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1 LONG AGO ON IAPETUS by TS Caladan on Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:51 am


by TS Caladan

   ~What do you mean, change? A big change is coming?~ Uranus, oldest and prime Priest, psychically asked his 12 children in response to the terrible news. Were the holy group’s feelings of a powerful darkness that approached real? Each wore white robes and faces of desperation.
       The Rulers of Light and of the only Solar System regularly held ‘family meetings’ on the artificial moon ‘Iapetus,’ that orbited Cronus’ Storehouse and was named after one of the Sons. Inside Ridge District #23, Dome #31, a special gathering of gods took place during a very early stage in the Solar System. But this was not the scheduled encounter on the Equinox. High tension registered throughout the System because of recent events. At this important moment, ‘figurehead’ leaders of each of the twelve planets, the children of Uranus, could not convince the respected elder and father that the dreaded menace was at the Capital’s ‘doorstep.’
       ~These are inevitable facts, father~ beautiful Rhea of Venus begged. 
       An even more beautiful goddess named Tethys from Lilith added the thought, ~Our best minds have seen darkness upon the physical plane for some time; you know the truth we express, father. We have only now understood how the negative energy will manifest. Why do you not see what we see? Everything will be different from now on. I understand and accept fate~
       ~Consider me an old, blind fool who is not up on current events. Inform me, how did the darkness begin here in the first world? What started the problem? Uranus stared at his wife and daughter, Phoebe, the Guardian of Earth.
       She remained silent and looked to her son, Oceanus of Mars.
       The always-armed Oceanus took center stage under the 31st dome of the 23rd section in the Great Ridge on Iapetus. He transmitted, ~We all know, except the ones who refuse to believe, that the shadow of First Darkness struck on the fields of my planet before it touched any of yours. It is a mystery as to WHY~
       The Holy Family sensed that Oceanus expressed the truth and was sincere: unaware of the prime source of growing, building negativity. Was he?
       Hyperion of Jupiter broadcasted, ~Nemesis is sure to root out the truth soon, father. She’ll get to the bottom of it…~
       Powerful Nemesis, the ‘avenger’ from Themis, nodded to the group with assurance.
       Uranus commanded, ~Let Oceanus express what he knows…of its beginning, intent and final resolution. Or…what inevitable changes?~
       The Martian Guardian thought, ~All of you, even dear, old, blind father…know of changes that have already occurred; meaning, we stand as ‘fronts,’ ‘ghosts,’ stripped of power and guard virtually…nothing~
       Rumblings were felt by the sons and daughters of Uranus, yet none questioned the truth. The gods were not what they once were in the Beginning of material existence, long ago. The gods were fruitful and multiplied. Lesser ‘godlings’ by the millions had colorfully flourished; constructed utopias, paradises and glorious dynasties that lasted for ages within ideal perfection on 11 planets. (Exception was the last planet in the System, which was devoid of all life but one lonely Guardian).
       Time changes all things…
       Oceanus continued and answered his father’s questions: ~Sisters Nemesis, Nemo (short for Mnemosyne of Tartarus) and I know the evil, the Darkness is aimed at Tethys~
       ~Tethys?~ was echoed by surprised siblings. It was new information to many of them.
       They stared intently at the sister from Lilith.
       Tethys had already cried a ‘sea’ of tears when she first heard the news from her young brother and Time Lord, Cronus. She restrained her gorgeous self from full emotions while she remembered the sight of her planet’s future or no future…
       ~The madness that approaches has targeted the most beautiful planet in the System!~
       A shattered 5th planet, the gem in a shining dozen, was what approached and in truth: every god and goddess viewed the ‘black tomorrow.’ Initially, very few of the Guardians believed it or wanted to fully realize the Dark to come. The Royal Dome seemed to shiver with a constant and ominous sense of Fear.

    [The first Solar System, ancient yet in its infancy, did not contain the yellow sun that will be centrally located in the far future. Age of early Gods and Goddesses had Uranus (a later planet) as the central Sun of the System. Uranus, the Great God on two legs, ruled the first Sun and therefore also the planets that encircled it, which he gave dominion to his children].
       Hyperion of Jupiter took over from Oceanus and mentally expressed as he stared into the eyes of his brother, Cronus, ~We know no way to stop the changes. It is also here at Saturn’s ‘doorstep’~
       Uranus acted as if he was unaware of Lilith’s connection to the ‘Capital’ or planet they orbited at this crucial moment. The leader and father closed his eyes and simply asked an important question that was more of a test to what his children understood. He only expressed: ~What will happen?~
       Both Hyperion and Oceanus felt the need to reply with their version of answers.
