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REPUBLIC by TS Caladan

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1 REPUBLIC by TS Caladan on Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:31 pm


by TS Caladan
       Senator Kennedy sat upon the highest seat of power, literally a few inches taller than the other senators. Twelve Athens senators convened on the clean, white steps of the Academy which overlooked the Acropolis. The view was spectacular on this special day as the sun beamed brilliantly in a blue sky.
       But in shadows, in dim areas difficult to discern, there was a great darkness. Forces of evil would soon shatter the known world and end a beautiful era some called ‘utopia.’
       Twelve senators of thoughtful and violent debate regularly met and fought with words on the marble steps of the Academy. Affairs of State were discussed and designed, thoroughly.
       Philosophy was the ultimate subject debated. The roots of philosophy, enlightenment, spirituality, awareness, inspiration, nature, speculation, science, math, myth, the Occult and more forged government policy.
       The most important men created Government, the State, Democracy and the Republic. But these were new concepts; these were ‘experiments’ in direction for society and control of society.
       Senator Kennedy (senior) was next in line to rule and govern the Greek Empire. His respected family was considered ‘royalty’ with devoted service to the State for generations.
       His brother was the oldest Kennedy and the emperor. Emperor Kennedy reigned for years and was loved by almost all. He was not feared. The ruler’s fair, strong and compassionate policies and programs benefited the populous immensely as conditions greatly improved.
       Opponents of the Kennedys gained strength in recent times and operated ‘behind black curtains.’ There were whispers of dissent and revolution and different forms of death (poison, knife, arrow, sword) for the good ‘King’ by paid assassins.
       Emperor Kennedy reluctantly increased his security and was never seen without several guards at a time.
       The Emperor and Senator Kennedy also had a younger brother as a member of Academy’s senators. He was quite young and groomed to carry on the good works of a majestic family long into tomorrow.
       “We meet again in these difficult times to give voice to our views on how we should proceed and what new territories we shall build for the future, together. A future we all hold dear…for our families and the Empire we serve,” Senator Kennedy spoke as an opening to the forum. From now on, any pause in the dialog was a ‘stage’ or opportunity for senators to express an opinion. Any question was motivation for a myriad of possible answers. The only protocol was civil decorum. Peace and respect must dominate the discourse throughout the most dramatic disagreements.
       A dark side of the Academy was a unified front and countered most positive ideas and popular programs. Such was the nature of extreme debate and legislature. The ‘civil and peaceful’ discussions never ended civilly or peacefully. There were Magicians of Deception or ‘snakes’ or brutal criminals among the senators [nothing was proven]. The dark faction played and acted decently, for the most part.
       What truly hid behind the scene in the shadows and beneath sinister smiles on sinister faces?   
       Senators Blair and Churchill were the most vocal opponents of the Kennedys. The pair were eloquent ‘mouthpieces’ and puppets for the true masters of chaos and disorder: Senators Windsor, Crowley and Greystone.
       Senator Blair suggested, “Should we not clear the air from last week? We ended on the Platonic dilemma of Atlantis. Before new business, what of old business and whether or not Plato was accurate with his ancestral stories…or was the great philosopher a raving madman?”
       “Ha, ha,” a few senators on both sides laughed.
       Brother of the Emperor replied, “No objections. Let’s start there. My view is yes; Plato recorded, spoke and possibly remembered true history. Why would you think the ancient, sacred reports were false?”
       Senator Einstein diverted the question with an observation. “We know where the honorable Senator Blair stands. Notice the word ‘dilemma’ when no dilemma exists and the word ‘stories,’ which assumes tales of pure fiction.”
       Senator Churchill raised his index finger and answered in the negative. “Because there is always doubt. Uncertainty. We must be free to question authority.”
       Greystone, Crowley and Windsor agreed and were the most animated.
       Senator Kennedy, the senior and host of the festivities, understood that free people will question authority in the future. But it was the very same authority of State that the dark faction constantly maintained. The prime Senator found Churchill’s words a contradiction.
       Senator Windsor was not often vocal and let minions do his work. He brought the order back to the question at hand. “Of course Atlantis was real…and Churchill knows it.”
       There were various reactions in the crowd. Some laughed and some looked at others.
       Windsor continued with, “The question is what to do? What to do?”
       Senator Crowley never crossed Windsor or Greystone and always agreed. “Senator Windsor makes a strong case on what is important. We do not deny the existence of ages with pyramids of power and praise to the Sun King and fantastic reports handed down through time. They are true. But look at your Democratic society today…they are clowns, fools, jesters.”
