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~VENUSIAN ZOO~ by TS Caladan

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1 ~VENUSIAN ZOO~ by TS Caladan on Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:12 pm



by TS Caladan

Inside the hollow center of Venus, one more Retz Council meeting came to order. Sweet music stopped and vast numbers of members were in their places among brightly lit caverns. The colorful, extremely elegant and psychic audience quieted as the Teran Advocate, in front of three leaders, spoke without spoken words.
       His name was Radion Nix, malcontent and perfect TA. He appeared like any of the tall, blonde and beautiful Venusians. Nix was respectful of the Retz Council and its authority. He was well-mannered, for now. Inside of the Advocate, burned a flame so intense that diametrically opposed everything his leaders stood for.
       Radion Nix was once a part of a ‘study group’ with four other students sent to Tera. They closely investigated inhabitants of the blue/green third planet for more than 5 ‘Earth-years.’ The four other students in his group recently and tragically died in a rare ‘time-tunnel’ accident through hyperspace. Radion should have made the ‘jump,’ but arrived late. He never forgot his great fortune and the sad deaths of his good friends.
       Teran Advocate Nix faced huge throngs of fellow ‘Humans’ scattered along deep caverns inside the planet. He took a breath. His mind expressed, ~ Councilors and fellow Humans. I stand against your Teran policies as they have been maintained year after year…~
       The triad of Head Councilors behind Nix were permitted to interrupt. One was about to after his first statement, but she changed her mind.
       Radion Nix broadcasted, ~ You well know more and more of our people are coming around on this point and are slowly moving toward a policy of INTERVENTION…~
       Joklan Opt, leader of the High Council, ‘voiced’ an objection: ~ All we have done is intervene. We gave them Tesla; they made him a comic book cartoon, a mad scientist and an outlaw. Our Human ambassador’s proposals to Teran governments are continuously refused. Time after time we teach love and the Great White Spirit and show them how to install proper means to benefit their whole planet…and what do they consistently do, Nix? ~
       ~ They have failed us and our long efforts…by always choosing wrong paths of capitalism that lead to destruction, chaos and more suffering ~
       Lady El, another RC leader behind the TA, interjected. ~ Are you sure you are a Teran Advocate and not a Human one? ~
       A wave of light laughter spread through massive crowds. Important Retz meetings were viewed by the rest of the planet and by the ‘Council of Planets,’ a higher authority.
       ~ You call yourselves Humans? You have lost its meaning and should not call yourselves…human. You’re zookeepers! ~
       Nix’s thoughts created outrage on levels beyond the physical plane. Billions of concerned entities from more than one reality demanded elaboration. Soon the universe stilled and listened…
       Radion was radiant and felt inspired. ~ On Tera, there are the many poor and the few that are too rich. Some of the poor are actually HELPED by some who CAN help. We choose never to directly, openly and publically help. When one of their artificially-induced ‘natural’ disasters strikes, which by the way, we could STOP…When disaster strikes, it is the TERAN-heart that appears and comes to the aid of damaged neighbors, sisters, brothers and children…and not your so-called Human-heart. We stand by callously, coldheartedly, silently in the shadows and do nothing. We watch, we regret, we pity, but we stand behind old protocols of non-interference rituals. We call ourselves Human; they are our misfortunate brothers from a different tribe! Yet we do not help them end Teran dystopia. We shield ourselves from the challenge of real/true compassion, Human compassion, when we harden our empty hearts and do not do a damned thing ~
       ~ To what extent? ~ Opt inquired.
       ~ What was the question? ~ Radion responded.
       Joklan Opt transmitted, ~ How far, what limits will your aid and assistance go? Do we announce ourselves openly; give them machines for grand constructions and watch them pervert technology secretly into weaponry, as we have viewed again and again? Do we walk baby steps for them; take them by the hand; make every move for them without choice? Do we tell Great White truths to their media and think they will accept them? Nix, do you expect blind, misled children who have always made wrong choices to see the light or be grateful or not make war? Why directly help when they will point nuclear weapons at us? ~
       Nix communicated to the Venusian leader and ‘above’ ~ Misled, yes. You mean the same atomic weapons they would NOT have possessed, if we had intervened? ~