       But it was the ‘shining one’ that telepathically communicated next. Iapetus of Pluto was the most heroic, more than Oceanus or Nemesis. He had stayed silent. Now his mind declared, ~WE will also change, father…more than we have already. Some of us will lose our immortality…~
       There were a few emotional gasps in the golden crowd.
       Iapetus continued, ~Dear father, and to my sisters and brothers of the Light…I seem to see a future fate that no one here shares. Not even you, father?...~
       Uranus and his silent wife Phoebe stood under the Dome as stone statues…
       Nemesis walked forward as if she perceived a deception in her father she had not known before. Was he pretending to be ignorant and were his questions patronizing tests? Was the Great Guardian and Lord of the glorious Sun really behind the mounting Darkness that will cumulate in not only a pulverized planet, but the death of a very special immortal? Nemesis hid her suspicions toward her father well.
       After an eternity, Iapetus informed his family of his unique view: ~Dear ones…this concerns my two and very young children, Prometheus and Atlas…~
       With those thoughts aired in the golden Dome, Iapetus had everyone’s attention; he particularly had the attention of his mother and father.
       Uranus secreted his great fears of his children and grandchildren. Only known to Wife Gaia or Queen Phoebe, were the intentions of the King of Everything. Uranus had seen the future and of forces that turned children against the father. The key was Iapetus and what will occur later between ‘the brothers.’ The World and vast multiple Systems, as will exist in the future called ‘stars,’ all depended on a battle between two brothers, Uranus’ (Universe) grandchildren.
       The battle will happen soon on the artificial satellite (named after the Plutonian Guardian) where Royal Houses from the Beginning still stood on the ‘famous Ridge that overlooked the World.’

What was the passing of time to Cronus and his family? In the blink of a god’s eye, a battle for control of Saturn was waged between Prometheus and a new, evil enemy to the human race of gods and goddesses. Here was a portal of a concentrated Darkness manifested onto the material plane for the very first time. Evil or the Beast possessed the physical body of Prometheus’ brother. Atlas accepted.
       Atlas chose to electro-magnetically be charged the opposite polarity, different than the positive charge of 11 planets and life itself. He became a mindless minion of Darkness from an outer realm after that point. Atlas became Satan’s puppet and ‘golem.’ He opened the door for a ‘serpent’ in the ‘garden.’
       Satan was an entity from the Outside whose only intent was destruction. Devastations, demons, devilries, terrors, fears, corruptions, manipulations of free life and free will were unknown to the pure, first world. Satan would make its mark with the pulverization of a planet, the death of an immortal and the temporal ability to change the good, fixed future into any twisted form of madness Chaos desired.
       Uranus operated the Great Battle on Iapetus between brothers fairly. No other siblings could interfere with the match of the gods. The amusing ‘game’ was a test to the old King: to see if Light would win over Darkness or the reverse? Would 11 planets change polarity to the negative side of magnetism? Will the 5th planet, incredibly beautiful Lilith, explode and gorgeous goddess Tethys die? Or would evil be defeated and the Wormhole/Black Hole, Saturnian Portal to dimensions of hell and its array of demons be closed for good? Will Saturn remain a Storehouse of downloadable data for the gods or will Satan have a permanent residence to upload any horrendous reality that monsters chose upon our clean System?
       With a future at stake and while a universe on many levels watched the ‘Iapetan Brother Battle,’ suddenly a halt came to the proceedings in mid-Vortex!  What happened?
       The outcome or winner between Atlas and Prometheus was unknown to Uranus, hence the battle. Then the King of Everything was no longer ‘on the fence’ and clearly saw the resolution. Uranus stopped the universal ‘game.’ He did not like the result of a Prometheus win.
       Victorious Prometheus meant Lilith did not vaporize in a blast that damaged the Solar System; Tethys did not perish and experience the first death of an immortal; evil had no foothold on the real world; Satan was vanquished and a hyper-dimensional gateway to dark evil disappeared.
       Instead of that result, Uranus exiled and imprisoned both combatants and their father to the dense last planet called the Tartarus (not positively-charged). Nemo had no say in the affair and treated her three guests like the prisoners that they were. She had strict orders from Uranus and gladly held her siblings captive upon the surface of the high-gravity world of Dark Matter.