       Greystone nodded and smiled.
       Crowley rarely gave speeches. When he did, senators on both sides listened.
       Senator Blair took over the train of thought in perfect sync. “The masses will never believe the truth. What do we teach? Do we teach fantastical fantasies that few on the common level will believe?”
       Senator McNamara appeared ‘out of the loop’ and was the only one who acted surprised that the old stories were basically true.
       Senator Blair continued, “What do we tell our children and society itself? We cannot give them wild Platonic tales as real history. Surely you must see we cannot feed them incredible truths?”
       The group was mainly swayed by the logic and understood that only enlightened or ‘prepared minds’ accepted the amazing courses of ancient history.
       The younger Senator Kennedy spoke up and asked, “Yes. What do we teach the Children of Tomorrow, those who will wonder like all of us? Where we originated from? What forces caused our genesis? What, indeed, do we teach?”
       Churchill was the elder senator and declared, “We create history. We make the truth and give them what we think they can handle…”
       Senator Kennedy (senior) interjected, “We lie; that’s what you propose, Senator?”
       Crowley was agitated and vocalized, “We TEST them. We calculate precisely by science and math what the common level of understanding is at any time.”
       The prime Senator clarified, “You honorable Academy senators are advocating deception and believe that course of action will not backfire into revolution?”
       Blair expressed, “No, you misunderstand Senator Kennedy and good senators. We dilute the truth. Public records will remain essentially true. We edit history and holy records and give society a simple view, according to their level. When education catches up with mass populations, we will achieve much more and not be the ‘clowns’ and ‘jesters’ the honorable Senator concluded. In time, many will be enlightened beings, but only after major conflicts and tremendous wars. Surely there are realists among the idealistic dreamers that see the occult information should only be disseminated when all can fully accept it? This point in time could be centuries away.”
       Greystone applauded his boney hands and grinned. The others from the dark faction followed his lead. Many were unsure what to say or what to do.
       An extended pause signified a resolution: a simplified perspective on history will be taught in schools and marked in record books.
       Senator Kennedy brought the Academy twelve to ‘new business.’ “I’d like to hear first from Senators King and Gandhi on the question of the IDEAL and perfect State. What are we? Where are we going and what do we become? There is only one question: How do we govern?”
       Senate rules of engagement were respected. It was time to hear from the positive faction on the present situation and the real dilemma ahead.
       Senator King was the more verbal of the two and started with, “I can see a future of togetherness where we must and will live as one people. One society, all sides, no matter what our differences, must work and strive to be a single community and live in peace…”
       In that pause, Senator Blair asked Senator King, “The question is…what do we become? Half of us want freedom, liberty and Democracy. And on the other side of the fence are realists that know better…”
       Laughter circulated throughout 50% of the forum.
       Blair realized he said too much when he observed the frown on the prime Senator’s face.
       The older Kennedy answered, “We want a free civilization, the important issue of human rights and, yes, a Democracy. But there is a ‘pit of vipers’ in this House of Representatives seated here who want to enslave society.”
       “CONTROL society; big difference, Senator,” Churchill stated emphatically.
       “Senator Gandhi, please.” Kennedy coaxed the quiet, calm man in white robes to speak.
       Senator Gandhi cleared his throat and said, “It is imperative we form a Democracy because it is the ideal. Power is distributed to all. Energy is everywhere in nature.” The speaker put out a hand toward Senator Einstein and smiled again. “We will use the energy for clean power in future days. The attraction is magnetic and electric…and also is the power of love.”
       Sarcastic laughs were heard from the dark faction.
       “My brother and comrade in arms speaks truly…like the distant past, the far future,” Senator King continued. “I see a tomorrow where the planet is one, living, breathing entity. We will NOT destroy nature and nature will not destroy us. Wars, violence and hatred are not in the nature of human beings.”
       “History has proven and will prove you wrong, Senator,” Churchill ominously expressed.
       Senator Einstein added, “We know legends are true…of vast annihilations, wondrous flying ships and machinery we could not possibly comprehend. War and hatred and enslavement will have their time, have its day…and then will be gone, ha.”
       Senator Gandhi commented, “Those are the greatest words you will ever say, Senator.”
       “I hope not,” the brilliant man said with another big grin.
       Senator Blair shouted and guided the conversation back to, “What government? What model? The question must be answered now! Let’s vote.”
