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1 THE WAR MACHINE IS ON HOLD on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:04 pm



November 4, 2015 Ines Radman

How often do you have an epiphany? How often do you see sit down in a quiet corner and just talk to your higher self? I write about this a lot because my epiphany today was just about that conversation I am having all the time.
There is madness out there, I call it terminal madness, terminal as in ending, but not ending of the world rather ending of our madness. We have gone mad because we are tired of searching and seeking something better. You see, it’s not about goals. This is the programming. We are taught that we must all have goals. Goals as in being born, getting educated, finding a job, starting a family (that’s old fashioned now), saving for retirement and then leaving a bit for the funeral. These are the goals they have programmed us into. Goals keep us busy, with ever harder reaching goals now because most people today need 2 or 3 jobs per family just to survive. The goals of achievement keep us in a state of robotics where we “have” to do this or that and by the time we are spent, exhausted, old and rickety (poisoned by drugs), we lay on our deathbed and if we are still lucky enough to have consciousness, we re-visit our lives and ask ourselves what the fuck did we actually accomplish in this lifetime?
Well, we may have accomplished those goals, but what did we achieve really? Goals don’t give us purpose. Goals just give us something to strive for, but more importantly, we never ask ourselves what our PURPOSE is here.
You ask any Christian what their purpose is here and I doubt they are going to tell you that we are here to find themselves.  They will tell their purpose is to be good humans perhaps, to help each other and worship their god. Nice gesture, decent thoughts but so what after you have done all of that? On your deathbed, you might say: “Well, I had a good life. I worshiped god, I helped people, I brought up two children and now have 8 grandchildren, I even managed to save a bit for the grandkids to go to school”. Really?
You think that person is going to die with dignity? How does one die with dignity if you have only accomplished your goals and saved for the kids? Many on their deathbeds question what their purpose was in life, and many also get it only then when they are about to leave their bodies.
Your goals take you nowhere, other than satisfy your ego for accomplishment, to receive recognition from those that expect something from you, but it’s a dead end. The glory of accomplishing your goals leave you questioning who actually benefited from it? Surely your grandkids did but can you leave this body feeling like you truly understood why you were here?
Instead of asking ourselves what we need to do while we are, we need to focus on finding out why we came here. Our purpose in this reality is to discover who we are. This is why we keep coming back every lifetime, until we get it right, we’re not graduating. We left source like an adventurous child, most likely we spent eons surfing and playing within different universes, perhaps we did it all and as a final lesson or experience, decided to come to Earth and experience a 3D reality. Many of us that have come here have experienced a body for the first time. We are ancient souls, traversing the infinite reality of all that is and decided to make a pit stop to Earth and see what this dense reality was all about. To feel pain and suffering, to feel joy and happiness, to feel a stab wound or to feel what it’s like to stab someone else…this all part of our reality here.
This is why there is no such thing as good or bad. We created both good and bad for the experience, but there is no such thing as good or bad except on this planet because of the experience we created here. How does one understand love without understanding hatred or fear? How does a child born into hunger understand what a full stomach is unless it’s been fed? A child born in hunger will always be happy and will never question why it’s hungry because it doesn’t know the difference.
Humans don’t have a problem with not knowing, we have a problem with memories, our memory akash has been blocked from us, so we don’t remember existing before this life, therefore, we can’t imagine what it is like. We see white or black, we feel right or wrong, we simply can’t comprehend the immensity of what we don’t see and can’t see with our 3D eyes. The programming, the culling of humans, the lies about our history, the deception was all created to keep us from finding out who we are.
This is not about slavery. We are not slaves. They see us as slaves because it was what we were originally designed when the Annunaki or whatever alien race came here, but they didn’t create us as SLAVES, they created us in a such a way that we would think we were slaves, when in reality, we must never find out who we truly are. To find out who we truly are would mean losing their power over us, not as slaves but as powerful humans living in the dark and not seeing beyond their 3D eyes.
We are powerful, it is what we came to experience. We came to humble our Soul into feeling helplessness, poverty, hunger, and all the things that makes man suffer because we could only hear about it or know about it. We wanted to experience all that is, all that is created by Source.
So when the bible states that we were created in his own image, I would like to say that this was taken out of context and that is actually means that Source created us in it’s own image, therefore, we are parts of Source. We are ALL that is. Due to millions of years programming and deception, this 3D reality is literally encoded into our DNA, just like trauma can be passed on to our descendents, so can our belief systems.