       More tremors reverberated throughout the psychic world. The Advocate was good. Many of the astronomical audience found the RC forum the most interesting mind-banter in a long time on the Teran problem.
       Lady El asked Nix, ~ You described us as zookeepers. Surely this is a gross exaggeration. We do not cage Terans; we protect them. We do not kidnap them and experiment on them… ~
       Radion interrupted, ~ No, m’Lady, the loving people of our planet, your Humans, allow them to believe our world is far too hot and volcanic to support life. We support lies, myths and think it right to not block their ignorant training and devolution. We allow witchdoctor teachings to be fought over on Tera, rather than proper education which would lead to intelligent and positive decisions. On Tera, ‘Care’ packages are given and medicines and food to the needy in lesser-developed areas. ~
       Lady El added ~ And Terans study gorillas in the wild. Is that your point, Nix? How can we allow a similar in appearance specie fall to depravity, organized violence and war in our midst? ~
       Radion Nix expressed a confident belief that he was well ahead in the debate. ~ The High Councilor has revealed how she and many of you regard our nearest sisters and brothers in space. Those who she and most of you would rather not concern yourselves with, are far less than retarded children to you. They are helpless animals and we are zookeepers of the asylum ~
       Caverns of Retz shook from fluorite floors to calcite ceilings. Was the TA correct and the Council of Planets incorrect on the issue of Terans?
       Joklan Opt, Lady El and other officials moved to terminate the very public forum. ‘Word’ came down from larger dimensions and the Highest Council and the entertainment proceeded.
       Advocate Nix pressed on in thoughts to the universe. ~ They still question whether or not life exists beyond Earth. And we are on the closest planet to these beautiful innocents…hiding ~
       ~ Hiding? ~
       ~ Your peace and sophistication, your contentment and satisfaction, pride…your tech, even your music; they all mask your FEARS...that you might be wrong… ~
       Again the debate forum was to be terminated.
       ~ Let the Advocate express what he must express! ~
       A universe and thousands of Retz members inside the extraordinary caverns of soft minerals and pastel lights, listened…
       ~ Thank you. Yes, to take the challenge and counter obsolete policies and adjust them…because we do care. We must be revolutionaries and change what we believe HAS to be changed! What if certain Laws are wrong? What if Freedom of Choice should be countered when results are destructive? Who has broken the Law and interfered with Terans? Certainly not you good Law-abiders. Devils and demons on many levels over much time have entered realms and hyperspace opened on the third planet. You’ve allowed it. Galactic outlaws haven’t kept your Laws…and you do-gooders have not thought to counter dark invasions with an equal measure intrusion of light and truth? You do nothing. All because you OBEY the Law and think you are on the side of righteousness and justice? Zookeepers was too harsh. In reality, we Humans are their caretakers, teachers and gardeners. We have FAILED in our jobs as teachers and gardeners. (murmurs) Do you not understand that free-choice Terans have absolutely become our responsibility? We produced and continue to generate the madness and killings there because of our own sins and failures to grow brilliant fruit from fertile potential. We point blame away from us Humans. But that is too easy, Council members. We will be ultimately judged by a universe without our culture and rituals that has realized our failed stewardship and missteps as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Caring brothers do not allow their family near high cliffs without precautions. We MUST intervene, openly, directly and immediately! We are far from superior human beings. We are failures at loving and caring and do not practice what we preach and sing. We call ourselves Humans and them Terans…when we are all HUMANS. Our tribe is merely older than these displaced, lost Martians. We are the same! Je suis Tera! ~
       It was the first time the humongous crowds seemed on the Advocate’s side and also uncertain of old traditions and the status quo. The astronomical audience internally demanded more of the ‘show’ and they received more.
       ~ In all this time, you have forgotten Teran history and its cycles. Amazing paradises and empires existed on your ‘planet of gorillas’ many times long ago. Cycles of Human civilizations, technological Indians of Tera fell and eventually became the poor wretches of a sick society today. Every one of you listening on low levels to the highest of Councils knows the future of Tera. Utopian empires, super magnificent Democracies and perfection are locked within Teran blood and energy and subconscious, inside buried memories. We have seen they were Martians. Teran Utopias, Teran pyramids, Teran technologies were NOTHING compared to what their ancestors had accomplished a million years earlier on the 4th planet…~
