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NIBIRU News ~ Birkeland currents, the pineal gland and Planet X and MORE

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Birkeland currents, the pineal gland and Planet X
November 4, 2015 · Christian deBlanc, Planet X, Writers

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
(bio and articles / forum)
If you are unfamiliar with my work on, my general point of view is that Planet X is coming into our collective purview. Just in the past few months, several key videos have given us a visual perspective on Planet X’s covert appearance as a second sun of sorts. Although many researchers speculate that Planet X is a brown dwarf star—which is in and of itself ironic because it is Planet X’s coolness that has made it invisible—all that has changed of late as Planet X has come into full view like an elephant on the sofa we can finally see after so long.
I don’t mean to scare you, but I have a tough time extricating the arrival of Planet X from the Great Day of the Lord’s wrath in the Books of Isaiah and Revelation during which the stars fall from the sky like withered figs and the kings of the Earth hide in the mountains because “the Great Day of the Lord has come and who can stand?”
In more scientific terms, the notion I cannot let go of is that Planet X will trigger a pole shift. A former green beret has said the same thing, recently.
And, it seems to me like perhaps all of the underground bases (DUMBS or deep underground military bases) are for a continuity of government plan that will be needed after the pole shift.
So, all of this is nothing new, if you are one of the few who pays attention to this Web site. What I am now including in my focus is the interaction between Planet X, the sun and the Birkeland currents that affect planetary weather patterns and electromagnetic interactions between the twin poles.
If you are unfamiliar with Birkeland currents, they are plasma ropes that connect this planet to the sun. They were predicted by Norwegian Kristian Birkeland following his 1903 polar expedition.
Here is Wikipedia’s explanation for the evolution of our understanding of Birkeland plasma currents:
Originally Birkeland currents referred to electric currents that contribute to the aurora, caused by the interaction of the plasma in the Solar Wind with the Earth’s magnetosphere. The current flows earthwards down the morning side of the Earth’s ionosphere, around the polar regions, and spacewards up the evening side of the ionosphere. These Birkeland currents are now sometimes called auroral electrojets
Recently, Birkeland currents have been compared to the axon connections between brain cells. As above, so below—the old hermetic axiom may be applicable here, as the plasma seems to act similarly to the myelin sheath in the brain cells. Thus, our sun’s field connects to Earth’s field like two cells in the brain. It is quite possible that galaxies communicate via plasma currents.
What I am trying to do here as I write is to give you a metaphor for the interconnectedness between the Earth and the sun. Birkeland currents are the connection between the Earth’s magnetosphere and the sun’s electromagnetic sphere of influence. They can indeed become entangled, or twisted, and with Planet X’s influence, a twisting up of the plasma ropes may lead to some powerful electromagnetic global consequences. Again, from Wikipedia:
This can also twist, producing a helical pinch that spirals like a twisted or braided rope, and this most closely corresponds to a Birkeland current. Pairs of parallel Birkeland currents can also interact; parallel Birkeland currents moving in the same direction will attract with an electromagnetic force inversely proportional to their distance apart (Note that the electromagnetic force between the individual particles is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, just like the gravitational force); parallel Birkeland currents moving in opposite directions will repel with an electromagnetic force inversely proportional to their distance apart.
To be honest, it reminds me of the scene in Spaceballs when Dark Helmet and Lone Starr get their Schwartzes twisted.
To be certain, there may be some positive consequences from the plasma interaction between Planet X, the sun and Earth. But before moving forward, let’s restate that these currents are ropes:
In 2007, the Themis satellite “found evidence of magnetic ropes connecting Earth’s upper atmosphere directly to the sun”.[10] apparently consistent with Kristian Birkeland‘s theory of the aurora, “that a current of electric corpuscles from the sun would give rise to precipitation upon the earth” (See preface to The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902-1903).
Moreover, it is significant and important to note that the sun is about to enter an extensive cooling trend which will lead to a mini ice age, particularly during the years 2030-2040.
But what I am trying to envision is the ongoing plasma interaction between Planet X and the sun. This is the interaction that can lead to gigantic electrical anomalies. The good news is that this interaction is increasing Earth’s Schumann resonances and I think it might (maybe also thanks to CERN) open up the portals to allow for the return of the Anunnaki or the angelic Elohim, however you want to refer to them.
I really don’t care anymore how crazy I sound. Quetzalcoatl is coming back and I honestly think all of the talk of Reptilian beings and feline beings and bird beings (think of Thoth) are real—not to mention the Nommo.
I recently found a webpage that did a good job putting it all together. The conclusion is this: Planet X/Nibiru is a flagship of a large federation and the Elohim are returning. There is a collective federation of reptilians, felines, birds, humans and amphibious beings. Now, a reptilian group rebelled against this group and decided, instead of serving man (whom they created in their image—i.e. we have a reptilian brain as well as reptilian genetics and a mammalian brain with mammalian genetics) they decided to interbreed with us and create a ruling genetic line that they can interact with, which becomes the Illuminati.
Now, we have had 13,000 years since falling in our consciousness and the judgment/harvest is near. The electrical currents are opening up our pineal gland so we can receive the DNA upgrade, which may actually take 1,000 years to receive and calibrate. This is the 1,000 years of peace, as the Age of Aquarius kicks in and Christ takes over and kicks the evil reptilians out.
Of course, everyone thinks I am crazy, but that is why I get happy when I see all of the new Planet X videos. I probably should be buying storable food, but I cannot help smiling.
Most of our pineal glands are calcified and thus we are unable to psychically or spiritually interact like we are meant to, via our own electromagnetic plasma sheaths of informational consciousness. We used to call them auras, but perhaps informational plasma sphere is better. So, in the last analysis, Earth is a giant, informational plasma sphere within which oxygen condenses with hydrogen to form water.
We have our own polar opening in the top of our brains to receive the light of the cosmos (or the Birkeland current). This pings the pineal gland, which holographically projects it to all our cells. This is the top-down flow. Then we have to use the Kundalini force (the upward Birkeland current) to bring our consciousness from the eight cells that form our base down by our perineum all the way back up to the pineal gland, where the hieros gamos can occur. This is where Christ will meet His bride, Sophia. Once you have performed this feat and received this spiritual rite, then you are truly one of the [url= 7]144,000 who knows the song[/url].
I highly encourage you to watch the video and comment below. The hypothesis that the Orion nebula is the birthplace or father of the sun and the Earth is posited in the video, which is why the Great Pyramid opens to Orion as well as Sirius.

I am reminded of the Lord’s words to Job: “Can thou bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the bands of Orion?” The entire cosmos is connected and it is time for us to reconnect. Everything has been designed for us to wake up and Planet X/flagship Nibiru is that wake-up call in the sky. Awaken!

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not necessarily represent those of nor its parent company, XmediaX. If you are interested in writing one or more guest articles for, please email





























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