        Some believed the phenomenally hard, lifeless, last planet acted as a ‘collector’ or lightning rod that gathered the negativity and actually kept evil away from the world. Mnemosyne was happy to rule the ‘quanta’ particle of black matter alone. She was also happy that she had prisoners to play with.
       What happened to the world?
       The 5th Planet exploded, targeted by an ultimate weapon conceived on Mars and executed on Mars. Oceanus knew of the plot; was helpless to stop the insane Martian plot against the most beautiful planet and the most precious of people, the Lilithians. Oceanus watched his immortal sister die along with the colorful and loving millions of human beings on her planet.
       A yellow sun was now the center of the Solar System and sacred Sun Uranus, surprisingly, orbited the new sun in the Middle (natural) Gap that always existed between Saturn and Pluto. The old Sun became a planet.
       [The first Solar System began in total mystery to even the highest Gods. Twelve planets fit perfect, orbital positions out from the Uranus-Sun. Each planet appeared to have been placed in mathematical distances like on ripples of a still pond; except the eighth position or GAP was very strange. There seemed to be a missing 8th planet. Many believed the System originally had 13 planets; one should be in the perfect, mathematical space…only it was not there].
       With changes, post (terminated) Battle, old Sun Uranus was in the Middle Gap. Something or someone placed the Sun in perfect, planetary order and ‘filled the Gap.’ Perfect order that would have existed if Lilith hadn’t blown apart. Now the Gap was in the inner portion of the System.
       The mighty explosion of the wonderful 5th planet and its wonderful people resulted in:
·         A ‘belt’ of asteroids orbited a yellow sun in-between Mars and Jupiter.
·         Debris or pieces from Lilith’s ‘Big Boom’ flung at tremendous speeds became ‘comets’ and returned to the Sun in long, extended orbits.
·         A vast debris field collected beyond Pluto of Lilith fragments that traveled too slow to fall back to the inner portion of the System.
·         Inner planets became pocked and riddled with scars from impact craters due to the blast.
·         What was later called ‘shooting stars’ were seen in night’s skies created by the smallest pieces.
·         The Saturn Storehouse was not turned into a ‘manifestation factory’ for demonic forces and Satan’s attempt to ravage the physical world was thwarted. Time and the future were saved.
·         By far, the most unbelievable change to Uranus’ universe was that it, itself, was now EXPLODING! Whatever the experiment of the First Solar System was, repeated billions times billions times billions, etc. Stars, clusters of stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies brilliantly blazed through the cosmos and widened the possibilities of real Life to the infinite degree…
        Evil and the spread of Darkness that could have led to a multitude of continued atrocities by the human gods and upon the human gods, these men and women…did not happen. The Portal to essentially Hell was closed and Chaos remained in check magnetically, away from the world.
       What of Prometheus, Atlas, Iapetus and the rest of the deposed Royal Family?
       Young son Cronus always had Time on his side and saw the future. Coaxed to defy Uranus by his mother, the Queen and Guardian of Earth, Cronus found a way to lessen gravity. He knew that his father could only be defeated after the release of Iapetus and his children from what was a prison planet.
       He traveled to the very heavy and dense chunk of Dark Matter that circled at the end of the System. When Nemo was not at her post and unaware of her captives, brother Cronus rescued the three of them from the Tartarus.
       The children of Uranus and millions of followers on the planets, without the veil of evil, rose up against Uranus. Prometheus led the charge and took power (’fire’) away from the old King. Prometheus stung Uranus and he remained in a weakened state. The wound resulted in the creation of genetic experiments known as the ‘Furies’ and the ‘Giants.’
       In time, Cronus ruled as the prime god in his father’s place.
       Prometheus was considered the bravest of heroes during the war with Uranus.
       As for Atlas, influenced by negative forces in Battle, he was not a war hero and refused to move against his father. He was given the ‘burden of the world’ for his crimes against the gods. Gods that became more human with every new generation.
       Stories of the gods became highly overblown and richly exaggerated over the course of time. The children of Uranus were referred to as the ‘Titans’ and literal giant gods and goddesses. There were ‘giants in the land,’ but the human progenitors were not any larger than much later, mortal descendants. The gods were ‘giants of the mind.’ They moved objects; they were clairvoyant and psychic and used huge percentages of the mind: nearly 3% of its potential!  