The power is in within us, yet I ask why are people afraid to find out? Could it be that if they found out, they might have to do something about it? We have all the experts in our truth community talking about what IS going on, WHY it’s going on, and WHO IS doing it, but I rarely come across anyone coming up with some solutions on how to stop this madness.
It’s about hitting them where it hurts the most. I have written about this many times, it’s about starving the war machine. It’s about throwing out  your bank card and using the teller instead. It’s about boycotting all junk food restaurants and foods, it’s about saying no to prescription drugs. These are just a few things that we can do.
Problem is, whenever I suggest this, people come back with: “I can’t close my bank account because my paycheck is deposited in it”. Fine, don’t close it, but don’t use the bank card. Fine, you’re lazy and don’t want to wait in line at the bank. Fine, you need your morning Starbucks. But stop your fucking whining then.
If you’re not willing to do anything about it, then stop the whining and blame game. There are way to end this madness.
First you must come to the realization and ACCEPT it as your truth that you are an eternal being, a being of light, a being of infinite power and by simply using your thoughts, you can create the reality that you want. Secondly, you must remove yourself from the matrix by minimizing the core material things we think we can’t do without. Whatever that is, be it 3 Tv’s in the house, getting the latest iPhone technology, stopping at Starbucks every morning to get a Latter, whatever, but it must start somewhere. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. How difficult can this be?
But no, you would rather feel sorry for yourself, blame the CABAL for all your problems, feel important that you now KNOW who is doing this to us, waste hours of online time trying to figure out who shot the latest Russian flight down in Egypt. Why? Again you’re looking for the scapegoat and it doesn’t change your reality. Who cares who shot down the plane? It’s not going to change our current condition. We should be asking when we are going to stop shooting down planes. Stop flying for a year, don’t take a vacation out of your country. Stop waiting in line to get the first gadget. Stop whining.
This year has been probably the most overloaded information year that I can remember. The 4 blood moons brought out the vampires and experts of what is going to happen and what could happen. Everyday you see someone putting out fear mongering information, the quakes, the climate changes. This is all to keep us questioning and guessing who done it. We don’t need to know this anymore. We are well aware of what is being done to us, we are so beyond that folks.
We need to accept the fact that we are powerful beings. This entails taking responsibility for this power, using it for the greater good, starving the war machine, boycotting Israel, there are so many things we can do to stop the money flow.
You are so powerful, why can’t you just accept this? Instead of looking around for answers and saviors, look inside, look in the mirror, look around you, look at what you have created so far. Is this the life you really want? Is this the life you want for your kids or grandkids? You know that it will only get worse…it has to because they know we are not doing anything about it yet. We’re still talking about it, writing about it, pointing fingers at who done it and I keep repeating myself that no alien race or cosmic family is about to come down and say hello, let alone help us.
Remember, we are 99% of the population and we can’t get rid of the  1%???? Why would any one come down here or land here when we have not yet done the work? Nobody is coming to save us until we at least make the effort. I am not going to help my child if he’s sitting on the couch all day long doing nothing. I will help him if he’s out everyday looking for work. This is who we are. The children of the infinite, we don’t need outside help, we created this reality we are in, therefore, we have to find our way home. You can’t be powerful and stupid. You are powerful and infinitely intelligent, therefore, either accept it or stop your whining.
This is the time when we need to start our momentum. The help that we are getting is the energies flowing in, but it’s also to help mother Earth, she too needs a boost of energy, we have usurped her, poked at her, exploded her, drilled her, this amounts to using a dull razor where you have to keep shaving longer and cause red welts because of it’s dullness. She to is tired, she too is whispering to her children to wake up once and for all. It’s one thing to wake up in bed, it’s another to get out of bed. So, put your feet out on the side of the bed, take a deep breath, realize how powerful you are and get up for gods sake.
I am told we need 11% of the population to raise our frequencies enough, by raising we, we radiate to others or emanate, we shine the light and it will start a momentum. That’s all folks. Yet the 99% of us can’t topple the 1% because we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. That’s called madness.
Demonstrating and protesting does nothing. In fact, they want us to do that because they can handle that, but not spending our money is their demise and until you stop spending money where you don’t need to be, I doubt that things will move forwards as quickly as we want them to. We are getting assistance but not direct assistance and the only reason we are is because our cosmic family doesn’t want the destruction to expand outside the planet and affect our solar system and beyond. We are barbarians, therefore they are controlling the destruction so that we don’t destroy the rest of the universes…everything is connected.
Let’s start by thinking about what we can do today to starve the war machine.

