More than not thought of as a celebrity anymore? Could terrible problems of child actors have originated from what is rarely ever mentioned behind Oz’s curtains?

Walt Disney, Disneyland and Mickey Mouse are not what you think or thought they were as children. Walt did not create Mickey Mouse. The character was created by Ub Iwerks. Disney was a 33-degree Freemason and Grand Magician like many other famous and evil figures who were and are a part of very nasty Secret Societies.

Count the stars in Paramount’s logo. It was changed a long time ago to 22 that surround the mountain. Continue the pattern, complete the circle, and the result is 33 5-pointed stars. Look at the mountain that is not a mountain; it’s a PYRAMID. Examine the Columbia logo you’ve seen in front of films and at the end of every Stooges short:

The image resembles Lady Liberty with Illuminati torch seen on money. Neither has anything to do with our liberties and freedoms. It only has to do with the few ‘enlightened’ madmen in the capstone of the social pyramid. The liberties are the horrors of Occult fascists and what they inflict upon masses of innocent people.
What’s Columbia? Shuttle Columbia, Columbia Broadcasting Company, Washington D.C. and a million other things and companies named ‘Columbia’? See how many Columbias there are; the number will astound you. And you’re not a bit suspicious? It has nothing to do with the country of Columbia; the covert Columbians named that too. Look up the answer. It originated from a Secret Society out of Bavaria, connected to masons and later morphed into present-day Illuminati.
‘They’ are in charge of the puppets we think are in charge. Everything is connected. The connections and the dark agendas of some of our most trusted Authorities are unknown to you. Open your eyes.





7. Science

“Say it ain’t so, Joe?” Not corruption in sanctified Halls of Science and Academia?
For doubters that schools, universities and scientific organizations are connected and corrupt as well, stay tuned. Where do you think they get their funding? ‘Educators’ conceal the unbelievable truth concerning real History, why wouldn’t they do the same with Science and Technology? What we are fed in nearly every department, in every facet of life around us through media is BULLSHIT! Present fascists will never regard their lowly subjects with the respect we all deserve. They want us “Dumb and Dumber.” We are not free citizens in a free Democracy. Maybe we can handle the truth?
Study the life of Nikola Tesla, not the traditional story, but the truth through the eyes of his son, Arthur Matthews. That’s a different ‘story’ than the Tesla in the movies and books or known to the general public and today’s scientists. Tesla was not one of us and inspired the Superman story in the early part of the 20th Century. He communicated with Martians and Venusians, believe it or not. He built, in essence, a Time Machine for the government during WWII we’ve heard of called the ‘Philadelphia Experiment.’ He built ‘flying saucers’ that functioned and were suppressed by World Controllers (who had plans for the next 100+ years of our enslavement to cars and gasoline).
Like songs and books we’ve been made to believe were written by certain people, we also have been told lies as to WHO INVENTED WHAT? Don’t be too sure that when Geneva or Swedish officials honor someone for a super innovation…that the credited human actually thought of the thing in the first place. It could have come from an alien source. Bad aliens gave us atomics that some madmen here on Earth developed and used when they didn’t have to. Question what they tell us; question everything.
Investigate what fantastic innovations have been suppressed by scientific authorities such as the Water Engine and a wide range of ‘fuelless’ motors. A great variety of engines and energy/power generators were ‘buried’ and not built or developed. Look up the old work of Alfred Hubbard and Lester Hendershot and discover their terrible fates, only because they invented a far better way of doing things.
A Doctor of Electrical Engineering, T. Henry Moray wrote the book “The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats” in 1960. It contains results of a 50 year study with another type of ‘atmospheric energy collector.’ During FDR’s reign, Moray became the chief engineer of the western branch of the Rural Electrification Agency. He built a device that weighed 55 pounds and produced up to 50,000 watts. An ignorant co-worker was so enraged by the strange principles Moray tested, that he destroyed the machine. By today’s standards, the loss would be over a million dollars. Moray wrote that “Frequencies may be developed which will balance the force of gravity to a point of neutralization.”
Moray: “It was during the Christmas holidays of 1911 that I began to realize the fact that the energy I was working with was not of a static nature but of an oscillating nature, and that the energy was not coming out of the Earth but that it rather was coming in to the Earth from some outside source.”