       Gaia looked out upon her moonless Earth and knew that future tragedies would also occur on her green world. There would be disasters soon that required an extremely old cosmic body (the missing planet in what was the Middle Gap) to be brought-in and placed in an odd orbit around her planet. A Moon Station monitored the many troubles in the near future here.
       She also understood the origin of Earthly troubles and that was the Lilith explosion. Phoebe, no longer Queen, knew the chain of events. Mars was ruined by the titanic disaster, changed to a red color because of radiation and was unlivable.
       Martians were forced to migrate to Earth, against the wishes of Oceanus. Oceanus never rebelled against his father and remained an agent of Chaos (that will lead to future wars in the Heavens and on Earth). His secret spell transmogrified Hyperion into a creature of pure evil. Oceanus’ reason or tendency toward the dark side might be explained in the fact that Rhea spurned his love.  
       Presently, old Iapetus as well as a few of the Family (Nemesis, Cronus, Gaia, Rhea and Coeus of Mercury) met in an undisclosed Dome because of a prime problem on the horizon: the madness of Hyperion of Jupiter.
       Gaia was distraught that one of her sons was besieged with psychotic insanity. Its cause went unseen. Phoebe viewed Hyperion change into a ruthless and violent tyrant.
       He became mad with power and what he could do as an unstoppable god on his three satellites of Io, Callisto and Europa. He killed thousands of his lovely subjects mercilessly, because he could. He claimed to sit upon the real throne of the New System and denounced the authority of Cronus and his dominion.
       The remaining Family decided to go to war with Jupiter’s Guardian, their mad brother. In a terrible struggle with Oceanus and the ‘Ghosts of Mars’ on the side of Hyperion, the gods once more made war! The few children of long deceased Uranus enlisted the aid of the GIANTS. The Furies refused to help.
       With assistance from the Giants, the tide was turned and the positive side of Light won today and won the future. But with every victory and ounce of positive energy, there appeared to also exist its equal counterpart of negativity. Again, good forces won…but there was always a big price to pay.
       The First Solar System of the Great Explosion and holy home of the gods, had a new reality that resulted in an aftermath of the last war. This particular timeline was virtually the same except a fake-planet (of evil) was inserted into the perfect System of 12 planets in-between the orbits of Uranus and Pluto. What will be strangely called “Neptune” in the far future threw the planetary distance-ratio completely off, but returned the System to its original number of members. There were 12 planets again, even though the inner Gap remained and someone added a bizarre blue one not in the correct position.
       There was also another cosmic body (of evil) addition to the System. Hardly noticed at first, but Jupiter did not have three prime satellites any more. Jupiter now had four. What will be known as “Ganymede” was a sudden vision to all observers. The only problem was that the massive ‘gas giant’ planet Neptune as well as a large Jupiter moon…do not exist.
       They were and remain ‘holograms from the Dark Side.’ Crafts cannot land on a gas giant, but ‘rocky and solid’ Ganymede is another story. Only…a physical craft could never land on Jupiter’s Ganymede.
       What prompted or manifested such negative phantoms in the real universe? The answer is: Saturn’s time anomaly and transporter gateway aka a Wormhole has returned. In Yin Yang, there is always a dot of good in bad and a dot of bad in good. The positive Light could not be victorious without terrible consequences. Saturn’s real North Pole has a 6-sided phenomenon that is in constant motion around the pole. It was first photographed by both Voyager spacecraft and decades later by the Cassini probe. It is not a “hurricane” and neither is Jupiter’s Red Spot. The biggest change of all was that a door to time and other worlds was right there on our ‘doorstep.’

Could the future be altered because of the ‘thing’ at Saturn’s North Pole? Could Time? Is this the reason for a secret Saturnian Cult alive and well in Hollywood, big industries, and among politicians and people of power in the modern world? What is the significance of the hexagonal shape to the vortex or Event Horizon at Saturn’s pole? Ask Richard Hoagland what 6 sides mean; if it has anything to do with hyperspace and maybe hyperspace travel?
       Is the future fixed and are the Illuminati, powerful secret people, trying to un-fix reality? Are they attempting to sustain a doomed, destined to fall, New World Order just a bit longer in time? These are not my ideas. Study the secret, ritualistic Saturnians and the actual mystery of what is really spinning on Saturn from YouTube and other sources. Why was the Kubrick film ‘2001’ changed to Jupiter when in the book, it was Saturn? Would it be too obvious then, that they had to change the story for a major film? [The great director said they didn’t have the special-effects right. I don’t buy it and neither do others].