Thanks to Ines at:


2 Re: THE WAR MACHINE IS ON HOLD on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:24 am




November 5, 2015




Once it clicks

You don’t look back

You look through

And see clearly

I don’t quite follow what you are trying to convey. I am not being obstreperous but I don’t quite follow. If you have talked about what is the origin of all life, what is the beginning of all existence, not go back and back and back – you follow what I mean? – but try to discover, or come upon something which is the beginning of all things. I mean various religious people have said, god – god is the origin of everything. But that is just a word, that doesn’t convey the mind that investigates what is the origin.
Now, are we discussing that, having a dialogue about that – to delve very, very deeply into the origin of all life, without any belief, without any dogma, and so on? Or are we having a dialogue theoretically, kind of moving between the actual and not the actual, and trying to probe into something with thought?
What is the source of all existence, all life, all action? How do we come to investigate into something that demands an extraordinary freedom, an extraordinary sense of non-conditioned mind – A freedom – perhaps that very word ‘freedom’ is love – it requires that quality of mind that is both practical, sensitive, and has this quality of great compassion.
And being in the midst of life I see action at various levels, connected with me, disconnected with me. I also see the responses within me to action, all the capacity which I may have over the years been able to even remain without reacting. I see all that. And I move into that – I move with it – it is not into it, but with it.
You are it … ZERO TIME
SOURCE THE INNER FLOW … Moves everything into ‘BEING’
It’s staying in the NOW … the movement that isn’t time based … your real SELF
We are walking into the unknown … Which is beautiful fresh inspiring uplifting empowering loving and caring.
LOVE does have a purpose .. To be free and share together our own experiences to learn off each other in ..

CONVERSATIONS  Concerning source
Despite all that is happening, we are not yet aware of how powerful we are. It is THIS awakening that must happen. To discover how powerful we are and how can change everything if we KNOW how powerful we are. The matrix/control system was all about that, it wasn’t about controlling us, it was about keeping us from finding out who we really are. We have been programmed to look upward, whether that is god or some “human hierarchial” person with greater knowledge or education. We have been looking up for so long that we forgot to look for ourselves. This end is happening because we have turned over just about every stone looking for answers and many of us are now realizing it was there all along, US, WE are the ones that we needed to get to know…we are so powerful and this is the truth THEY don’t want us to know. What is killing millions of humans everyday if they can keep us from finding ourselves? We are not slaves, they see us as slaves because we have not yet awakened to our true nature. Powerful, light beings that came here to finally break the spell of control.