       Senator Markey responded, “We know how the vote will go. Six for a Democracy and six against. I’d know that even if I weren’t psychic.”
       Prime Senator asked, “What’s the answer, gentleman?”
       Crowley played his hand too soon (to Greystone) and offered, “A Republic.”
       “A Republic?” a few echoed.
       “A council of dictators and slave masters?” Senator King questioned quickly.
       “Yes. An occult council, a Star Chamber, a revolving group of men who pass the torch and rule the world with an ever-changing barometer.”
       “Explain,” exuded from both Kennedys. The Kennedys and most others in the Senate knew that Crowley’s words came directly from the silent Greystone.
       Crowley elaborated and said, “The barometer of power and control, ordo ab chao, will be according to the changes in society. We give the populous, which will grow to astronomical proportions, Markey knows we’re right; we give the masses the illusion of Democracies. We orchestrate revolutions and therefore manipulate the controls of our own opposition, according to Hegelia. Democracy, as any realist knows, is an unattainable ideal. Perfect paradise Atlantis…was destroyed…”
       Senator Gandhi told the dark faction, “Atlantis will return.”
       Senator King, the Kennedys and some others agreed.
       Blair stated, “That is a long time from now. Your priests and seers know the inevitable. They have seen multitudes of problems that will happen with the existence of millions more people in the future.”
       Was a Republic a compromise between Democracy and a fascist, totalitarian state?
       The prime Senator, with horror on his face, passed the resolution. “A Republic is the vote.”
       The junior Senator Kennedy asked, “And if the Republic experiment proves to be a failure?”
       Greystone sharply replied, “We’ll blame it on Plato.” (laughter).
       Senator Kennedy was much sadder when a runner climbed the stone staircase and reported the epitome of bad news…
       The good and noble Emperor Kennedy was knifed to death by his new team of security guards! Six blades cut him in the palace courtyard.
       Half of the Academy senators cried out and shouted violently at the other half. It was obvious who the real conspirators were: the puppet-masters that sat in forum.
       How did Markey not know?
       King and Gandhi were so devastated they too wanted to wreak vengeance on the dark side.
       The moment passed and chaos came to order. Violence did not occur. The only sounds were the wails of pain from the Kennedys.
       The prime Senator fell to the hard, cold, marble and into his brother’s arms and screamed, “Why God?”
       The nightmare had begun on Elm Street, marched into Dealey Plaza and then ended at Parkland Memorial Hospital. President Caesar was shot. The President was dead! A nation and a world mourned.
       As the motorcade slowly made its way through the streets of Dallas, multiple snipers took the life of the beloved leader. They were CIA killers and paid assassins, but actually agents of the real criminals involved.
       At the Emperor’s side was the First Lady until more gunfire caused her to move toward the rear. Secret Service men kept her in the vehicle.
       President Caesar was shot at close range by the motorcade driver (fed operative) as well as other shooters. Those near enough who observed the driver’s actions were later eliminated.
       Zabudes was another operative in on the assassination. He posed as merely one more by-stander with a camera excited about the President’s visit to Dallas. Zabudes was positioned at the perfect (broadside) spot where the gunmen’s bullets struck. The agent recorded everything, while the general public only viewed an edited and smeared version of the film.
       The next Kennedy in line took the ‘Oath of Office’ and pledged to serve the Greek Empire as his family had for generations. Senior Kennedy became Emperor and young Kennedy became Prime Senator of the Academy.
       The Emperor was as loved as his older brother, the good ‘King.’
       Evidence emerged since a few of the security guard killers got drunk and talked. They were soon captured and executed by loyal guards.
       An entire Imperial administration ‘cleaned-house’ in order to rid itself of powerful ‘rats’ that infected high society. More evidence mounted that pointed directly toward the Academy’s dark faction.
       Before a legal case was amassed against the conspirators…
       A ‘cloak and dagger’ (Jesuit) agent was dispatched and killed the new Emperor! One of the mindless assassins got through loyal guards and cut the throat of Emperor Kennedy. The killer was never captured. Another cherished sovereign, a rare good one, lay dead.

  Junior Kennedy was also savagely murdered. The world shook more than any eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
       In the hard days ahead, an ‘inside-man’ or small puppet-leader was installed and openly ruled the Greek Empire. His name was Emperor Nixon.
       The Occult Republic and its numerous, unseen tentacles lasted for a hundred years. The New Empire fell.

       In time, ruthless fascism was overthrown because of love and gentleness by the powerless. The meek and not strong inherited Earth. A New Age of Peace spread out upon the planet and lasted for a thousand years…

Shared with the permission of T.S.Caladan


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