       The top link is my article on one of the technical ‘disciples’ or followers of Nikola Tesla, Otis T. Carr. He was given the task to bring what was basically anti-gravity and flying disks to the world. His company was incorporated by 1960 and he offered the Tesla-designed crafts to the U.S. government for the military and lunar exploration.
The government was ordered to illegally seize the working prototype saucer and other models. They were carted to Area 51 along with retrieved alien disks. Otis was shut-down by fascists which is the country we’re supposed to serve. Feds confiscated everything and the reason was this would “Destroy the economy of the United States.” No, this would FREE the human race and change the Order of what Evil had planned.
The second link is my interview with Ralph Ring, who as a very young man took a test ride on an OTC disk prototype! Fascinating. Did you know, Tesla’s flying saucer was granted a U.S. government patent? The catch was: it was written up as a ‘toy.’
Let’s move to present time and the fraud on top (literally in Isaac Newton’s home) of the Great Pyramid of Science…Stephen Hawking. Impossible to reach, of course, Stephen Hawking. Please place his name along with ‘fraud’ in Google and you won’t believe what you find.
I’ve had a joke that Stephen Hawking was replaced by a robot. There is new evidence that the idea might not be too far off from wrong.

The link will open your eyes. Play the clip. You are hearing from a whistle-blower, a technician from a team who operates a literal “puppet” the world highly honors as a great, scientific genius. For years, this poor man has been completely neutralized. The electronic speech we hear is put there by a team of people operating him from behind the scenes as a puppet show for terrible reasons. Hollywood horribly lied in his film as the actor who played Stephen won the Oscar. Unbelievable, yet makes perfect sense.

8. Education & Colleges

With points made previously, we can possibly come to understand that schools and universities have always been factories that spat out UNITS or cogs in a machine; where the units do not express individualism, artistic uniqueness and creativity. No, it’s like any military: you are told what to do; you obey the rules; you do not question what they tell you or what is in the instruction manuals. Conformity and obedience are emphasized by schools. You are not reinforced to question what lies inside textbooks; you are reinforced to accept them as facts. For example Darwinism is not true, but see if there is a college textbook on the subject of genesis that doesn’t teach it.
[Hey, fundamental, simplistic Creationism is much worse. Some form of ‘Intelligent Design’ and actions of far higher Intelligences in the universe must be the answer to our creation on Earth. Maybe we can’t handle the truth?]
EDUCATION is not the purpose of schools and universities. Yes, it is to train you for the hard life ahead beyond college. But it is also so you tend to socially conform. Once more, investigate YouTubes and Internet sites and find out for yourself.
The late and great author Ray Bradbury educated himself by “…going to the Library twice a week for 10 years.” He was better off with self-motivated education than if he’d gone to college, he claimed, and it was free. Get smart and Home School your children.