       Leader Opt interrupted. ~ And destroyed themselves…and destroyed themselves again and again, Nix. You continuously defend a once peaceful tribe that has devolved into gangs of warriors and militarists. Yes. Terans will lose their taste for war, violence and slavery. But the next age of love and enlightenment is hundreds of years away ~
       ~ Not necessarily ~ Radion Nix telepathically communicated as if he knew something the universe did not or he simply had a unique plan.
       ~ Explain ~
       ~ Clarify ~
       It appeared as if confident Nix viewed one particular future that Retz Council members and others in higher dimensions were unaware.
       Nix concluded ~ When the Martian Empire stood majestically at its pinnacle…it dwarfed anything we had ever accomplished ~
       The astronomical audience was shocked another time when Nix walked off Retz center-stage. He was supposed to broadcast for a longer period. The cosmos anticipated one more ‘plea’ or ‘filibuster’ on the mistreatment of Terans by Humans such as a man who begged to be released from a prison life-sentence. No final resolution of actions was expected. Psychics in the   crowd understood that a significant event had occurred very different than universally thought and seen.
       Humans and aliens on various levels were confused. They witnessed Nix who marched off as if extremely motivated to DO SOMETHING about the Teran problem. What could he do?
       Radion truly had an idea or ‘picture’ in mind. The ‘scene’ proposal was transferred through the appropriate channels and to Officials on the Council of Planets. After new futures were studied, the mysterious plan was possible and involved the Teran satellite.
       Luna’s strange history was unknown to nearly every Teran surface-dweller. Venusians ‘brought in’ a very ancient orb and transformed it into a monitor-station, post-Atlantis, to study the problem. One side unnaturally faced away from Tera for transmission purposes. The problems back then involved electro-magnetic destruction, loss of weather-control and separation of what was once a perfect Eden on Earth. The Moon had been used previously and mined for millions of years because of rich mineral deposits.
       After intense examination of the old Martians over the course of a millennium, no real actions that dealt with Terans were on the Council’s agenda. The commoners were thought of and decreed as misfits in the Solar System. They were quarantined and avoided by higher humanoids. The world was warned that ‘Earthers were taboo.’ ‘Intelligent societies could be contaminated by observations or contact with them.’
       [No one had seen or predicted what Nix pictured in his mind. The idea was good].
       The Moon was spent and outlived its usefulness. Its precious crystals and minerals were depleted ages ago with only the smallest traces left behind. Prehistoric transmitters, towers, dishes, domes and colonies were abandoned eons ago. There really were no important operations on obsolete Luna at the present time.
       If we cannot change or are not permitted to change Tera for the better…
       We can change the Moon. 
       Those that received Nix’s inner message got immediately to work. The Moon was ‘terraformed’ one more time in its extraordinary history; only this time, it changed due to a large hyperspace vortex and a ‘transplant’ in time.
       The Moon was given an ultimate upgrade. It instantly transmogrified into a brilliant global Metropolis! In the night, in the day, in half light, in crescent and full light of the far side also, differently-shaped areas of color moved into Teran view. Telescopes and probes revealed a fantastic civilization, plus tamed wildlife and lunar nature undreamed of.
       There was precisely controlled weather. There were power-pyramids that tapped into the Moon’s electro-magnetism and distributed energy to wireless receivers or various stone totems. Flying disks and sky ships of every kind as well as superstructures, buildings, domes and machines were powered by the magnetic electricity through the satellite’s ground.
       Everything functioned flawlessly on Luna with fully utilized sciences and technologies far beyond imaginations. Utopia could be a reality as it was before. But this was the Moon. What of Terans who only observed paradise from a distance of 240,000 miles?
       The Council of Planets executed more of the unexpected, unseen intervention or ‘influence.’ They created a CHANNEL ONE on every TV network and on every means of televised programming with channels. Terans were shown the truth on a #1 Channel, a free channel that never existed previously. Channel 1 had no name outside of ‘Channel One’ and also no logos, fanfare, commercials or anything like old Teran television. Nothing ever repeated on Channel 1.