       ‘Lord of the Rings’ is said to be about Saturn (Rings) and the one eye of Sauron or Satan or Saturn. CBS and Big Brother: the 1-Eye of Sauron? The picture of the red entity or Beast about to step through the vortex into the real world resembles Sauron and the evil, red tower in Mordor. 
       The above story’s intent was to plunge into what might be a real age of gods and goddesses and see what I can channel? Storylines follow precise Greek and Roman mythologies we have heard before. The 6-sided unknown should be investigated. But it probably has been investigated by those who have explored the System in depth. The information certainly will not be shared with us, the outsiders.
       Two more films to mention are Disney’s ‘Black Hole’ and Paul Anderson’s ‘Event Horizon.’ Each were similar in that they opened up a hyperspace portal or opening to Hell! Are they trying to scare us off? Do they inform us of real things in fictional films?

                                       Quotes from the Matthew McConaughey film ‘Interstellar

       [Earth, a dustbowl, is near ruin; plants fail to grow and will soon be extinct. A covert space program launches hope to save our dying world in a probe (‘Endurance’) to where an anomaly was discovered NEAR SATURN. A wormhole gateway had been explored 10 years earlier to find habitable planets. New mission, piloted by ‘Cooper’ (McConaughey), discovers that time-dilation or relativity is the problem; the explorers aren’t aging like Earthlings].
       “So, someone placed it (Saturn’s wormhole) there? Whoever they are, they appear to be looking out for us…came right when we needed it.”
       “They’ve put potentially 12 inhabitable worlds within our reach.”
       “Every hour we spend on the new planet will be 7 years back on Earth, that’s relativity, folks.”
       “We’re not meant to save the world; we’re meant to leave it.”
       “We detected a wormhole; it appeared 48 years ago.”
       “Time can stretch; it can be squeezed, but it can’t run backwards.”
       “To them, they can jump into the past like a canyon and climb the future like a mountain. The beings that led us here are of 5 dimensions…They are us from the future, sending messages.”
       “Evidence or artifact (Tesseract) of a higher dimension…Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.”
       Two of them leave the main ship and explore the new planet while one stays in the ship. When the two return to the spaceship, they find that 23 years have gone by to the one left behind who did not explore the planet. Cooper views video communications from his children over many years and sees them age before his eyes.
       They also discover one of the previous explorers sent 10 years ago (Matt Damon), who is insane and lied about the habitable possibility of his planet just to be rescued. His character’s last name is “Mann,” printed on his spacesuit, and he turns into a killer. This is identical to the computer HAL in “2001.’ HAL was the sum total of the human race and basically symbolized the human race. What are they saying, people are essentially bad?
       ‘Interstellar’ has another similarity to “A Space Odyssey.” Cooper plunges into a Black Hole and is in a surreal limbo where he goes back in time and sees his daughter at different stages from behind a bookcase. He also sees himself with young daughter and yells to himself: “Don’t leave!” The many rectangular shapes of books resemble the ‘slots’ that had to be used to turn-off HAL. The entire dream sequence in time is similar to the end of ‘2001’ with the astronaut in bed at an old age.
       The film has a happy ending and was another version of Sandra Bullock’s “Gravity.” But were small details in the movie significant? Were they true, only known to insiders? You’ll discover, ‘behind the curtain,’ that filmmakers and music-makers and news-makers are magicians who are conning the world with lies and deceptions. Magic.
       The daughter has grown up and receives a message from her ‘ghost’ behind the bookcase, her father. She is a scientist and gives the planet a new energy source. Near the end, Cooper’s recovered and wakes up in a hospital on an orbiting platform in space called “Cooper Station.” There are fields and farmlands that are within great curved structures. Humanity thrives in space on an artificial station and not on Earth. All the new technology came from the coded message sent from Cooper to his young daughter. A middle-aged Cooper meets his extremely old daughter.
       One could say the wormhole anomaly or time vortex at Saturn saved the human race. What’s the real story? What of the actual 6-sided, hyperspace anomaly and how is it being used presently? By whom? No longer do ‘they’ hide the connections to Saturn; they come right out and present it to our face. Who would believe the truth?
       You have seen Saturn’s North Pole. What does the ringed planet’s South Pole look like? Does an oddity also exist there? As you can plainly see, the image is a bit frightening. It resembles an eye ~ CBS on Saturn? 


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