Corinne Warren … Only thing Source energy does is flow for to the areas to benefit the highest good of the all and nothing… the Source doesn’t do laws. Its sentience doesn’t follow laws, it flows where it is for the highest good (and it’s rarely in our own perception or manifestation)… If Source does benefit us, it is because we are in alignment with Source and not the other way around. Source doesn’t give a flying fuck about rules or what we want or what is perceived as best for us… It’s about the Highest Good of the All and Nothing. It is the middle ground, the zero point, of what IS and what IS NOT… all AND nothing. No ‘or’s about it.
Alexandra Thayer
Tann, is this the Michelle Walling’s post, the one that posted Lorraine’s first text that even Rose liked ?
Yes the same
Alexandra Thayer
OK, will have to read it then. Thanks.
She’s also a member in yrft official group
Alexandra Thayer
Think they both were.
CORINNE was a reply to Paul’s comment that it is source who made the laws
Alexandra Thayer
I agree w/Corrine, cannot see a judgmental Source at all, either. It’s pure energy, doesn’t need any laws to govern itself….And I agree again, that we can only benefit from it when we are in alignment with it.
CORINNE was the one Rose said her dreams were EF influenced which destroyed her confidence a bit … Which upset her but with TLC she pulled through but now has a very happy bright voice that she shares with us
Alexandra Thayer
It’s not about high-handed favouritism, it’s about the purity of your soul and spirit, your intentions, your thoughts, your actions….It Is for the highest good of all. I imagine laws are made down the line from it, ie w/the One and the like….to help govern their creations…but Source itself needs no such props…
Alexandra Thayer
Tann, I always liked Corinne’s dreams and visions, regardless of what anyone said about them Glad to see her back here and posting again.
Without the material aspect of DNA we are conscious beings from source having a human experience
FAMILIES need DNA and consent to start the GENESIS again after REVELATIONS and not before
Alexandra Thayer
Energy incarnated for the human experience….to allow Source be merge deeper with its creations…to grow more….
Yes … We don’t belong to anyone
We are conscious … sparks from source
Alexandra Thayer
Would be fair if we chose our next experience consciously …..
We are doing that … Now … The future has always been NOW
Alexandra Thayer
AS in future, past and present in the Now moment…
SOURCE has no future nor past … It is always in the present … No time … We either flow with it or not
Alexandra Thayer
By our standards, I meant.
We are that source but the thought forms invade our heads with ideas that aren’t real … To INNERSTAND source is to listen to the voice within … It’s heartfelt … LISTEN and FEEL … we make our own future by the choices we make … Reread what OTAVIO posted

Myth: a traditional, typically ancient, fiction or half-truth story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview
of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society.
They are the mythical fallen angels. They are different from men.
The spirits of men are a later manifestation of the Primary Source. They (we) “happened” when the Source, Herself, entered the creation.
Those created earlier are immortal, but they are not eternal.
They rebelled against “God”, the Primary Source. They are making war against Him/Her.
Against us. We, men, the Divinity´s manifestation into creation. They imprisoned “God”.
We need no salvation, we are Divinity Itself.
We need no religions or philosophies, for they are elusions designed to keep us in the illusion that Power is beyond us.
We need no seals. We are saved, we are eternal. This is another trap.
We must simply wake up out of the illusion.
Our thoughts create reality, even in this prison. Only for this reason they need us to go on sleeping, deluded, deceived.
Freedom depends solely on our thoughts.
Imagine what we desire becoming real.
Imagine our freedom happening.
All the time!”
Alexandra Thayer
Not only choices, our thoughts form our world, too. You are what you think.
Exactly … So we must think loving helpful heartfelt thoughts that unveil the delusions of thought forms from within our minds … Our minds are transceivers… They pick up thoughts even our education system puts false realities into our heads
Alexandra Thayer
True, good thoughts attach themselves to more good thoughts, and bad ones to bad ones, and they then manifest for you what you had put out there in the first place. No one else.
Truth from source has no agenda … Simple
It’s for the good of all … Just have to listen and feel the flow of love from within
There’s no middle man between you and source … You have a direct link
Adaline C
I have to say that I wholly agree with Tann here, we have a direct link with source for our soul is within us.. What better direct link than this.
@Rose it would be awesome and helpful if you can give us some good updates, if some of the oldSoul information is not valid anymore than what change? I am not asking for deep undercover information about the war but about the ONE and EVE and our creation. A video can do and if you don’t want a voice video than a regular vid with lettering will do.. Rose would it be safer to seal ourselves with our true essence, meaning the maker of our SOUL and SPIRIT?? We can choose we want to go to the ALL or Home and not inside another matrix/system wouldn’t that be safer? But probably my confusion is because I am thinking about my soul and not the body, so if I want to stay in human form than this is why we choose the ONE?
I know where I want to go and I had already chose HOME but just asking because I want to understand where is this thingy going.. Like for the ones who are going to another system
Alexandra Thayer
Good questions, Adaline. we want to know more, not less, to perhaps make an informed choice….about our future ….
Adaline C
Yes and I was reading what Tann posted and true we create our future in the Now, so what are we really creating right now? That is something to think

Thanks to:


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