9. The Royalty

How is it possible that in a modern, high-tech age we have Royalty: Kings, Queens, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses, lords, ladies, barons, baronesses, knights, knightesses, whatever ridiculous and traditional titles you want to slap on their asses? I don’t have much respect for violent, sick fascists that have conned the planet that they are respectable Authorities who care…when in truth…‘they’ are the Military Industrial Complex, warlord Master-Magicians that create major (needless) wars, worldwide.
Study all three films and versions of “1984” or George Orwell’s classic novel to discover the real reason for (unnatural) war. Some of you already know. Some of you know hidden secrets and symbols “in plain sight” such as on the American dollar bill and what has been brought out here. There is only one reason for war and it has been the same throughout a few millenniums. There is really only one purpose and…
…That is for the WAR to always be CONTINUOUS…for the masses to always be beneath and stamped by the ‘boot of war.’ If there is no enemy, Big Brother creates one; that is how the very few super rich Banking Families who believe they are Royalty utterly and ruthlessly control billions of subjects of the British Empire. There is no war; there never was. We’re bombing and killing ourselves with our own tax dollars.
Monarchies, Hierarchies are criminal institutions that PRINT MONEY (put their portraits on it) and ENSLAVE the rest of us down here starving, suffering and dying in the bottom part of the social pyramid. We die in their wars. No Law to pay Income Tax, but you better pay or you are about dead. Did you know ‘they’ forced Americans to turn in their GOLD officially on May Day (real U.S. anniversary) under an illegal and unconstitutional penalty of imprisonment in 1933? And the dummies that soon would be geared for World War did so, gave up gold for paper without question. This happened not in Germany at the time; it occurred in the Republic of the United States.
Learn the difference: free people govern by vote in a ‘Democracy.’ In a ‘Republic,’ dictates are handed out by Council. A ‘Star Chamber’ of a special few rule in secret.
The world doesn’t want to play soccer and cricket, but governors of British colonies have insisted. Commoners or riffraff peasants eat cake and run in obedient, mindless circles. Royalty do this under a long tradition of “Machiavellianism.” In the book “The Prince,” Royalty and world dictators have learned that:
It is better to control the masses and stabilize the Empire by FEAR and secret terrorism perpetrated on loyal subjects, rather than to rule by kindness, tolerance, fairness and compassion. There are no good kings and behind every King…is a PRIESTHOOD. Stay tuned.

My old article is called “The Sith Have Taken Over the U.S.”
       Abraham Lincoln stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
If good Americans don’t believe that we really LOST the Second World War in the long run because, eventually, Hitler-type agendas took us over and FASCISM rules in secret as the false leaders of the Free World today…
Then why is a symbol of fascism, just as bad as the swastika, a big part of our papers, politics, elections, graphics, medals, emblems (Senate), adornments on walls of U.S. places of power (House of Representatives) and imprinted on American money?

What was the odd thing on the reverse of the American Mercury (God of Commerce) dime that we had as kids? Look it up in Webster’s masonic Dictionary; it’s called a FASCES. Its origin is the Roman Empire and was and is a symbol of authority. The ‘fasces’ represents how to acquire power, control and dominate. The UNIFIED or tied together rods, sometimes twigs, symbolize the chiefs, the bosses, the many governors of different sovereignties from China to France to Germany to Italy, etc.
If the rulers of different countries UNITED (in secret), then they had POWER as shown in the AXHEAD. They could do anything and get away with it. They can deceive the far less powerful masses and execute any cruel acts upon the planet and maintain an evil reign of madness; madness that only benefits the high Houses of Parliament and elsewhere…while the poor and the very many are always made to suffer and die.
Ever hear of Robin Hood…or Dennis Moore? General Custer and a million Indians? Our overseer, puppet-masters rule by fascism on a secret level. But not for long…

10. The Church & the Pope

“Behind every king is a Priesthood,” Jordan Maxwell said when I interviewed him (he could be one of them?), a man called the “Godfather of Secret Societies.” He knows what he speaks, such as: Why is the Ace over a king in a deck of cards? Means something, like street patterns of D.C. and “33” and “Columbia.” He also informed me of a masonic ritual called the “Killing of the King.” This has been done over the ages by cloak-and-dagger Jesuits and others who were…paid assassins, not unlike today’s paid killers. The old ‘ceremony’ pertains to any upstart that dares claim power or sense of dominion or have great popularity in the visible realm, when the real power invisibly stands behind the scenes, unknown to commoners…and they rule without mercy.
       Jordan told me of the ritualistic murder of our own President by those who were really in charge. Find out about the ‘act’ perpetrated in Dealey Plaza and with the statues, pillars and obelisk there, the perfect place and time for an attack against the “King of Camelot.” Lincoln too and many other uncontrollable rebels with a huge following such as Martin Luther KING, RFK and Gandhi. Emperor Caesar was king and stabbed to death under the same ritual. Jordan really blew my mind when he said that, “Jesus, too, known as the King of the Jews or King of Kings.” Another upstart with ‘a Movement’ that thought he could change the Order. Christ was no enemy to Rome, but a dangerous/philosophical enemy to the Church or what was called the ‘Sanhedrin.’ The Church murdered Jesus Christ, not because they HAD to. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve the natural ways of peace and love and even reincarnation philosophies of St. Essa, Jesus Christ as a teenage youth in India…
…AND the dark, evil, ‘witch burning’ of innocent people and ‘indulgence’-selling CHURCH who murdered an incredible man (may have been Tesla)…then further erred more than 300 years later by declaring this wonderful human being GOD. The truth is: The Institution of the Papacy was a plot from its inception to control you.
The next picture is the Cross and Crown. It is an ancient symbol of truth. There is no separation between Church and State (that’s for us fools). There is only the hidden merger between the two. And it is the old, archaic, riddled with secret rituals, CHURCH that is truly over all State Affairs. Church is the State and State is the Church, like centuries ago. Don’t we say, “Church and State” in that order and not the reverse?