       Teran bosses of affiliated networks had no choice in their ownership of the television industry. The big bosses were unable to block or remove Channel One. If there were TV, cable and other methods of video, there would have to be a Channel One.
       Venusians introduced themselves via the Channel and told the truth. The 24/7 new network slowly and delicately uncovered the truth on a wide range of subjects.
       PANIC occurred on every continent as deeply buried realities or secrets surfaced to the masses. What was hidden came to the forefront. The world watched. No one was forced to watch #1, but a planet filled with curious people mainly did.
       Broadcasted signals from Channel One, viewed over screens were medically proved to be beneficial to the human mind and body.
       The real, warm and true-to-heart programming on #1 was divided into three parts. The first 8 hours in the cycle presented behind the scene truths to history, politics, governments, corporations, industries, entertainment, sports, people and almost every department. Like ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,’ fabulous ‘gems’ were right out in the open.
       The world watched more intensely and closer. Teran panic, fears and anger were media-driven. In time, the Powers That Be (New World Order) lost their stranglehold on the general public of all nations. Truth had finally arrived to billions of human beings. Bullshit became unpopular.
       A calm, female voice explained the pictures on Channel One. Images demonstrated that what the ‘invaders’ or visitors reported was true. The divine intervention was not from warlords or pirates or subjugators like in the past. They were freedom-fighters, whistle-blowers, Conspiracy Factualists and most of all: good teachers and ‘gardeners.’
       Another remarkable oddity happened when Channel One was heard. Everyone heard words in their own native language, even if they watched the same transmission in the same room.
       The next 8 hours of sounds and images were pure galactic entertainment of the finest arts. Work from a pantheon of artists, from the farthest reaches of the Milky Way, was beyond belief and on display for very fortunate ‘Earthers.’ They were suddenly let in on super talent all around them. Exotic music of the cosmos, phenomenal dance, visuals and other types of unique arts tantalized Terans. People were in awe of daily spectacles seen on television screens and various media.
       The third part of Channel One transmissions went on every evening and into early morning and dealt with scientific truths. All sciences even occult realties, a myriad of knowledge, physics, astronomy, life in the galaxy to the history of the Solar System and more were explored. There was little mystery to true teachers. Here were answers to Life, the Universe and Everything!
                                                                          ~ ~ ~
       Radion Nix smiled. He understood what the New Moon was. In time, Terans realized what they actually saw through telescopes and through space drones when they observed all sides of the colorful satellite.
       Terans did not view Venusians or any alien humanoids who had transformed the old, grey Moon and instantly built the lunar paradise.
       Who were the lunar inhabitants?
       What was the New Moon?

Nix’s idea originated from his missing teammates thought dead, lost in time. His fellow students, now teachers, contacted Radion (the one left behind) from an alternate universe.
       In the alternate reality, Nikola Tesla was successful. By 1905, Terans were on the threshold of super innovations and technological utopia once again, like cycles of Indians long ago.
       Teran ‘gorillas’ were able to view what the world would have been, could have been and should have become without wars and destruction where everything was done right, without Money and Royalty and powered by limitless EM energy.
       To Moon-people, the year was 1978. It was 73 years after installation of the World Wireless Grid on Tera. Terans on Earth could not land upon the Moon and Moon Terans could not step upon a solid Earth. To each, the other paradox alternative did not exist. Tera-and-satellite was an example of a ‘split-reality’ in time.
       Moon and Channel One accelerated human potential, progress and production in quantum leaps. Terans matured and were no longer thought of as ‘children’ in the cosmos. Utopia had arrived much sooner than scheduled. 

ps. Nix received one more message from his mates in another dimension:
~ You’ve only seen the Moon. You should see what 1978 Tera looks like! ~

                                                                         ~ end ~

"What is ape to man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. 
What is man to the Superman? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame."
- Friederich Neitzche

(a lesson for the gods?)


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