“All roads lead to Rome.” What is hidden underneath the Vatican in ancient archives not for public view? Readers wouldn’t believe me, you’d have to research it…
The Pope. Are you aware that the Institution of the Vatican, one big square, PRINTS MONEY? They have Swiss guards (because of massive Swiss bank accounts) dressed up like colorful clowns from silly Fredonia. They cover the (really evil) rituals up with pomp and splendor…then, what? CRIMINAL ACTS somehow are viewed as acceptable to the rest of the world who have no power and mostly closed eyes?
Vatican pretended to war with the throne of England and the reverse was true over centuries and many died. Druidic Templars predated Freemasons. Remember the Crusades? After ages of fiat-wars whose only purpose was depopulation and control…
There are no more countries, todaynewsflash! There is the not so holy Vatican and string of Popes they hand the throngs, the masses that actually believe they are seeing something SPIRITUAL. Jordan will tell you the truth of Vatican Square: THIS IS BUSINESS; THIS IS POWER OVER PEOPLE and doesn’t have anything to do with a shred of goodness. Sad to say: the Vatican is corporate control masked as religion.
There are only three ‘City-States’ that matter to the Illuminati: The ‘religious’ center of the world or Vatican. ‘Political’ center of the world or State is the Throne of the British Empire. U.S. and Russia are under the Hierarchy, on a lesser level as controlled/owned Super-Powers. Cold Wars were bogus. (Top Brits are really of German ancestry. Swiss are not pacifists and only neutral because they have Britain’s Bank). Third City-State is the Pentagon, Illuminati’s armies of Centurions, which organizes, masterminds and executes all global wars, long before you receive a clue.
Above are matters of the Church since they finance the evil, the killing and wars. And you give them money? Maybe the Devil set up nearly every different religion and church so we’d FIGHT? The Pope (and Britain) prints incredible amounts of money. Why are you giving the Church money? Why is the Church taking food off the table of many poor families? Old Church Fathers, the Industry, murdered Jesus Christ.
Why did good, kind, sensitive and aware Sinead O’Conner rip up a photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live? Why did she simultaneously say, “Fight the real enemy”? She discovered the longstanding practice of pedophilia behind the scenes and under the ‘holy’ robes of the Catholic Church. Specifically, O’Conner knew of a recent case where a group of guilty (pedophile) bishops were ‘slapped on the wrist’ and continued in the Church. If in the workplace, would the guilty party be allowed to go back to work? She felt she had to do something and made an unexpected stand on live television. Do you think the Irish singer took any heat for her courageous, Christian act? A LOT.   
       Finally, the very obsolete Institution of the Vatican (kings and queens) and it’s scarecrow of a money-mad Pope is evil for another reason: IDOLATRY. The Pope is a Golden Calf and few see the geo-political and corporate $ power here that bedazzles as a type of spiritualism. It is not, not even close. It is Occult Mysticism. People should not pray to Golden Calves or give up their precious lives for King and Country.
The ‘Kingdom of GOD,’ whatever GOD you perceive, cannot be purchased. You do not need the Church or have to obey orders of State. Serve a higher order of love and understanding. You need only to find and feel the truth within.
Copyright 2015 by by TS Caladan
– – –


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